Cargo Slap TIGER [FFO] vs Luke Skywalker [U.M.A] (TD: 89.444.000) TP:172M

    • Cargo Slap TIGER [FFO] vs Luke Skywalker [U.M.A] (TD: 89.444.000) TP:172M

      Once I said to a scarecrow, "You must be tired of standing in this lonely field,"

      And he said, "The joy of scaring is a deep and lasting one, and I never tire of it."

      Said I, after a minute of thought, "It is true; for I too have known that joy."

      Said he, "Only those who are stuffed with straw can know it."

      Then I left him, not knowing whether he had complimented or belittled me.

      A year passed, during which the scarecrow turned philosopher.

      And when I passed by him again I saw two crows building a nest under his hat.

      The battle lasted 3 rounds

      TIGER [FFO]
      Battlecruiser 5.000 (-46)
      (-1.380.000 metal, -1.840.000 crystal, -690.000 deuterium)

      Luke Skywalker [U.M.A]
      Small Cargo 1.300
      Large Cargo 6.000
      Light Fighter 1
      Recycler 1
      Esp. Probe 4
      Deathstar 1
      (-43.613.000 metal, -42.611.000 crystal, -1.002.000 deuterium)

      TIGER captured:
      1.238.499 metal, 1.238.500 crystal, and 1.238.500 deuterium.

      69.324.069 metal, 1.647.293 crystal, and 2.311.205 deuterium.
      34.662.034 metal, 823.647 crystal, and 1.155.603 deuterium.
      17.331.017 metal, 411.823 crystal, and 577.801 deuterium.
      8.665.509 metal, 205.912 crystal, and 288.901 deuterium.
      4.332.754 metal, 102.956 crystal, and 144.450 deuterium.
      2.166.377 metal, 51.478 crystal, and 72.225 deuterium.
      1.083.189 metal, 25.739 crystal, and 36.113 deuterium.
      541.594 metal, 12.869 crystal, and 18.056 deuterium.
      270.797 metal, 6.435 crystal, and 9.028 deuterium.

      Debris field: (1.342 Recycler. Harvested by attacker.)
      13.497.900 metal, 13.335.300 crystal.
      Moon chance: 0% (There is already a moon.)

      End Result:
      Attacker gain: 172.917.573
      (151.733.739 metal, 16.021.952 crystal, 5.161.882 deuterium)

      Total Damage: 89.444.000

      Your 1500 recycler(s) have a total cargo capacity of 30.000.000. At the target, 13.497.900 metal and 13.335.600 crystal are floating in space. You have harvested 13.497.900 metal and 13.335.600 crystal.

      eZc v1.5pre @ 2011
      Uni 40: Space Tiger, Retired

      Electra: Tigris , Back in Business
      7x top 10 Solo, 1top 1 solo
      12X top 10 ACS, 3 top 1 ACS
    • Making some pretty good profits today man. Congrats on another slap.. pretty hard to beat them for sure. Good luck Luke.

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      with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the
      earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the
      beasts of the earth.
      --Rev. 6:8--
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