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    • Rhytroxis - Chapter 1.

      Notes: Forget the last one.


      on the planet Rhytroxis, a disaster has happened. A weird, lethal, green substance has seeped from below into many of the ground based plants, animals, people, and landforms. The only places left that are not toxified are specially constructed buildings that had prepared for the disaster in the first place. Each of those 100 buildings has 5 biopods just opening. These are the last uncontaminated humans on the planet.

      Your goal... since its impossible to clean up this disaster, is to unite with the other 99 buildings found throughout the planet, and re-establish a civilization with the 500 people.


      (1) In each building, there are 5 people. You can only choose one of them, and be the leader. The rest will follow your orders. After that, other people must choose other buildings.
      (2) I control the landscapes. The maps of the planet are lost to them. They must re-discover everything about the planet and the toxins involved.
      (3) There is a science system. Its easy. Just interact with things, experimenting with them. But I decide if you discover anything or not.
      (4) If you die, thats it. Your role in the rp is over, and your teamates from the building would be doomed to die as well.
      (5) There are Skill levels. You begin on 1. I decide if you gain more, and there are infinite of such levels. They determine how good you are in your profession, along with your team.

      The configs:

      Display Spoiler
      Config Part 1 - The Main Bio:

      Building Position: Soldier, Scientist, Laborer, Pilot, or Medic.
      Building Number: (1-100)
      Background: Explain why you were chosen for the biospheres.
      Skills: Pick 5 skills.
      Strengths: Pick 5 strengths.
      Weakness: Pick 3 weaknesses.

      Display Spoiler
      Config Part 2 - The Outfit and tools:

      You have a biosuit and a few supplies. While you dont need it in the building, you begin equipped with it. Do not put in your config the explanations, just the specs, or I will refuse you. Further, there is a 'rating' system on them from 1-10. Dependant on the score, that indicates how quickly you gain 'Skill Levels' and how high they can achieve. Note that some scifi techs are allowed, but nothing too advanced.

      Helmet: A vital part. Cannot filter the air without this. Explain the helmet well.
      Gloves: Hand protection. Doesnt need to be too potent, but you still want some protection.
      Underwear: ick, but still, those thermal longjons are awfully tempting for cold environments...
      Armor: This is sorta important. If you are going to face dangerous mutants, better have thick armor.
      Pants: There is some variety on pants, but trust me, you probably dont want basic pants seeing the situation.
      Boots: Your footwear. It could be a long, hard way to the nearest 'building'. better have at least a decent pair.
      Backpack: Readouts show that the green substance is rather lethal... The computer highly advises an oxygen supply or an advanced filtering system.
      Oversuit: This is your main biosuit. Without this, you couldn't survive outside. Better make it rather good...
      Tools: You get 5 tools. They must relate to your chosen role.
    • Goals:

      (1) Unite the 100 humans together and redevelop techs.
      (2) Develop FTL spaceflight or at least sleeper ships.
      (3) Save or desroy the 'mutoids' on your homeworld.
      (4) Discover the source of the biohazard. (cannot remedy)
      (5) Re-Explore the planet, mapping all of it.

      Biosphere Starts:

      The biospheres have only the bare minimums to expand and survive. The other 4 forces in the sphere are animals of your choice to reproduce them. By mandates, it must be 2 males and females, and no repeats.
      There is a mining site connected to the biosphere you begin at. However, the biohazard is located there. Do not go unsuited in that place. Further, you have no clue about the compsition of the planet anymore.

      How skillpts work:

      Its simple. Just say the skills you gain or upgrade. Begins basic, and past average, you can only master skills that relate to your profession.
      After you develop them here, you must make an rp post (or several) about how you earned the skill in the first place.
      However, you can only gain skills that are accessible based on your present skills, and its rather pricey to develop new ones.

      MY CONFIG:

      Display Spoiler
      Name: Lt. Perron
      Appearance: 5 ft 9in, caucasian. Brown hair, blue eyes... otherwise normal.
      Building Position: Scientist.
      Building Number: 1
      Background: Lutenant perron was a known leader in spearheading the movement for those biospheres when the emerged. He is the only person left that knows what the world looks like after the disaster, and is able to navigate it with some efficiency. However, the cold sleep chambers made him forget about most of the planet, except the mutoids that exist.
      Skills(all basic): Environmentalism, Firearms, Scientology, First Aide, Blueprinting.
      Strengths: Good leadership, able to train combat better than usual, skills are cheaper plus better, great explorer/archaeologist, expert outfitter.
      Weakness: Too generous, Very cautious, Impatiece.

