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    Areas of the RP section:

    - Space Diaries - Non-interactive fiction
    - Ogame Nebula - Home of Ogame-based interactive fiction
    - Lands of Legends - For RPs which are not based on Ogame

    Space Diaries

    - The Space Diaries is a posting area for people who write their own fiction for OGame. This can include News Reports, Stories of Battles, Stories of their own empires, etc.

    - These posts are not interactive. The thread can remain open for the author to edit, change or add to the article. Completed stories may be closed by request to a moderator. Any user may post their comments about the story in the thread unless the thread starter requests for this not to happen. The thread creator may choose to have no comments or a separate comments thread.

    Ogame Nebula and Lands of Legends

    - These two forums are for interactive Role-playing ("RP"). All participants in a role-playing game ("RPG") must read and adhere to these rules. Failure to follow the rules listed here may result in warnings, temporary bans or permanent bans.

    - These two forums are for interactive Role-playing: The "Ogame Nebula" is for role-playing in Ogame-based worlds/galaxies/universes. "Lands of Legends" is for role-playing in games not based upon Ogame.

    Rules for the "Nebula" and "Lands of Legend"

    • Please note that all regular forum rules apply. Foul language, sex, nudity or other breaches of rules will be censored and warned.

    Regarding "RP" and "OOC" prefixes:
    • In the threads noted with the prefix "RP", only "in-game characters" are allowed. If a post is not "in-character", it should be posted in the "OOC" marked thread that corresponds to the "RP" marked thread.
    • Posts in the "OOC" marked threads should be on topic.

    Regarding good customs:
    • A "player character" is a character controlled directly by another player. These "PCs" are not to be used by other players than their owners unless consent is given. If a "PC" is used without consent, the owner should note it in the "OOC" thread, giving the abuser time to correct.
    • A "PC" can also be a character created, named or reserved for one player to use, such as a sidekick.
    • "Non player characters" are any character not controlled directly by another player. These "NPCs" can be used by other players.

    Regarding "RP" rules:
    • The creator of the "RP" may set rules or guidelines for the "RP". These rules can be as follows:
    1. A minimum on posting length,
    2. "No Godmodding", where "Godmoddding" is to make your character akin to a God compared to other players,
    3. Requiring original poster’s ("OP") permission to join the "RP",
    4. System of interaction,
    5. Limits on characters, strengths, powers or skills,
    6. An arbitrator in case of a breach upon a rule set by the "OP",
    7. A guideline for accepting new players as well as old players leaving or being kicked.
    • Any such rule should be clearly posted in the beginning of the "OOC" marked threads. Failure to adhere to such rules can result in a kick from the "RP".
    • Please be aware of the "back-seat modding"-rule if enforcing the rules of the "RP".
  • Comprehensive guides to the world of Role-Playing.

    RP Style
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    Originally by MoreBeer
    The question "What is Role Playing", or "How do I role play" is answered in the thread, "What is RP?". For tips on style, on improving your role play experience, read on.

    There are no real rules for style, just suggestions. Rules are dealt with in this thread. Here are just a few suggestions for keeping things clear and stylish.

    When posting in an RP thread, keep everything in Character. You can fill a posting with all kinds of things. What a person says, does, thinks. If the entirety of your post is what your character says, you might want to think again. There's so much more you could possibly do with the post.

    1. Most people post in Narrative form. This means posting a paragraph or so, in the style of a novel. You describe what happens, typically from your character's viewpoint, and the thread develops much like a novel does.

    Grant enters the Tavern, the doors swing wide and his cloak bellows, most people turn, then realise that it’s just another dramatic emperor thinking he’s important. He walks over to the bar and slams his fist on the edge. "Bar-Keep, bring me an Ale." he demands.

    The man behind the bar approaches, picks a glass from under the bar and slowly fills it. Grant notices one of his alliance members, Alex. Not a favourite person of his, he ignores her, the barman gives Grant the drink and he pays.

    2. Some people prefer an RP form. This involves posting :: on either side of a block of text to indicate an action, and posting the character's name with speech to indicate what's said.

    :: Grant enters the Tavern, the doors swing wide and his cloak bellows, most people turn, then realise that it’s just another dramatic emperor thinking he’s important. He walks over to the bar and slams his fist on the edge. ::

    Grant: Bar-Keep, bring me an Ale.

    :: The man behind the bar approaches, picks a glass from under the bar and slowly fills it. Grant notices one of his alliance members, Alex. Not a favourite person of his, he ignores her, the barman gives Grant the drink and he pays. ::

    a) The actions of a character should be in :: :: There should be two colons at the start of the action, a space, then the written text, then a space then another two colons.

    b) The speech of a character should have the name of the character and then a colon then a space then the speech text.

    c) Make sure you put a separate line for actions and speech.

