Mobile app?

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    • There are a lot of people wanting apps for OGame, GF are aware of this, however I can't say if there are any plans or not.

      And discussing that here won't make any difference, maybe try the suggestion forum?
    • The problem with mobile apps is that they are limited for what devices they work for. It also takes developer time to make and maintain those apps, when some would prefer they improve the game for all customers and not just those who can afford (and choose to) use mobile devices.

      As v1k1ng said, OGame is designed to be played with a browser, which means it should in theory work with your device's regular internet browser.

      At best I could see them developing a specialized interface for mobile browsers.

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    • You won't get much further on the suggestions forum. The suggestion for mobile apps has been brought up numerous times and the issues remain the same. Why should GF develop apps for mobile devices when the game already runs in a browser? Why should they develop an app when that only means more to develop and support?

      What happens when a phone OS updates and the app isn't compatible? What happens if the app isn't compatible with certain devices/OSs from the start?

      The above questions are just a few reasons why, even in the age of smart phones and apps, having a browser based product can be the safer choice; especially when the product was originally developed for the browser and a computer.
    • Crimson King wrote:

      You won't get much further on the suggestions forum. The suggestion for mobile apps has been brought up numerous times and the issues remain the same. Why should GF develop apps for mobile devices when the game already runs in a browser? Why should they develop an app when that only means more to develop and support?

      why should GF develop random bonuses for each planet that you can pay for, why should GF develop an entire new UI, why should GF develop merchants and officers, because it brings new people into the game, your logic is faulty crimson GF is a business and the more customers they can attract to the game the higher their profits can be, in the age of smartphones GF should have even more reason to make their game available for people who spend their time working and earning money who cant be sitting at their desktop all the time because my bet is those people would be more likely to buy dm then kids who stay home all day
    • But the coming changes are accessible to everyone who can play the game. To develop e.g. an iOS app would only benefit the portion of the users that are both able and willing to use such an app. Yes it may bring in new users, it may encourage existing users to spend more, but it also alienates the users who can't or won't make use of the apps.

      Coauthor of Cumulative Cost, alongside Crimson King.
    • mobile app = more money for gameforge. Charge $.99 per app and you'll get most people who play who have the phones to buy it. Plus make buying dark matter easier in game with the click of a button. I think it would be a boost for the game.
    • Fang actually has a very good point here. Why should GF use DM? It alienates those that can't or won't make use of the DM. But it generates money for the company to maintain their servers and pay their developers. I believe that in the suggestion thread (last one I saw anyway) regarding this it was suggested that the app be paid for. This way it would pay for itself and make a little profit for GF.

      I also agree with fang that the ones off at work all day are more likely to be the ones who can afford to support GF via DM. If they have money for DM, they have money for a phone.
    • i highly doubt gf would make any money on an app so they wouldn't bother making as it will cost them to make one and mantain (updates) and why would anyone buy one when you can access it for free via your phone already? :thumbdown:
    • v1k1ng wrote:

      its not the duty of GameForge to adapt to the mobile phone industry. its the other way around.

      Man, that makes no sense whatsoever.

      Apps would be used, period. Any ogame player with a smart phone would use an ogame app if it were free. For a pay app, well, I wouldn't pay, but some would. Mobile browsers work, but are inconvenient.

      If GF wants to make the game more accessible on the theory that accessibility will push revenue, then they should do it and make it free. If they feel that it will not drive revenue, then they could make a pay app. If they don't care (and most recent evidence is lack of care for the player) then they will sit on their hands with this issue.

      One alternative is to have a mobile version of the game interface which is still handled by the browser. Many websites do this, although I don't know the feesibility of doing it for an online game.
    • GF, believe it or not, aren't stupid. They know full well the potential of apps and the desire of many players to have one. And the maintenance of such a thing wouldn't be too hard either, the only hard and time-consuming bit is the initial development ;)
      Basically mobile-style functionality is the future of the internet, so in my opinion I wouldn't be surprised if this were to appear in OGame in the near future.

      Also please stay on topic please.
    • when i buy my Nokia smartphone and saw that i cant send fleet in ogame with it i quit playing ogame and supporting my accounts with DM .... mobile verison or mobil app it doesn't matter what does matter is that old ogame was playable on mobile smartphones 5years ago and now what's different? -maybee number of players ?

      Once one man says" you want to play ogame? - no problem all you need is browser and net connection :D and that was true, now that is lie, and big disappointment ...

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    • How is it a lie and a disappointment that all you need is a browser and an internet connection? Just because the default browser on some mobile devices have issues loading or doing certain things in the game does not mean that is a false statement.

      It is not GF's fault that they developed a game that needs certain requirements to play and that some devices do not meet those requirements to play it correctly.

      Between developing and maintaining apps for multiple devices and a mobile friendly page, the mobile page would be the easier and more cost effective route to go. The mobile page means easier support without needing team members who have knowledge of a specific mobile device OS. Waiting on those team members could add to the wait time for a response.