U14/Fornax: Ajax/Ajenemy Goodbye's Thread

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    • U14/Fornax: Ajax/Ajenemy Goodbye's Thread

      It's quite interesting of what Ogame can do to your life. I played U14 for near 3 years, in streaks of activity. Fornax, almost a year.

      This thread is no rant on my people I have disliked throughout my Ogame career, but just a simple goodbye to those who have respected me and has had faith in me, through my treachorous, yet fun streak.

      Starting off with U14...

      Thanks to the alliances of U14 TC, who has truly shown me how to mine, and what to fall back on when your fleet has been crashed, along with all the support in free resources from a wonderful lady, Sagacious.

      Revenge, My current alliance. Nothing could have been better... It was a great alliance for the time I was playing ogame. Rather shy, but when you need something covered, or need help on a rebuild, everyone... will come together, unite and help you rebuild.

      CT247, for giving me a chance with a account I was given about 2 years ago.

      and StoVoKor... really, I can't say much about you guys. I've never been with you all, but I have high expectations of you all, and never want to see you guys crash. The people I have talked to are very friendly, and crack some jokes at me, which is my type of people. Keep tearing up universe 14.

      Along with Fornax, IMP, and all its other successor alliances, you guys are a strong, fighting alliance, that will never let down. Hell, most active alliance I've been in mixed with all different types of players, creating an outstanding community. Unfortunately I have heard that the leader has fallen to Hell from SIN, it happens. I just hope you resume and continue to rebuild. Goodluck to all you guys in the future :)

      Individual players, I don't want to recall all the times people have helped me thus, I'll just list the people who have helped me out in the past. Sorry if I forget about you on the list and you think you should be deserved to be on it.

      U14 Players: Wolf, Timma, Sagacious, Deerhunter, Celica, Kahless, Thunderbird, The rest of Revenge Alliance, Pheen, and Heme.

      Fornax Players: Fiirks, Wolf, IMP Alliance members, and Discomachinegun.

      Was a pleasure to work with you guys, in both universes I played. Hope you guys continue and have fun.

      I'll check in and see how you guys are doing with a noob account, here and there. Will most likely give away my 2 accounts.

      For now, aj-the-noob....
      Signing off.

      PS, Thanks to U14 for electing me as the Universe's Biggest Noob of 09'.
    • sorry to see you go AJ. we had a great laugh in TOP GUN and IMP, often at your expense but you always took it well. :D

      you were also one of the best moon givers i've ever come across.

      if you ever want to come back to fornax, come say hello and i'll find you an account.

      good luck with everything
    • damn i really never thought this day would come, but i have to say i am really sorry to see it come. i will miss some of our talks as it was good at times and you always gave me a laugh. i remember when i first met you and man i thought to myself, what a noob you were, and we spent so many hours talking and you took every peice of advise i gave you no matter if it was critism or just helpful and applied it to your game, now you have come to where you could be one of the better players out there and i guess a person of your age has alot to look forward to and not being locked into this addiction is a good thing. so i say enjoy your time away from ocrack but you will be back my friend as they all come back for more