    3. There is no real preference between Narrative Style and RP style. Narrative style tends to flow a little better and look a little more professional, but RP style is clearer. Those who have trouble with grammar can benefit greatly by applying RP style to their posts, as it'll help make it clearer what the person's saying and doing.

    4. Posting in first or third person doesn't really matter, and is a matter of personal choice.

    First person:
    "I open the door and step inside, peering around."
    Third person:
    "Orb opens the door and steps inside, peering around."

    5. Past or present tense doesn't much matter either. Most novels are written in past tense. Most RPs are written in present tense however, as the players are describing what's happening now instead of what happened in the past.

    arKay's guide to Roleplaying
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    Let’s start with your character, obvious place to begin right?
    Good. Now, I’ve found that most people have their characters be perfect, the unstoppable force.

    Like this for example: “I dodged the slash with ease amazed at my speed. I impailed the gaurds head and laughed."Neva, you can get the other one."I said smiling.”

    Other than the obvious spelling mistakes, you see that his character seems unstoppable.

    “I dodged the slash with ease.” His character is a kid, a boy perhaps, and he can dodge a trained guard’s attack with ease?

    “Amazed at my speed.” His character seems like… blessed? He doesn’t even know he’s that powerful, and somehow he is? It’s like not having any money and suddenly finding $500 dollars in your pocket. Not going to happen any time soon is it?

    “I impailed the gaurds head and laughed.” Impale someone’s head with a sword? Not possible, but other than that, shouldn’t the guard be able to at least defend himself? Yes, I would think so.

    “ ‘Neva, you can get the other one.’ I said smiling” He dodges a sword strike and takes off a guard’s head and isn’t even short of breath? I don’t think so.

    What I would do:
    “The sword came at me and I lifted my sword to block. The forest rang with the clang of the two blades bouncing off each other. He swung again, and I fell back, caught off guard by the quick stroke. He advanced over me, a deathly grin on his face, I looked up into his face and disgust overwhelmed me. I kicked him in the shin and hastily got up, scraping my knee on the rough dirt. He faced me and I faced him, and he spat at my feet, cursing me under his breath. I didn’t mind, I just slashed at his knees, and he blocked it, then swung at his waist, and as he pulled up his sword to parry the slash, I threw a dagger from my belt and it caught him in the arm. He screamed in pain and dropped his sword, which I quickly kicked aside. I looked at him, crouching on the ground, clutching his arm, and I took off his head with one stroke.

    The other guard approached and I groaned. Another one? Then, I remembered that Neva was standing just beyond the trees and I shouted, “Neva! Your turn!” I saw her run out from behind the trees and I sat down, clutching my waist and breathing heavily.”

    See how long I made 2 sentences? Description is your friend, always.

    Now, on to settings.

    Imagine yourself in the setting of your choice, the one you want to make, feel the rough stone walls of the medieval castle, taste the warm bread from your mother’s old fashioned oven, live in your setting.

    “Imagine a medieval age, with people better than other. Though this might seem natural enough, there is an unnatual thing: the people who are better are persecuted, hunted. Therefore, groups of these "super-humans" stay together for avoiding the hunt.
    Rumours say, that in a long past time, the better human ruled the lesser, but now, the time is gone, and the world has been thrown out into chaos.
    Who will win the struggle?”

    Key points:

    Description – Always describe, use descriptive phrases like “The air smelled of ash, burning trees surrounded me.” Invoke the senses

    Give a background, give history. “Three years ago, the rusty bowl was found amongst the rocky shores. The man who brought it was shunned, exiled for blasphemy, for believing that it was the Holy Grail, and thus, the Grail was lost to that sea-side village forever.” It doesn’t matter what the history is, just something that can support the present.

    Names, unless you’re writing Present Fiction [my stupid name for fiction that takes place in the present] if you’re writing a medieval story, don’t name your character, “Bob”. Name him like, “Arthur” or something. And if your story has no names, people will lose interest unless you keep them captivated with description.

