Finally going ~ Beregond

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    • AK_47 wrote:

      Thanks for mentioning me man, but you will be back. You attention whore :D

      He is an attention slot, that's what he is.

      Have fun in the continent or as we call it, Europe. And bring those quids, we are on a crisis here. :P

      See you in Heimatar soon. :D
    • RE: Finally going ~ Beregond

      Beregond234 wrote:

      MYST too, still think you are Overseer tbh. Far too many things hint that you are ;) shame I couldn't stick around and prod the guys here into finishing owning you, but given how hard you got hit for constantly running your mouth against my alliance... well I think I can be satisfied :P *slap*

      Freedom of thought, but with what was planned against me the "ownage" was far from complete really, but your satisfaction is well deserved, you left with a bang at my expense ;) and I loved watching it. I honestly wish you the very best with your life without Ogame.

      *Turns other cheek*
    • Last post by me this side of the ocean at least. My arms are burning, the manly sweat is dripping, my back feels like it was run over by the England rugby team... all my bags and boxes are packed at last and I am going ;) take care folks

      P.S. Rule Britannia! XD

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    • Good bye Beregond - hope you enjoy your gap year.

      Thanks for all the help over the time you were in IPU

      We shall miss your war mongering and flaming in threads, even if it didn't help the alliance. :D
    • You had a good run Bere, cheers for the mention, and my fleeting is still way better than you ever were ;)

      Enjoy the Gap year mate, take it easy and enjoy being free of Ocrack, it certainly will be much less interesting now your gone :)
    • Goodbye Beregond, it was a pleasure playing with you in Galcorps, enjoy Europe ;)

      By the way I wanted a new sig from you, this one is kinda outdated from the start of the uni, guess I won't be getting it :(

      Feel free to come back ones upon upon a time, there is always some accs avilable :P
    • i never knew you or talked with you but be safe have fun and come back soon in one piece . peace love and lovely ladies to be with you m8 enjoy your trip

      I'm not pretty I'm not graceful I am the inevitable fact of truth.there is no unwinnable situation.
    • I'm glad to hear you are enjoying yourself in rl Bere. Univ 1 just hasn't been the same for a long time. I think I'll be joining you soon, just need one last hit worth a goodbye post. All the best,

    • Hmm I should probably update this... seeing as I am settled down here I have time to play again -a little bit- but not as much as I used to ;) and things have certainly changed here. Probably going to spend a lot of time in vacation mode, but that's no different from before really. Just like to point out though, all I am playing for is to fix my account after the redesign features broke it :P I just happen to need to raid to get res to do that.