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    For those interested with currency trading. Here is the latest results in a BackTest of a software program I wrote that trades EUR/USD


    Part of the Strategy.... Go simple, the market is random, follow a moving average, buy or sell the direction the moving average is going, set TP and SL to the same value or SL a little bit more and you have a 50/50 chance of winning. That is the strategy that I think is decent. With having a 50 percent chance of winning, then change the trade size based on the previous trade, a loss increases the trade size, a win decreases the trade size. The difference in these trades gives you the profit. I know there are probably better strategies that win more often than mine but from what I have seen, this is the best with the market being so unpredictable. I think 60+ pips of trade in both directions are good because the market can spike anytime so you can pad yourself and be better protected with more pips.

    Does anyone else trade Stocks, Currencies, ect?

    ++Before 1st Merge++
    ---Uni 4--------Uni 5--------Uni 12-------Uni 22------Jupiter---
    ranked 21---ranked 9---ranked 18---ranked 21---ranked 40

    ++Before 2nd Merge++
    ---Uni 1------Uni 20------Uni 30------Uni 44------Jupiter------Taurus---
    ranked 39--ranked 28--ranked 23--ranked 71--ranked 25--ranked 31

    As a Hobby I trade Forex, anyone else that trades feel free to contact me as I would love to discuss trading strategies.
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