    What I would do:
    “A dark sky loomed over a medieval town, its stone walls were damaged from a year long seige and it seemed that it would soon fall. Lightning crackled and a group of humans huddled under a straw roof. The town would fall tonight. A trumpet sounded from beyond the walls and a man shouted above the echoing thunder, "Surrender the fugitives now or watch your men be slaughtered and your women raped."
    A muscle-bound man stepped on the rubble of the gate and raised his sword in defiance, "If you cross this threshold, you will find yourself in a Hell beyond your darkest dreams. Heed my warning or you will meet the devil himself before the next dawn."
    Suddenly, a loud crack sounded and a trebuchet launched a 300 pound boulder at the man. He quickly sidestepped it and stood firm as the ground roared. He spat at the boulder and turned around, walking down off the ruins and back to his townsfolk.
    He was a fugitive himself, and he was the lord of the town Elion which housed fifty of the so called "fugitives". One day, one of the king's patrols found a "fugitive" lifting a two-hundred pound boulder and tossing it aside to unblock a river. He was arrested on the spot and executed, but not before they tortured his hometown out of him. And thus, the king's army had come to Elion.
    At dusk, they attacked, just as the twelve trebuchets hurled their deadly boulders at the town's crumpled walls. Twenty thousand men stormed the town, slicing, stabbing and swearing.
    Thirty of the fugitives waited in the church, quietly muttering incantations under their breath or hefting their heavy swords and thin-bladed estoques. Suddenly, Lord Iixt threw the doors open, revealing a burning village, fire graced the top of most of the thatched houses and the air was smoke. He gasped, "Run! Continue our race, our legacy. I'll hold them off."
    Some of the fugitives hesitated and he swore, "As your lord, I demand that you leave. Take your family, take your friends, keep them close. We'll see each other again, eventually."
    The fugitives ran from the church, through the back door and out of the burning town where the screams of those who were being cut down and those who were being raped filled the air with a sickening stench. Lord Iixt stood in front of the altar and prayed one last time. Death would come soon enough, and he prayed that it would be quick and painless, and that he would be able to take them with him, to continue fighting in the Barren Lands.
    A man shouted from behind him, "There he is!"
    Iixt turned around, grasped his flachion and roared, "Come meet your destiny!" He swung his blade like a madman, but the enemy had numbers, and he was weary. His last breath was wasted in cursing the man who had stabbed him in the back for not facing him, like a real soldier.
    Iixt, Lord of the Meiton, was dead, swimming in his own pool of blood and gore. But the Meitons still lived.
    And the hunt continued.”

    See? Description, History and Names.

    Now, the big part: Dialogue and Thoughts Dialogue can be great or terrible, there usually is no middle ground.

    First: There are the mass-dialoguers, the one who can’t seem to stop using “”…

    “"Drafir'el, there are rumours that you could have been a General again" he said
    "It is true" i said

    "but that is the seventh time you have rejected the promotion" he said "Why?"

    i stared back at him

    "I can not answer that, my good friend" i siad

    "You always do this, i want to know" he said

    how could i tell him

    "Mikey, it is because, i do not wish to order my men to kill innocent people" i siad

    "Innocent, they denied the empire" Mikey shouted

    "No, they are defending their homes, thir families, we have no right taking that away from them" i said

    "What!?" Mikey gasped

    "Do you know what i do every night and morning?" i asked

    "Pray" Mikey siad

    "Yes, for forgiveness" i said

    "Forgiveness, from whom?" Mikey asked

    "From my enemies, the empire enemies, from the familied of the men i have killed" i said, hoping he understood, he didn't. "it doesn't matter" i said "Please leave i want to sleep"”

    Now, let’s see what’s wrong:

    No feeling in the words, it’s almost always “I said…” “He said…” “I asked…” Use descriptive words to speak out loud, “said” can mean so many things, so many things that usually I have no idea what tone they’re trying to get across.

    Mass dialogue =/= good. I see16 lines of dialogue and 1 line of description. Keep a steady flow, I find that 3-5 [Dialogue - Description] is ample.

    Keep relationships in mind, if your characters are good friends, don’t have them speak to each other like business men, or even worse like a serf to the king. In the above, quote, Mikey and Drafir'el are friends, but they talk like they don’t even know each other. “"It is true"” What the :censored: is that?!

    Give your characters Emotion, if Person A insults Person B, and Person B is a stuck up lil :censored:, his tone is going to change. People respond to actions, so should your characters.