      Display Spoiler
      Helmet: Drz14 Sigma Helmet - This is a state of the art biofilter helmet. It provides communication over 5 miles with other forces, along with a quality purification system. Further, it has radar capabilities over the same range.
      Gloves: Insulated gloves. They are more for handling biohazards than providing warmth, but are good for non-artic winter situations.
      Underwear: Its a good thing perron has some good ones. His underwear is thick thermals, providing good warmth and comfort, along with more insulation against thoe biohazards.
      Armor: Vertigo 88 Technician Armaments. More for show, but provides quality protection against most energy based situations, and is able to survive in extremely lethal and/or radioactive environments.
      Pants: Perrron has 2 sets. The normal pants, and the overalls. This is to provide warmth in colder environments. Nothing special about these otherwise.
      Boots: Drz44 Hiking Boots. They too... have been adapted for the biohazard. Pretty much a set of quality climbing boots with advanced biohazard protection.
      Backpack: The lifesupport system in the oxygen tanks would last for about 3 RL days, which also provides nourishment and medical relief. He can store about 20 items as well in it.
      Oversuit: The oversuit is a thick protective outfit well adapted to survive even in the harshest of biohazard areas. Its made of hydroplastics, and its extremely efficient for survival, not bogging him down.
      Tools: Portable Scanner, Dr14 Comms unit(in helmet), Vital Signs Monitor, Rn14 Cybertech Laptop (2048 MB Ram, with about 3 terrabytes of memory), VrZ19 Security Infiltration Unit.

      Equipment rating decided to be 7. Good luck with this.

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    • i thought you said nobody like stats anymore >.>
      Other then that, i like the plot but it is still lacking something, for instant the technology here in this RP is rather advance and that this planet is one of the humans colony.
      Your RP is still too stats - based and the limited amount of equipment variety they can use is.. eh...
    • Skills are simply forms of training. Imagine them how RL would work.

      Also, while it is dealing with humans, its not the earth humans you knew about. More like... humanlike in most ways.

      The plot is mainly to unite the other humans together in one biosphere, then redevelop the world. However, most buildings and such still exist, albeit abandoned.

      Thats about it, except that nobody remembers what the world looks like, and most technologies are lost.
    • Well, here is just a opinion on my part but, most Experienced RPers that host their RP usually put a lot of thoughts into it(Not saying that yours aren't) but that when their RP fail, they put some times into thinking whats wrong and ask the communities for help into how they can improve their RP. Or if they are un-talkative, they will look at the past RP for ideals and compare it with their own RP, possibly creating their own style of RP that other may enjoy.

      Also, i don't really know if i have the time for this RP,
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      I live on instinct alone for my ideas usually. Not because I want to... but I have reached that level. This is meant to be a sorta freeform rpg anyhow. Relatively ongoing. Thats the excellence of this.
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      Im writing an app now just cause with a little development this seems like the kind of thing I could get behind. But I think I misstated my question. What I was really asking is are you the only person in your biosphere or are there like 4 other NPCs with you? I gues my confusion comes from the fact that theres 100 biospheres but there supposed to be 500 people.
    • Your like that guy, Selvin something, who doesn't really listen to anyone comments. Besides,

      Orin Haydin wrote:

      I live on instinct alone for my ideas usually. Not because I want to... but I have reached that level. This is meant to be a sorta freeform rpg anyhow. Relatively ongoing. Thats the excellence of this.

      That tells me you don't care about the quality of the RP, just the quantity. Don't really know how you're going to enjoy your own RP.
    • (One thing about my style of apps, I love detail. I actually wanted to say more.))

      Name: Anthony McCord
      Building Position: Soldier
      Rank: Master Sergeant
      Appearance: McCord stands at 5’11; he has bluish green eyes and short brown hair. McCord has a strong upper body and long powerful legs, the result of years of intense physical training.

