Good Bye Ogame its been fun

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    • Good Bye Ogame its been fun

      it pains me to write this. i have played this game for a long time i started in UNI 1 when it opened and worked my way up to be in the top 100 players in uni 1.
      I have had plenty of enemies and allies all have been fun. a little bit ago i suicided my battle fleet to become a miner and Rip fleet but with the Redesign now in UNI1 that is the sign i needed to end this. Im tired of not having a life and having to fleetsave and check ogame all the time.
      i am now looking for a game i can play when i want to. its been a good ride to ally my allies and friends i will miss you and hope to catch you on skype or email.
      At least i will not have to worry about being banned any more when a new GO comes to the uni.

      Account is going into vac mode and i will set it for deletion.

      This account will be deleted on 22.May.2010 02:12:30

      Good bye All


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