    What I would do:

    “My friend Mikey entered the tent, promptly asking, “I heard that the Emperor offered you the position as General again.”
    “Yes…” I refused to look at him.
    “Drafir’el, why won’t you take it?” He pleaded, “It’s a good position, it’s the position, everyone wants it. Why don’t you?”
    “Because…” I hesitated, searching for an answer that would keep my secret hidden.
    “Because what?”
    I stayed silent, still looking away from him, slowly taking off my greaves.
    He shouted, “Because what, Drafir’el?!”
    “Because… I don’t want to kill.”
    “What?!” He nearly exploded, his face turned red, but I didn’t notice.
    “I… I don’t want to kill anymore.”
    “You’re a soldier! You’re paid to kill!”
    I stood up and walked around the tent, still avoiding his slanted eyes. After a pause, I said, “Do you know why I pray every morning?” He just glared at me. I took his silence for a “no”. “I pray, for forgiveness, for forgiveness from everyone I’ve killed, from everyone I’m going to ki-”
    He blurted out, “They defied the Emperor!"
    I continued, ignoring his words, “I don’t want to kill…”
    “But you still do.”
    “Because… I owe the Emperor something… something I can never repay.”
    “What?” He grabbed my shoulders and shook, “What?!”
    I pushed him aside, “Please leave now, I need to rest…” I felt ashamed, so I added, “You need to rest also, tomorrow is going to be brutal,” just as my friend walked out through the tent flaps.
    I sat there, wishing sleep would overcome me, and finally, as the moon reached it’s peak, it did.”

    Thoughts… are usually terrible. X(

    I can’t find any thought sequence longer than a sentence that’s not mine…
    Basically, follow the same rules as dialogue, it’s basically dialogue to oneself, or in one’s mind.

    In the following passage, one of mine, there are two demons, one is in the other’s mind. Engreen is that one, stuck inside Rhrakasha’s mind. Rhrakasha is a lieutenant, and Engreen was a captain, but now, Engreen seems to know how to do everything, how to escape, he is the rational thinker inside Rhrakasha’s mind, and she hates him for that.

    “Yes?” said the mocking voice from beyond.
    “I need your help.”
    “Oh, you’ve finally accepted that I’m alive?”
    “Of course.”
    “Ah… the mouse begs the cat for freedom?”
    Rhrakasha ignored the insult and said plainly, “What do I need to do to get free?”
    “It’s simple really…”
    A minute elapsed, and Engreen seemed to have left the lieutenant alone, “Tell me!”
    “Make an alliance with the humans.”
    She cringed at the thought, but then realized that it really was the only chance she had, but rebellion still flowed within her, “Why?”
    “Because you’re going to die, might as well live longer, right?”
    “Fine, I’ll do it.” She spoke aloud, to the sky, to the sapphire dome above her that kept her from freedom. She breathed in, the cold air stung her throat and she winced.”

    Ending note: Try to use something to “break” the thought sequence, like a loud noise, or someone attacking. It seems really awkward if the thought sequence just ends.

    In my opinion, those are the main three things you need to watch out for. Thank you for taking the time to read R_K’s Guide to RPing.

    Good luck, and happy RPing everyone!

    Chael's Guide to Roleplaying
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    Due to the decline of R/Ping I am writing a guide to help some people out, these are my opinions on what is good and what is bad, so don't flame me if you disagree.

    There are many things that one must do in an R/P post to make it a good post.

    1. It has to have some sort of purpose, an r/p post should not be only a character speaking and then doing nothing. Your posts should also include an action of some sort that contributes to the plot.

    Ex. quote:
    Originally posted by Anonymous
    "Oh yeah, Neva didn't tell me what she was going to say, I hope it's good."Trikuy said.

    This is only a character speaking, although it does add to it, all the character has done is spoken, there is no action, nothing is really happening, if this were a play or story the character would say that, then do nothing, a better approach would have been to continue, rather than make a very short post that is very uninteresting to read.
    Originally posted by Anonymous
    "Oh yeah, Neva didn't tell me what she was going to say, I hope it's good."Trikuy said.Trikuy walked over to neva and clasped her hands while speaking in a hushed voice to her. After a few moments of silent conversation he walked back looking sad and dejected

    This is an example from journey of the june which died from its plot dying, one of the reasons for the dead advancement of plot is that to many time R/P'ers didn't take it into their hands to do something in it, they only answered questions instead of makiing their own and pressing on...

    The second thing that makes a R/P post good is describing the situation well, its difficult to understand what action a character is doing, if all you know is the characters are camping somewhere

    Originally posted by Anonymous
    trikuy stood beside the fire, and looked up through the forest canopy. The ground had been trampled down by the travelers constant motion around the site. He knelt down and picked up a flower that had not been crushed."Oh yeah, Neva didn't tell me what she was going to say, I hope it's good."Trikuy said.Trikuy walked over to neva and clasped her hands while speaking in a hushed voice to her. After a few moments of silent conversation he walked back looking sad and dejected

    One last thing to spice up a post is to add emotion, to make a post interesting to read, you need to add raw emotion, anger, sadness, ferocity.

