Principles over laws.....

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  • Principles over laws.....

    It is the doom of most areas that they cannot realise how much better it is to enact control over principles than laws. But yet I bring it up in discusssion how able this site would be to actually make that transition from the way of control to the way of light.

    You see... one of my more cursed ways is never to accept law, but to understand the reasoning and intelects behind all actions. To revere enlightment even if means getting me banned.

    Soo... is the world ready for this? Doubtful. But perhaps this set of forums can see the light in that matter.
  • Hello,

    The Discussion-board is not the place to discuss forum rules. If you have a specific question, ask it in help and questions. If you wish to suggest a new set of rules, either PM a board administrator or use the suggestion board. Lastly, you can discuss the rules with any board staff, or in the general section.

    If I have misinterpreted you and you wish to discuss the philosophical aspect, please PM me.

    L R.