driverjoe27 parking his fleet in uni 42

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    • driverjoe27 parking his fleet in uni 42

      A combination of boredom and personal RL issues that must come first are causing me to walk away from my 1st universe.

      I've been sick for the last week or so and ended up in an ER on 2-20. Hopefully it's just a bad case of food poisoning causing my problems, but it could be a gull bladder. That would require surgery, but the down time would only be a few weeks.

      The really scary part came with my blood tests. I have 2 levels in my kidneys elevated which could mean they are starting to shut down. While that's a very slim reason it's more likely that I was dehydrated and vomiting for 2 days causing stress on the kidneys at that point, but it's still a very big wake up call that has scared the hell out of me.

      I am 34 years old with a wife and 3 boys at home. almost 6, 4 and a half, and just turned 3 years of age. This has scared the :censored: out of me, and I have to get myself healthy......if not for me for them.

      That's going to be hard enough living in my truck for 2 months at a time.....I can't be bothered right now with things like when my fleet save comes back.

      Now I swore I'd never give my account alliance mate who has had some RL problems with his son being in the hospital caused him to get top 10'd. I know he's an aggressive fleeter who very rarely makes mistakes and I decided to pass it on to him rather than delete, and ONLY because of those reasons just stated.

      I have met a ton of awesome people while learning the ropes. I am also very proud to say (with the exception of RIPs lost to ninjas on MDM's) I have only been on the wrong side of a HOF two times.....both within my first 60 days or so of playing this universe.

      I peaked at rank 14 with a top 25 (maybe 20 can't recall) fleet and have always been in the top 100 of research. I was aggressive, but not a prick either. I would recall if someone came online and shoot me a non prick msg...even if I was only a few minutes out. Even if it was a sat smash....The only time I wouldn't recall is if it was a lanx hit, or the person was just a complete prick.

      So many people to mention.....If I forget anyone I apologize.

      First and foremost my RL friend Chris (Reapera) Also in 42 for getting me into Ogame in the first place.......of course for the same reason I want to kick him in the nuts as well....LOL

      BLEYS- When I was new and trying to learn what to build and when to build he was one of the few top ranked players who not only responded, but answered question after question after question, and it helped me shape my game a great deal without any doubt in my mind. Thank you.

      FREESTYLER- another top level player always willing to give advise or answer questions. Thank you

      STORMFORCE- Trev even though we've butted heads several times you gave good advice in game and about my truck LOL....Thank you


      IGOR GROZNY- Early on when I was selling him duet he was always encouraging me to start dessies.....RIPS blow.....LOL

      And of course the fun we had being Power Rangers LOL.....god that (we) were so gay......

      This is WITHOUT A DOUBT the BEST alliance in the ENTIRE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I had joined earlier, and that I was staying longer.......

      AND REMEMBER........That truck you see out on the street might be hauling what you eat. From beans to rice to sugar all ends up in that left lane.....He brought the steel to build your house, your clothes and your computer mouse. He brought the stuff for that new born that later tells him blow your horn.......ALL YOU NEED DON'T COME BY LUCK.....NEXT TIME SMILE AT THAT BIG TRUCK.

      WOOP WOOP.....

    • I <3 you man
      In a power ranger sort of way ;)
      Was happy to supply you deut for some time and fleet for only a short time :(
      All my trucker buddies are leaving me now from 42 :( (3 so far!! QQ)

      Best wishes on getting better :)
      Was always happy to be around on msn/chat ^^ you are a very entertaining guy.

      This is your legacy in 42 ;) always smashing and crashing peoples pretty fleets ;)
      Don't be a stranger buddy! Need anything just ask


      PS some epic hits from this monster
      Ninja 120 rips NO PROBLEM!
      Bane[.PW.] -vs- Mastersteve[] & reapera[T2D] & driverjoe27[T2D] ~(TD: 572,27 M) 60 RIPS DOWN (120 IN TOTAL)....PART 1
      Bane[.PW.] -vs- Mastersteve[] & reapera[T2D] & driverjoe27[T2D] ~(TD: 574,22 M) 60 RIPS DOWN (120 IN TOTAL)......PART 2

      Number one acs can you say OUCH
      Top 01 J-Tin, The Doc, driverjoe27 [THC] & Angelfire vs Maker (TD: 2.846.127.000)?

