Undercover Report 1 - Moderator Applications

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    • Ohhhh nooooo SG!!!! Dang you... the memories of that horrific event are pouring back into my mind... reading that story broke the memory block they put on me for that event, and now it's all coming back and its more horrifying then the first time!!!

      But seriously nice story... i loved it!!!!
    • I got out of it... but only cause I went through the even more horrible process of becoming a GO first. :P

      That said, I did still have to have classes, and they were so terrifyingly boring.

      SG, Gimme moar! :D
    • I barely remember that process because almost all my previous memories were deleted....and they weren't kind to give them back to me, so once I found the secret door that saved me from all that BAs torture, i used it several times to get a nice break and hide myself between all the great and normal people painted in white.

      Nice report there SG :)

      Now suffer the consequences :P
    • i really enjoyed this Mr Goku 10/10 as usual
      even though it takes you an extrodenaraly long time to write your reports when you finally come to post them they are a work of art :)
      it also explains why i cant remember the sunday after i became a mod :P hmmm vague and unpleasant memories are returning to me *gulps*
      khaos - Here to help
      Ex-GNN Reporter for Universe 1
      Ex Mod

      bibob wrote:

      *imagines khaos sitting on Leif's lap, dressed in a cat-costume*
      wait.....what ?( 8o
    • Now I can understand what a moderator has been throw to get his position , but as you mentioned :

      SG wrote:

      i As I watch from a window, invisible to them,
      I guess you don't remember that happening to you

      nemoj taka wrote:

      I barely remember that process because almost all my previous memories were deleted.
      yeah I guess that is true!!

      Well, did you ever though how is it like to be put in a dark waiting room without being asked what are you doing here, without being properly served ??
      I can understand how busy you think you are : RL, BM or BA DUTIES, torturing those poor people who offers help with nothing in returning!! Hell yes, you are busy, but not that busy (if you understand what i mean).
      As you relieved the secret behind BM recruiting, let me talk a bit about my experience with you guys. It's been a year and 2 months since i knew ogame, less than a year since i joined the board, I like reading what is being said here, I don't talk to much... I began to love the GNN reports like 4 months ago, and I though why I don't give it a try, to let people know about others progress, about others passion to the Game, I applied to be among the reporters, still didn't get brain washed or anything you mentioned in your report, but i was put in a waiting room, screaming to be heard, but no one can hear me, some responded and said "Be patient !!", some said i can't help... It has been more than two month know, two month of ignorance, two month with the same word "Wait. Patient. " and I still scream : "Hey Can I Help !!" still didn't lose hope to do so...

      Well, SG, nice report you ve done there, keep on it ...
    • Wonderfull report SG and keep safe the report was simply amazeing a look behind the looking glass we all needed to see thank you . brain rot smiles with a shock and surprise at the evidence at hand . ) I am looking forward to your next report and insight into the hidden realm of the BA.s i have had a few bad dreams about a metal chair but thats from an ex-girl friend lol

      I'm not pretty I'm not graceful I am the inevitable fact of truth.there is no unwinnable situation.