Zero Tournament Champion: Jared Cruz

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  • Zero Tournament Champion: Jared Cruz

    This is the sig I used in the first round. It's the second sig I made using a real person stock. Actually, as I worked on it, I was sure it wouldn't work but after 40 layers of smudge, erased stuff and c4d render it tourned out less ugly than I thought it would. It's certainly not perfect but in my opinion it's acceptable.

    This is the sig I used in the semi finale. At the time I was playing in Capella (retired from my retirement so to say - I'm not playing anymore though, I'm too busy) and in an alliance with a pirate theme. So, being a girl, I thought I'd make a "pirate bride" signature and searched for some stocks. Unsurprisingly I found lots of pictures from "Pirates of the Carribean" and I liked this one so I used it. It's the third sig I made using a real person stock and although the lighting might seem too bright, it's one of the sigs I love most.

    And this is the sig I won the tournament with in the finale. It's a render from the game "Guildwars" and I like it because her eyes are covered. Actually this was the first sig I made after months of not making any (and the first of better quality I ever made) so it's pretty much special to me. Maybe it's a bit boring considering the effects and the smudge isn't all that great but I love it.

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