      Previous number one acs gesh this guy is on fire!
      Top 02 WingedDragon, driverjoe27, KembeLemi, Wicodien, J-Tin [THC] vs rirob [RIP] (TD: 1.803.710.000)?

      A very pleasurable top 10
      Top 06 WingedDragon, Igor Grozny, KembeLemi, driverjoe27, J-Tin [THC] vs Centurion [LOL] (TD: 1.341.019.000)?

      Another 120 irps down! (something about pw and 120 rips lol) And my only top 10 with this champ sadly.
      Top 08 Igor Grozny[THC] & reapera[THC] & eXg-Storr[THC] & driverjoe27[THC] -vs- k0ntr0l[.PW.] ~(TD: 1,22 G) 120 RIPs down on a time back hit?

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    • Well has been a fun ride ;)
      Went from trying to plan to steal your deut to being your ally mate. I liked the second choice best and flying with you always resulted in great profits and fun.

      Gonna miss the jokes...but we wish you the best in health, life, and all that other non-ogame stuff. Also know you are welcome back in this uni and we will find you a good account when the itch returns.

      Until on!
    • Man, I knew this was coming at some point but still makes me sad. I can totally understand what you are doing, RL Especially wife and kids come first, not to mention your health.
      It was a real pleasure to fly with you the few times that we actually ACS'ed. You had a real knack for the most inapproprite thing for the time in circs, but it always put a smile on my face.
      You always made chat interesting while flying MD missions as well. We will miss ya man. Who know maybe you can get healthy and you will get the itch and we will cya again. ;)

      Don't be a stranger, take care of yourself and your family. I wish you and them the best.
    • Sorry to see you go man, take care of you're self good and of you're family, i wish things resolve quick so you can get back.

      It was a pleasure knowing you, and having you as my mate, We well all miss you.
    • we have only meat on the general section when discussing some topics but still it was always nice to discuss stuff with you.

      best of luck in real life and i really hope you have no problems with your kidneys

      make sure you visit the general section from time to time ^^
    • It's not only a bad day for THC but for the entire universe Joe.

      I am not really surprised you leave our deadly universe, the most important is definitivelly the good moments you shared with all of us: there is a lot.

      I wish you the best in your real life and I hope you'll be fine soon, I am not afraid cause truckers are unbeatable :P

      Feel free to visit our forum and give us some news soon.

      Big Kisses

    • Gutted to see you leaving.

      You probably don't remember me but you were the one player willing to help me out when i started uni 42 and for that I am very grateful.

      All the best in RL and hope you stay healthy.
    • sad to see players like you leaving our uni and ogame. i wish u the best for u and ur family and i hope someday we shall play again in the same uni. it was a pleasure to have u as an opponent.
    • You made us all happy, now you are making us all sad. I know you have delayed your withdrawal couple of times, but I have never taken it serious.
      I started to like you since you were still in T2D (in no gay way...maybe little :ymca: ), cause you made me laugh with almost every post on board. You brought that spirit in our house (THC) and amuse us ), so I am (we are) very grateful for that. I am still laughing on all (not just yours :P ) Valentine jokes :D :D
      I know real life comes first, especially kids and health, so I understand your decision and I wish you good luck with all. Still hope you'll visit us here someday...
      feel sorry, you didn't leave with fireworks, so I hope we will manage to blow something, dedicate it to you and link that to this thread ;)

      So long mate
    • You and Chris were the two I most enjoyed talking to in the old Avatars chat room waayyy back when. This was my first Uni as well, and you two are the only friends from there who have stuck by me for so long. You and Chris both taught me most of the basics of the game in that chat room...

      Get better in RL mate!!!

