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    • How to Start an RPG

      When you start a new RP it might be a good idea to place something like this before the RP starts these examples are based upon Warhammer Fantasy and 40K so if the names mean nothing to you then don't worry:

      [RPtitle] Place your complete title here e.g. Night's of Doom
      [Timezone] Place the Timezone here e.g. Warhammer Fantasy
      [Extraraces] Place the names for any Extra races here with a link to a description of them (optional) for your timezone if based on an existent gaming style (or movie style) (optional) e.g. Morlgausts
      [Goodguys] Place the name of the good races of your timezone, don't have to work (optional) e.g. Khorne, Dark Elves, Dwarfs
      [Badguys] Place the name of the evil races of your timezone, don't have to work (optional) e.g. Orks, Empire, Undead
      [Startingpoint] Place a short description of the place where the entire RP starts, players can split up after meeting but this doesn't mean no new players can be introduced e.g. Castle

      This just simplifies it for other players who want to join.

      Also when laying out a story line make sure you place new speech on a new line as it reads easier. Also note that it is possible to think but it is reccommended you dont use speech marks try to put it in Italics as it distinguishes it from the speech and the descriptive writing. other than that you are free to choose how you lay it out.

      Here is a good thing to put on your first post in a RP (Inspired by Ben 152Cadian in Wh40k (external link)):

      Character: Your character name e.g. Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Dolomite
      Under Command: People whom your character has control over e.g. A retinue of one gun servitor, one psyker, one gunslinger and one assassin. Also a small detachment of 300 Omegum chapter marines
      Equipment: Weapons, commlinks, armour etc. e.g. Shuriken pistol Blade of Judgement (I will explain later) and an array of incapacitating grenades
      Alignment: Go on have a guess at this one, three choices these are: Good, Evil, Neutral.
      Homeworld/Hometown: This depends on theRP timezone but it can have any name you wish e.g. Omegus Prime

      After you have done this you could fill people in on your character's background with a short description.

      These rules have served my alliance well on it's forums so I know that it should come in handy for you guys helping to reduce confusion.