Do you fear no afterlife?

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    • Do you fear no afterlife?

      Im not sure if there is a thread on this already, I know theres an afterlife one, but I wana see if you guys would fear it?

      I was just thinking, but...
      Are you afraid of no afterlife?

      I mean, i understand how u say no, because that will encourage us to live this life the best we can, though, I feel the fear roll through my spine when I think of all the people I will never get to see again.
      As a young kid growing up in a Catholic family, you would always presume you would be able to meet the people who left this world, whether you were alive to meet them, witness their death or even people that you never met, or knew about.

      I wanna know your opinions on this.
    • How can you fear no afterlife? If you cease to be, then it doesn't matter one way or the other after you're dead. You won't feel feelings, you won't remember anything, you will not exist, at all. I believe thats why religion 'invented' afterlives, because humans can't comprehend our own demise. We can't fathom not existing.

      But as I said, once you're dead, it won't matter, so you really shouldn't fear it.
    • Fear it now T_T lol...not wen ur dead lol.

      Ur an Atheist Treize so I understand how u straight away go to that conclusion.

      I mean, dont you ever wonder, if there is an afterlife, u can meet your grandparents that have passed away, other family and friends...but if there isnt, u wont ever be able to see them...ahh Im starting to get the picture and realising this is kinda a stupid question lol.

      I guess I was just asking it so i could be...ahh i cant think of the at ease, and maybe get some...say closure... on the subject.
    • I mean, missing loved ones would be great to see if that were possible. But I've always conducted myself that someone's passing shouldn't be mourned, it should be celebrated. The purpose of death is not to steep ones' self in the past but to let go and move forward. Living the rest of your life with the sole purpose of meeting family in the afterlife isn't really letting go. I have my own life, I'll have my own family someday, and I have to live for that without worrying about who I'll see, if anyone, in the after life.
    • Fair and good point :)

      Thats true, coz of that chinese thing, wen if u morn someone to much means that their life wasnt finished.
      or wasnt properly done or something lol. :P

      Good work Treize u put my mind at ease.
      Like to see wat other people have to say tho
    • Well you can fear no afterlife.
      But it is just a waste of your time while in this world.
      You cannot ever know while your alive, if there exists a life after this one.
      For all we know, this is an afterlife?
      Am I right?

      It is just the same as, "what if I had never been born"
      You can fear your non-birth while your alive.
      But you could not fear it before you were born.

      It is just the reverse of fearing no afterlife.

      I think it is obviously possible to fear both,
      Just sorta of useless.

      Though I do sometimes wonder about what will happen when I die.
      And have actually contemplated suicide just to find out before, because not knowing things drives me crazy sometimes X(
      Though, the fear of no afterlife, the fear of an eternal damned afterlife, and the fear of not being born are fears that you will never be able to actually face while your alive.

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    • well i think most of us fear different thing - that if there's no afterlife then our life is kinda pointless...that we are merely highly developed animals ruled by genes without any more sophisticated purpose in the universe

      that's why i envy artists - they at least can leave something behind - and what i'm gonna leave? some algorythms helping useless bankers get some more bonuses lol
    • personally I fear it

      I have spent many nights trying to imagine what it would be like

      I mean can you really phathom nothingness? What nothing would be like?

      I mean think about nothing for awhile, it's mind bottling


      I'd rather there be something than nothing even if that something isn't something I prefer

      anyway hopefully science goes far while I'm alive, so when I die and freeze myself and/or upload my mind onto a computer, then I won't have to worry :D
    • I'd like to think such a thing as the afterlife exists but frankly it seems unlikely, its hard to get my head round, the idea of never having any more thoughts or feelings, it ain't good to ponder on it
    • I'm straight with Treize on this, but I'd like to add a point with enormous weight that really does ground Treize's argument as most rational:

      Are you honestly afraid of going back to what you've spent the past 13.7 billion years in?

      Seriously, Treize is completely right. When you die, you just cease to exist. Your consciousness ends there. There's all this discussion about being able to perceive infinite expanses of nihility, but that's evading the point. How can you be in nothingness if you don't perceive? Perception is of the human mind. When you die, the human mind has shut down. Such a grim concept, I know, but welcome to reality! Reality doesn't always have to be so optimistic...

