Time to say Farewell From Cirus06

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    • Time to say Farewell From Cirus06

      To start this thread I cannot help but try and remember just how many years I have devoted to the Ogame Career... Most would say that I put too much time into a silly game but I am one to say that I have met some of the most honorable people on this game that would rival even my best of friends in real life. So I find myself to write them one final goodbye note as a personal note of gratitude in hopes that they may understand just how much I enjoyed there company over the years as my friends (and for some my Virtual brothers).
      During my time in the ogame community I was welcomed by many even though I was a srry form of a player. I was weak, sloppy, and negligent of my accounts as well as my friends who tried to help me excel in my first uni (uni 20). Most would remember me as such from that uni.. After my time was spent in uni 20 I started anew in uni 33 where I started to learn the ropes from one of the best ogame fleeters of the time. From that point on I made myself renowned for being a skilled fleeter with a very kind attitude towards any fellow ogamer. If I crashed someone I would always tell them how to correct the mistake so I would have a harder time to take them down. Over the past year though I began to grow sloppy in my tactics and at the end of my career it was clearly evident that I no longer possessed the will to continue on. It was only a matter of time before someone would catch on and come for me which in the end it couldn't have ended better for me since it was a worthy adversary whom I had been watching for years waiting for him to make the same mistake I did. In the end I was rather content with my being on the negative side of a HoF when I realized it was the one person I wanted overall in the uni that came for me. Regardless of this fact I was just happy to see that there was some life left in the uni besides me making an occasion probe here and there. 8-)

      So without further delay my goodbye recognitions:

      First and foremost my dear friend Rural: Forever brothers in arms! I would do anything for ya man. we may be hundreds of miles apart but the friendship will never die my friend..... My lord just look how far we have come together in this game... Without you I would have been history A LONG TIME AGO... so thanks.... not!!! lol j/k man. I know you would rather I stay and finish on a good note but the time has come for me to say goodbye and move on. Regardless I will still have you on messenger should you wish to talk it up about the good days or anything man. Don'tbe a stranger. 8-)

      Next would be my faithful and everwise teacher of the arts of fleeting General Lumpy: I would have never been anything in this game if you hadn't shown me the true tricks of the trade. We go deeper then just thegame as well man if you ever need anything I am just a message or call away. 8-)

      Charlie Woo: Man how the time flies huh? lol I wish I could have had more time to fly with you man 8-) make sure to keep Rural in line now that I am gone from the game lol. He needs the whip cracked every once in a while to let him know he is alive haha I will never forget the fun we had in uni 20 and in uni 33 together!!! brothers in arms man! if you ever wanna chat hitup rural or hit me on the messenger.

      Sens...AKA Jamie: Time and time again I couldn't thank you enough for giving me a chance to return to the uni when I had the chance! You have always been a loyal gaming friend of mine and anytime I was in a pinch I could always count on you to help me out (weather it be low fuel or an ACS attack you was always a message away and ready to go). I will never forget the fun times we had man ;)

      Sorrow:you was always a crazy one to play with and a fleeter I always found to be admired. I trust that my account will be in great hands with you at the helm 8-)

      Robbo: wherever you may be right now know that you was always another fleeter I admired for your shear numbers and crazy attacks haha (reminded me of.... me lol)

      To Liquid Cocaine: I always enjoyed reading your posts weather it be for My HoF's or anothers or even your own. A fantastic fleeter and as solid a player as any. I will never forget the day you wanted to blow up my new moon on your old account when I settled into lower G1 haha I always knew I had your attention after that day 8-) Or perhaps you had mine ;) stay safe and enjoy fleeting in the uni without me... MAKE MORE HOF's!!! lol

      To Mr. Black: I have already stated my thoughts and more to you and I will say it once again, Thank you for such an enjoyable time.... never will forget our probe fights that raged into the early mornings for me haha

      To my Alliance: Everyone new and old should know one thing and one thing only. You are in good hands with players like Rural and Sens ready to bend over backwards to aid you in any endeavors you may come across in the game. They don't get any better for leaders. 8-) I will never forget you all... and remember, I will always be watching from the stands cheering you guys into the HoF boards :) LONG LIVE SOVI!!!!!!!

      and to everyone in uni 33: I have lived among you all with the one goal to put a smile on your face or to inspire you to (in one way or another) become greater players by showingoff your achievements on the Oboards. It doesn't need to be a HoF to beon here 8-) and it doesn't need to be a HoF to show skill and dedication to make the game that much more interesting for others. Please never forget that at the end of the day we are all there to have fun so no matter what you do, do it for the fun and love of the game!!!

      for anyone I missed in this I apologize greatly! I want you to know it is almost 5am my time and I am running on fumes while writing this lol but I couldn't leave without a goodbye letter to everyone lol :D

      Finally for anyone else who reads this: If I can ask anything from you please take this with you as a token of advice from me to you. No matter what you do in this game make sure you enjoy it! Life is too short to do something you do not enjoy

      This is Cirus06 - Officially retired - signing off. 8-)
      When Darkness Falls Daylight Dies.
      SuperHoF: 1
      HoFs: 41
      RiP Kills: 55

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    • what to say but we lost excellent person,team mate,friend and fleeter...all in one....hopefully you ll be ok in rl and i wish you good luck...acc is secured and no worries...if you ever want to return on it , all you need is to pm on msn...best wishes and gl in rl

      your friend

      sorrow :D


      Robbo says:
      this is becky. hes not playing another accont, he loves uni 22 more than me already X(
      me again
      ill play both :p
    • Ahhhhh enjoy the retirement bro & most importantly enjoy real life.

      Oh and I am very proud that you learn very quickly under me :)

      Anyway I would have something to say more but I'm quite drunk & concentrating very hard just to type ATM :)

      So I see you on msn or yahoo messenger whenever I have time to log on :P

      Again enjoy retirement & last live life to it fullest now without OCRACK :)

      General Lumpy out