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    • hello players ,...i think its time to leave ogame cause of this new design !! I dont like to play here anymore !! why change all old unis to redesign ?! why ?? they could make some new unis with the design but keep the old unis as they are (was)! ok,...i want to say thanks to : Mac-phisto/ apollo / jazzy / evilking / grumpy / bad back / mani / blank reg / ninurta /Pikachu / Arcane /Qwerty / Faith/ tag man /" POKL (left:( ) and sorry when i forgot some players they know me good , ,..i want to say : THANK U VERY MUCH TO PLAY WITH U !! >U all are very good players and it was a really really nice time to play with u !! We had many fun and we was talking much ! I wont ruin my accound ,..that means ,..there wont be coming a bye bye hit or something else !! NOBODY WILL GET MY ACC ! It was my hard work !

      Players : Have fun to play here again !

      thanks ,...that i could reach rank 1 ;)

      to lig : u never will get my fleet :P HAHAHA

      bye bye all

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    • Are you gonna delete the account?? The Nr.1 account??? You been drinking, boy?! :D

      Hope you change your mind, otherwise GLIRL.

      And I must say I agree with you. This redesign really sucks.... This just isnt the same, lot less fun :(

      EDIT: If you gonna delete the acc its gonna be the most boring decision. At least give as a good bye bye firework :D

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    • Well it sucks that you're leaving, you're a good player and seem liek a nice guy.

      Don't delete your account though, at least not right away, sit in vmode for now, see if we might get a skin or addon or some fixes to make it better.

      Either way, best of luck with whatever you do.
    • im sry to see you go Rubberduck. i think your the one account that never got crashed in my time here. glirl. im sad to see your account go but i do agree with you. its your hard work and noone elses.
    • Hey Rubber, GLIRL!!! Nice to hear you had fun playing and I agree to bad about the redesign - it sucks. Regarding your account about telling us your fleet/mines. I know I am DYING to see what a #1 account has for fleet and mines :)

      have a good one!
      Hey, I know letssled attacks you a lot with his rips.......and I want to crash those rips a lot!
    • didn't know you reached number one, I should check gamestats more often ;). Have fun in life, and no need to v-mode\delete your account without suiciding the fleet into a turtle :D
    • Rubber you are the only one outside gwlad whom never been probed by me. even i dislike evil :P
      dont know what to say am i sad or happy. why sad: one good guy and player is leaving. why happy: because you got balls to go!
      this design sucks, very much. wish i could leave that easy like you :)
      your account should go with you mate (don't you dare to give it to anyone but me) :P
      wish you good real life (and come in Serbia on Exit festival sometimes).
      if you decide to back one day tell me your coords i will send you some res because i like to support newbies :P

      PS. about lig - he is a noob-killer. he has no big players with master skill in hof section. gimme just one and i will be leaving with you :D
    • spacemonke22 wrote:

      didn't know you reached number one, I should check gamestats more often ;). Have fun in life, and no need to v-mode\delete your account without suiciding the fleet into a turtle :D

      i agree. here ive even found you the turtle. would be glorious and you would proly crash the server on that one.

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    • WTF DUDE??? who is buying ma deut now??? O_O

      damn that really realy sux.. but yeah the redesign is quite a mess for a fleeter...

      take care in rl man! :) pawn em all!
    • wow dude...... your a part of uni 20 it wont be the same without you m8 :(
      i know your a good guy, ive never heard bad about you, you have never been cheap and i hate very much to see a staple player like you leave the uni
      wishing you all the best in RL m8 take care stay stafe
    • So you finally did it, ha? Its a damn shame, I hoped I was going to see a good cold served revenge on Ligmenarix anytime soon, but I log in tonight before sleep and....WHAAAM!!! No more Rubberduck??? Nr.1 spot deleted??? Oh F***K!

      I dont get it, mate. I really dont know why someone with such massive fleet just delets itself off, not trying to do anything, Anything. No moon blowing, no fleet crashing. But that takes some epic balls to do, I must admit. So all my respect to you. I sure hope you were sober when you did it.

      Take care Rubberduck. I hope you enjoy your time away from this game.

      Knez Rok.
    • Dang I only saw this just now!

      GLIRL Rubber, I played back when uni 20 was still fairly decent size and left but I still remember you because you was pretty kool on taking down some of the more difficult players with skill 8-) I remember my fleet was recycled by you a few times back then as well lol

      Honestly a sad sight to see you leave man but we all do eventually :] Enjoy life man 8-)
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