Pinned Fan Art Terminology&Abbreviations

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    • Fan Art Terminology&Abbreviations

      To help all new Fan Art members understand what we are saying

      Graphic Terminology/Other
      Sig = Signature
      Tag = Mainly used as a alternative word for Sig
      Render = Can mean a Rendered image (cut out) or ICO but is allso used to describe a C4D render cutout
      Flat = no depth and 2Dimensional
      Tut = Tutorial(Step by Step guid or instruction on how to make a graphic or other)
      Vector = images made up of blocked out shapes or 2 or very few colors
      GIMP = a free graphic program like Photoshop
      Grad map = Gradient map (photoshop effect)
      Whoreing = Useing a Style/Effect or a graphic many times
      Flow = Direction of effects
      Resources = stocks,brushes,c4ds etc that can be used in your graphics
      Stocks = Images/pictures that have not been renderd out(cut out)such as photographs and other images with backgrounds
      Concept = Idea/messege in a image
      Ripping = Takeing anothers image and passing it of as your own(stealing)
      Topaz = Photoshop plug in filter used by many artists

      FA = Fan Art area
      MA/MA's = Master Artists(FA group Special Rank)
      GFX/FX = Graphics, FX can allso mean Effects
      BG = Background
      C4D = Cinema4D 3D program/Cinema 4D Graphics made in the program
      ICO/IC's = Image Cut Out(render cutouts)
      GMV = Gets My Vote
      DL = Download
      PS = Photoshop
      Ts&Qs/T&Q = Tutorials and Questions subforum in Fan art
      LP = Large Piece/Large Portrait/Large Photo/Large Picture
      LPOTM = (Large Piece/Portrait/Photo/Picture Of The Month)
      SOTW/SOTM = (Sig Of The Week/Month)
      PB = Photo Bucket(image hosteing site)
      IMO = In My Opinion
      v1/2/3/4.... = Version 1 Version 2 and so on
      CC/CnC = Constructive Criticism
      PSD = Photoshop format files layered file
      DA = Deviant Art(art website)

      If i missed any Pleze tell me