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    • Players searching for an alliance Uni48 - Collections thread

      Players searching for an alliance (Universe 48 ) - Collections Thread

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    • Hello guys/girls, im MYST, a universe 1 miner and im looking for an active and talkative alliance for this universe.
      Forum would be good, active alliance is a must with a mix of playing style's (to sell my deuterium to later on :D)

      Message me ingame (MYST).
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    • Hello Universe

      I am looking to join a group of people who are interested in getting to know each other more rather than just playing the game. Looking for respectable group that speaks English and who would like to establish prolonged mutual relationship. I might be new to the Universe (just a week or so late since the universe started) but I hope I can catch up with everyone else if you already ahead of me.

      What can I contribute to your alliance? I am great person to talk to. If you have any problems with OGame, real life or any other concerns please just send me a message and I will help as much as I can.

      I however do not look forward to work with people that are disrespectful or have no disregard for other smaller alliances or players. If you alliance think points matter more than who the players are then do no send me a message.

      Sincerely HMX
    • Hi all.. Looking for decent alliance, havn't played since uni 19 - 21. Any alliance will do really. ty

      Please feel free to check my past posts to see previous CR's

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    • Hey fellow OGame members,

      I've played OGame for like 2 years (top 20, but stopped because of school work... Now I'm totally ready to play again!
      I decided to chose Electra, because it has the new interface (and wow, it's pretty!), and it's the last new one!

      At this very moment, I'm starting with a Miner/Turtle account, but since I just started, not much defense has been put up, so I'm up to change if necessary!
      What I'm looking for:
      *No mass alliance
      *Mature members

      Please let me know, and we can discuss any further,
      Bart aka Solistice
    • A fleeter/raider in another dimension with similar event/time frequency.

      Currently a turtle watching and learning how things work in Ogame.
      Looking for an alliance with an efficient intelligence system.

      I tried searching for an alliance but no one seems to like turtles.
      If there is an alliance out there who accepts turtles, please send me a PM in the forums. (I have a different IGN. The "change name option" was too tempting to resist :tongue: )

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    • party starter!

      hello everyone.

      im in search of a good alliance to join in this universe. im an old ogamer and i know how ogame works and all. my oldest uni on is uni38, in which i mostly mined my way to top10, before i decided im bored with that, made a fleet, crashed two of my colonies for mobiles, had some fun around then overslept 1.5 hours for my FS and fleet went bang =) rebuilt and gave away the acc. also played u40, u41, andromeda... total ogame gameplay time over 3 years (nope, i didnt always play on

      im a miner. dont expect me to ACS all around with my cargo fleet. ^^
      noone can make me sell deut on 2:1:1, so that tradition goes on on this uni too. i sell deut to one who pays the most, it doesnt matter who it is (of course, there are exceptions, like enemies in case of a war. LOL!)
      i dont like wars, as im a miner i make as many friends as i can (which is good, it makes more deut buyers, for example.)
      i simply hate mass alliances. there are absolutely no advantages of a mass alliance imo. alliances over 30 members i consider mass alliances. ideal alliance ~10-15 organized members. 15-25 may work, depends on whos inside. 25-30 ill need to think for a good while before joining alliance with that many members.
      i dont mind spam. i even get some moments when im bored with various other activities so i spam too, links to cool stuff on youtube or just random nonsense for teh lolz. but it DOES have its limit, getting back to 450 messages is a nono.
      a forum is absolutely needed. its one of the keys to a successful alliance.
      i understand that everyone wants moons, and so do i. it wont be long before ill wanna exchange moonshots.

      to conclude, im an active player, not in vmod all the time (if ever), careful fleetsaver, im not a turtle, im a profit and rank seeker with as much as no work at all (yep, im a miner.). i dont bug-use the game, which explains my low rank at the moment.

      if someone would like me in his/her/their alliance, PM me on forum please.

      enjoy the game (^.^)
    • hi, i am a player returning after a long time away from the game. i have only been playing less than 24 hours so far but have already mannaged to get 42 points and am progressing well.

      Im a good team player who co-ordinates well with others in group attacks etc once i have built up abit. i guess i would say i fall into the miner/raider area.

      if this appeals please get in contact. i am looking for an active alliance who back up its members and has a good internal organisation structure can comunication.


    • Hi I am a Miner/Fleeter looking for a VERY VERY active alliance with lots of CMs, Fleeters, Experience ect.

      I just started so my points are low

      ive played ogame collectivly for about 2 years in uni 9, uni 35, and uni 30. i know all the basics of fleeting and such.

      ALSO Looking for an alliance that wont fold under pressure and surrender when they get declared on!!!!! no matter how big the alliance is that declares on them :stick:

      pm me on forum and we can talk.