      And keep in touch on MSN if you get the chance. :)

      And for pity's sake, if you are driving by Albany, OR on I-5 ever, give me a jingle and I'll meet you some time for coffee and donuts. I'll even buy....though I may hog most of the donuts. :D

      Hope to keep in touch with you and Chris I still count as the two best friends that I ever met in the game.
    • This is sad, really sad. I hate the fact that u must leave. :(

      U are very good person and very good player. We had few ACSs which were very good. It wasn't so long time but it was quality...... :thumbup:

      Sad day for THC and for u42. :( ;(

      RL comes to first place always, so best wished bro, I hope u will be fine in no time.

      I hope that one day u will return and have fun with us again....
    • Hey Joe, we never met in uni, but we felt the same things about the same discussions, and I think we debated several topics of mutual interest. I remember when you first posted about finding out you were diabetic and looking for help/advice on what to eat and what to avoid, me being all cheffy gave you links and guides ;)
      Sorry to see you leaving the game and your health has taken another downturn, but glad you see that your own health and family come first, I doff my hat to you good sir. Wishing you a speedy recovery from uni 43, hugs!

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    • I want to thank you all for taking the time to post on my goodbye hit. It means a lot to me knowing I've made some friends while playing this game, or just the respect of an opponent (Kallair is was great having you as an opponent as well you as you are a great player, and it means a lot to me that you took the time to post, someone who offered advice in an uncertain time. Lioness666 I do remember your links in fact I still have them in my bookmarks and use them, or finally a fellow ogamer and ex board admin I've never actually talked to, but took the time say goodbye and wish me luck..Thanks Wraith02

      So very sorry for the extremely late update, but my laptop which used to NEVER be turned off or put away (except for those rare moments of moving from the truck to a hotel room or the house) hasn't left the laptop bag except for the occasional syncing of my ipad to change movies on it. sad is that...without ogame I barely need my laptop.... :selfhit:

      I tried posting a few times from the Ipad, but I'd get going to fast and touch the wrong part of the screen and it would erase everything I typed. After the 3rd time I got to pissed off to try again LOL

      I went to see my personal doctor and he re ran the blood work on me. He was convinced it was just a severe case of food poisoning based on the symptoms and the timing after I ate at that truck stop mexican restaurant. The running joke about this was "I"m dying...That mexican bi**h (waitress) poisoned me" ....Turns out she actually did poison me :eek: (Not on purpose I'm sure.....or at least I hope) ?(

      When my blood work came back my kidneys are showing normal. My doctor also did a urine test to check for ANY amounts of protein in my urine (which is a sign of kidney problems) and there was NONE.... :rock:

      In fact my blood work came back extremely well. My blood sugar is in check, my bad Cholesterol has gone down greatly, my triglycerides levels have dropped to almost normal (were over 1200...should be under 100....dropped to 250), and my good Cholesterol is on the move up. :multipletongue:

      THE BEST part of all this the fact that I had been lazy ironically.....I have medication for diabetes, and I've been taking niacin to lower my Triglycerides levels and bad cholesterol levels along with other things like a multi vitamin, ect...........but the lazy part is I hadn't taken any of them in over a month.....and my blood work still came out this good.

      With the exception of the ORIGINAL blood test that labeled me diabetic I HAVEN'T had one single bad blood test since.

      I was told to lose 50 lbs and I won't ever have to see my doctor again until i'm old and grey. WOO HOO.....So now that's my goal....get my fat ass in shape and lose some weight. I have started taking my meds again just in case.....Hell if I had blood work that good without them, than imagine if I had still been taking them. :D

      Again....THANK YOU ALL :grouppray:

      To bad Jupiter is starting tomorrow or I might be ready for a return to fleeting......I will see you all in the speed uni after very afraid :chase: .....GWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (my evil should be cowering in the corner right now)
    • driverjoe27 wrote:

      To bad Jupiter is starting tomorrow or I might be ready for a return to fleeting......I will see you all in the speed uni after that

      Ok I'm a liar. I couldn't resist a new speed uni and will be destroying fleets in Jupiter :D

      I really tried not to join though LOL