      Building Number: 5(unless we have to go in consecutive in order in which case 2)

      Background: McCord was never actually selected to be the one in the pod. Instead his mission was to escort the original HVI to the biosphere. By this time the whole world has fallen into chaos with those uninfected being hunted down by what could only be described as mutants. McCord and his squad set out with the HVI in two of the last remaining vehicles the military still possessed. The trip was mostly uneventful but upon reaching the biosphere the group was ambushed by a swarm of mutants. McCord’s squad was quickly over run with the HVI becoming infected. As the mutants closed in the HVI used his last breath to tell McCord the password to get into the biosphere. With his squad dead or dying McCord ran to the door and entered the biosphere where he found an empty biopod. Knowing what he had to do McCord climbed in…

      Weapons: All around weapons expert. Can repair weapons and construct makeshift weapons with relative ease.
      First Aide: As a soldier McCord received basic first aid training during boot camp and learned a lot from his friends in the medical corp.
      Engineering: McCord is very good with his hands and can fix just about anything…as long as he has the right parts.
      Construction: If it needs to be built it can be built. McCord learned a lot during his time with the Army Corp of Engineers.
      Cooking: the only person in his unit who could make an MRE tastes good.

      Strengths: McCord is level headed, able to stay calm in even the most hectic of situations. He has decent leadership abilities and works well with most people. McCord is also willing to lay down his own life so others may live.

      Weakness: McCord has an undying wish to help people even those who are beyond help. McCord also suffers from depression caused by the loss of his friends and family. McCord also has a very curious nature and will sometimes act without thinking of the consequences.

      Equipment: McCord wears a military armored suit designed to allow the wearer to operate in extremely hazardous conditions. Despite looking bulky the suit is actually very light weight and allows for a full range of motions.

      Helmet: The MK. 5 assault helmet is made of titanium and is coated with a heat resistant material. The inside of the helmet is lined with black padding for added comfort. The Helmets face plate is made of a strong glasslike material which can be polarized. When polarized the wearers face is completely hidden and has a silver blue color to it. The helmet has a built in computer which maps an area as the user explores and also provides a HUD displayed on the face plate. The helmet also has a built in night vision setting allowing the user to see quite well even in blackout conditions. McCord’s helmet is also equipped with an advanced optic unit which can be pulled down over the Face plate and zoom in where ever the user is looking.

      Gloves: Standard issue gloves designed to provide warmth and protection to the user while operating a weapon. McCord’s gloves have been coated with a special resign designed to keep biohazards from entering through the gloves.
      Underwear: Boxers

      Body suit: The body suit is made of up several layers and materials each one providing protection and fulfilling a specific function. The black and gray under suit is made of Kevlar to give the wearer protection from small arms fire. The inner layer also contains the suits environmental systems controlling heat and cooling. The outer layer is composed of a heat resistant material. The outer shell layer is made of Titanium and Ceramic Composite plating that provides protection to the chest, back, shoulders, legs and feet. The suit also has a built in re-breather system allowing the wearer to live for 90 minutes on the internal air supply. With the aid of external air tanks this number can be increased to two and a half hours. The suit is black with gray camouflage patterns.

      Rucksack: The Rucksack is essentially an armored backpack which attaches to the back plating of McCord’s battle dress uniform. Along with being able to store extra equipments like ammo and med supplies the Rucksack also have two side pockets for mounting an extra air tanks. These air tanks give McCord an extra hour of air.


      Assault Rifle: Military grade assault rifle. Has long range and very good accuracy, can be fired in single shot or full auto. Has a 60 round magazine and is equipped with a suppressor. McCord hollowed out the but of his rifle and has a picture of his family inside along with a few extra bullets.

      M6 Pistol: Custom ordered high caliber pistol. Gas operated with a seven round magazine.

      Motion Tracker: Small hand held motion tracker which can be uplinked to the helmet so information appears on the HUD.

      Tactical Knife: Large serrated blade issued as a survival knife and for use during hand to hand combat. The Knife as a long peice of flint in the handle which can be taken out and struck agains the steel blade to make fire.

      Advanced Medical Kit: All its missing is a surgical table.

      The four animals in the biosphere are 1 bull, 1 cow, 1 Rooster and 1 chicken. hmmm fresh eggs and milk.