      I do not think it rational to fear post-death. Death, I do fear, as I quite like life and would rather not die for quite a long while, but the afterlife... nah.
    • I propose one solution: Become an immortal vampire! lol

      Seriously, I fear not knowing what will happen when I die (if i die, lol) and that creeps me out a tinge. I mean really? What will happen? What if this life is just a repeat of our past life in which we "died", then had our memories wiped and then had our brain put into someone else? Like in the movie Aeon Flux? These are a few reasons I am such an insomniac. Another unrelated reson is that when I go to bed, I listen to rock music in my head, if you know what I mean.
    • Well. A lot of it is semantics. What counts as "me"? what signifies me "existence"? Etc. At some point my brain will cease to create a subjective reality. At times I've wanted that. At other times I've abhorred it. Mainly It seems to boil down to "oh well, it happens".

      I do have one way of looking at it that is a bit more optimistic though. In a certain way, we know immortality. The chains of events we set in motion shall continue forever, for better or worse. We spend our lives setting up these proverbial dominoes to fall after our passing either consciously or unaware.

      I've wasted enough of my life that I fear a crappy life more than any lack of afterlife. Time is also too short to waste it on a fear which can only diminish it.
    • As Dark Dude said, you've spent the last 13,700,000,000 years not existing. And you will do the same after you die.

      However, it is mind-boggling and spine-tinglingly frightening to understand that you will spend the next infinite amount of time not existing. For me, life is great; I love consciousness. When you die: sure, you don't feel any pain, you can't feel any emotions, you don't have to do anything - it's like a Sunday afternoon. :P However, it is not life; you will never have any values of life ever again. The word "infinite" doesn't really hit people as hard as it should. It's a word that rolls off the tongue easily and people don't realise that it's not a number. 849,094,881,793,004,080,011,576,774,368,129,194,000,000,000,000,000 is a number. :P But that number is absolutely nothing compared to "infinite". When you put that concept into non-existence, it's scary beyond belief.

      So... live this life the best you can. Be happy, make the people you love happy, and follow your goals and dreams. :)

      Oh, and, when you die... GLOTR.
    • Well the goo part is, you won't notice when you die.

      Don't fear the lack of afterlife. It would be nice, but being realistic it's not gonna happen.

      To who ever said he wanted to get uploaded to a computer or something:
      You, the consciousness that is you will sstill cease to exist. You'll just end up creating another consciousness that resembles yours. Do not think that it'll be you that lives on, it'll be something, someone else, but with your thoughts.......

      Dun fear death either. It's a part of life and ther'll always be things I won't finish. If death comes today, I accept it. I'll try to escape it, but I don't fear it.
    • I've no fear about death, I've stared it in the face many times and can tell you, there's nothing like a near death expierience to make you feel alive.

      The one thing I am concerned about is the effect on the people I leave behind. The thought of my children losing their father, girlfriend losing her partner ect is the only thing I worry about. I wont have any problems, I'll be dead.

      Now, apart from the "gone to meet it's maker" bit I cant think of a more appropriate quote than this.

      Mr. Praline: 'E's not pinin'! 'E's passed on! This parrot is no more! He has ceased to be! 'E's expired and gone to meet 'is maker! 'E's a stiff! Bereft of life, 'e
      rests in peace! If you hadn't nailed 'im to the perch 'e'd be pushing up the daisies! 'Is metabolic processes are now 'istory! 'E's off the twig! 'E's kicked the
      bucket, 'e's shuffled off 'is mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisibile!! THIS IS AN EX-PARROT!!
      Dead Parrot Sketch - Monty Python
    • I used to be, but not anymore, at least until im old:P

      but i dont believe in a afterlife because i dont believe in a god.

      And if you die and there is no afterlife then that just means your dead and cant think or nothing so you might as well never have existed because your basically deleted, you cant think, dont exist, gone

      On the upside you it would be nothingness so why be afraid of somthing that dont exist?

      if your not there then you cant experience it.

      everyone has to die and theres no way to prevent that, even if machines keep us alive for millions of years eventually all the suns will run out and the universe will be black and dead, everything must die.

      so you might aswell enjoy the time you have alive, cause thats all you get, sure when you die you wont be able to think or even have a sense of being because you will not exist. you wont be. end

      you all memories of what you did, who you are, the so called soul will be gone too.

      I suppose the only way to find out is when you die, but im right and there is no afterlife well i wont really have the opertunity to be right or gloatwill i? lol . Believe me I hope there is, even though I believe there is not
    • Lord Guillaume wrote:

      If I had to choose between an afterlife I'd go for Reincarnation (Heaven sounds boring)

      Are you kiding me? Heaven has all the best vidoe games. I just hope they have internet axcess up there so I can fs lol. jk.

      Seriously thow. I beleive in god. I believe in an after life. I hope there is an after life. theres always that what if that makes you take a good long look at everything your doing but then you think that if there is nothing then you have to live your life to the fullest and what you do now makes a difference so your kids and grand kids have thst same chance.