Capjoel's essential resource pack 2:UPDATED WITH NEW STOCKS!

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    • Capjoel's essential resource pack 2:UPDATED WITH NEW STOCKS!


      118 large assorted stocks for backgrounds, effects and focal
      35 large sized renders in assorted styles
      45 assorted c4d for all your c4d needs
      21 psds from ultimate artists from seventhgrave, apocalypse and ikinboy/.xeno
      6 photoshop brush sets with tutorials of how to add
      and 14 links to tutorials which will teach you how to best use your new found resources

      All in 1 zipped download file

      Enjoy, their is awesome stuff in there which both beginners and masters will appreciate

      This is an update from:
      Pack Capjoel's essential resourse pack :P

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    • Alert_911 wrote:

      you are awesomesauce. Interesting note, virus attempted mah compy once I clicked on that linkj lmao

      Edit: Apparently it could be the advert that gave you the alert, alert. I dont get one... Vasinator didn't either he has symantec business class protection virus software so he is gonna scan the file itself to check it. I dont think theres anything wrong with it just .abr photoshop brushes, psd and image files a notepad too with the tutorial links.

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    • DL'd it and scanned my hard drive, Ram, boot loader and registry and its all clean. good to go.


      It appears some virus programs, i.e AVG will give false positives. I used Symantec Endpoint Business Class protection, which i get through school, and got nothing. AVG has been known to have a higher false positive rate than symantec so I'm not to worried. if you have problems post your security software here and virus type and ill get to the bottom and eradicate it if it exists, which I dont think it does.

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    • Ok guys this package is clean, I ran a variety of scans. If your security software goes bonkers its a false positive. No worries. Thanks cap for the awesome pack! I already made a sig.