    Ex: quote:
    Originally posted by Anonymous
    trikuy stood beside the fire, and looked up through the forest canopy. The ground had been trampled down by the travelers constant motion around the site. He knelt down and picked up a flower that had not been crushed."Oh yeah, Neva didn't tell me what she was going to say, I hope it's good."Trikuy said.Trikuy walked over to neva and clasped her hands while speaking in a hushed voice to her. After a few moments of silent conversation he walked back looking sad and dejected. Trikuy suddenly span around, a wild fire alight in his eyes, "How could you! I thought you loved me!" His voice grew louder as he began to lose control of his emotions. "I thought we had something special between us!" He began to lurch towards Neva snarling with unchecked rage.

    Number four, is NEVER END YOUR POST WITH "I waited for their reply" its just annoying, they'll reply, you don't need to tell them too, THE END OF THE DECLINE OF R/PING IS NIGH!


    Thats the end of my guide, I tried to show you how to make a post more interesting, I hope you liked it, so um post your comments here.

    Roleplays of times past
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    Let me (GeG) know if you think some other threads deserve to be here, talk about it in the Lounge, suggest it there, PM me, whatever goes, I'm pretty relaxed about it

    Enter, the Darkness - R_K's First Trial at RPing Probably The best we have on this forum.

    Greenland Inn Back from the Glory days. The most active, successful thread we ever had, until the noobs (myself included) showed up and killed it. Before that point it was quite good.

    What is an RP
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    Originally by Al Davoodi
    Hello my wayfarers, it's nice to see you. Greetings, my name is Al and I'm your leader into the world of Role Playing Games. I am sure many of you don't need my help, but for those who have no idea about those things, that's what I'm here for. The questions are: "What is a role playing game?" and "How do I have to act here?".

    Many of you may know games like D&D or Baldurs Gate. You have a special role. You create your own character and let him, or her, act in a world which is described by a dungeonmaster. Who is this dungeonmaster? It will generally be the person who started the thread, and thereby the game. He or she will describe the setting in which you will act.

    Act? Yes!! You act. Imagine, wayfarers, that you are an actor like Julia Roberts or Brad Pitt. You play a role, a role which you have invented and written yourself. So how it will work?

    A man wearing a dark, black coat stands up, take several steps towards you, and then looks at you intently. He mumbles something, and you can see some other people, standing in a field of onions. You see that it's a man and a woman, both young - they appear to be farmers. The man in the dark coat looks at you, and speaks:

    "So what kind of acting? Imagine this is a play and your role is to be a farmer. You live in a land which had been conquered by some dark, evil power. This is the setting in which you act."

    He looks at the two beautiful people, working in the field. "So now you are the boy and you are the girl" he mumbles, and is suddenly standing next to them.

    "Hey Cassy, do you really think we will have enough for the men of the Lord?" the boy asked her, glancing up from his work. "Oh yes, at least I hope so!" she replied, smiling a little "There better be, you know our father is sick, we have to hope they won't harm our village."

    The dark coated man looks to you, and begins to speak: "Don't be afraid, they can't see us" he smiles knowingly, "What can we see? Here there are two people, two roles: Ben, and his younger sister Cassy. Both live in the nearby village, have problems and desires. Their main problem is: do they have enough food for the people of their Lord?" He walks behind the young lady, and then looks direct to you, "Imagine that you are the beautiful lady. What are your thoughts and what are your wishes? This is your role: how would you act?" He walks over to the man, and begins to speak again: "Or instead, imagine you are the boy. You want to protect your sister, and perhaps you also want to impress the nice daughter of the local blacksmith, in the village..." He stops, and turns to you. "This is roleplay and this is the roleplay style. You can be everybody and everything."

    The setting changes and the two people change, their pesants rags become shining, futuristic armour, their farming tools become deadly pulse rifles. You are still standing there, with the man in the black coat. He looks at your shocked expression, laughs, and begins to speak again: "Now, as you can see, their role has become space warriors. Now you are fighting against hordes of vicous aliens from outer space. The secret is imagining you are the person of the role, put yourself in their shoes. Like an actor, and you have to act. Describe what you are doing. When you talk, dont say 'Hey XXV do you have some metal for me? My koordinates are 44:55:092', instead, imagine you are a marchant, and describe what you are doing, write what you want in character."

    The man smiles at you, and suddenly you are back in your room. You look around, and when you turn back, the man is gone. You hear him speaking, as if from a distance, his voice faded and yet clear "Welcome, to the world of roleplaying..."