Smell ya later

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    • Smell ya later

      I haven't been an active player here in two years, and aside from a short return i've been off the team for almost as long so I think its officially time to say smell ya later. I sucked at this game, but like so many others I got hooked on the connections I made with other players and stuck it out just to have a good time and not necessarily try to reach rank 1. I can't really credit anyone for teaching me anything, because I never learned. I would like to thank some memorable players though, most are gone by now probably.. Antarez, Bax, canadianchic, chics sister, spacemonke, the twins, LadyKathe, and of course by best friend of all Mx715 jejejejeje.

      Now, before I ruin my reputation with too many half cocked come backs... I hit the log out button and move on :)
    • Ah! Everyone is leaving! It's like a guessing game of 'who is the next regular to leave' :(

      Enjoy life ^^

      My money's on The Appr3ntice next ^
      Know a trader? How about...
      No? You should ^^

      The best player alive, just look at my record after 10 years:

      HoFs: NONE


      The Cons Vs. IG - LOST
      ASGARD vs. OGN - LOST
      Heavy Metal Trader vs. The Outsider (player) - LOST
      Heavy Metal Trader vs. Ali The King (player) - LOST