Upcoming new Ingame Rules

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    • Upcoming new Ingame Rules

      Dear players,

      In the near future, the game rules will change. The rules are being unified across all communities.

      Please note that the rules will become effective on September 17th 2012

      You can ask questions about them and discuss these rules here

      InGame rules

      The following points are valid for all the Universes listed at OGame.org.

      The rules should permit all players to enjoy a fair gameplay within their universes. Note that complaints and inquires regarding particular accounts will only be disclosed to their owners for privacy reasons.

      1. Accounts

      The owner of an account is always the owner of the email-address bound the game account.

      Each account is entitled to be played by a single player at any time, account sitting being the only exception.

      Account exchanges within a single universe must be done with the assistance of a GameOperator and are allowed only once every 15 days. In strict accordance with the T&C the new owner have to change the email-address within the first 12 hours after the account has been switched.

      You can contact support at support.ogame.org

      2. Multi Accounts

      Each player is allowed to control a single account per universe. If two or more accounts are usually, occasionally, or permanently being played from the same network(e.g. schools, universities, Internet cafes…) it is highly recommended to notify a GameOperator.

      You can contact support at support.ogame.org

      3. Account Sitting
      Account sitting entitles a given player to have his account watched over. A GameOperator must be informed before the sitting takes place through the support system: support.ogame.org

      An account may only be sat for a maximum period of 24 hours. The sitting period will be considered over if the actual owner logs in.

      While the account is being sat all attacks on other players are forbidden.

      It is only allowed to sit an account if the account was not sat in the last 7 days and the owner logged into the account after the last sitting.

      4. Bashing
      It is not allowed to attack any given planet or moon, owned by an active player, more than 6 times in a 24 hour period. This rule also applies to moon destruction missions. Probe attacks and interplanetary missile attacks do not count towards the bashing rule.

      In specially-designed universes announced on the forum (board.ogame.org) the bashing rule can be modified or abolished.

      Bashing is only allowed when your alliance is at war with another alliance. The war must be announced on the relevant OGame board, in the correct forum and must comply with the board's specific rules.

      5. Pushing
      It is not allowed for any account to obtain unfair profit out of a lower ranked account in a matter of resources.

      Pushing is, but not only limited to, these example: resources sent from a lower ranked account to a higher ranked one with nothing tangible in return.

      Trades, recycling help & ACS splits must be completed within 72 hours.

      For all exceptions (like bounties) a GameOperator needs to be informed via TicketSystem: support.ogame.org

      6. Bugusing / Scripting

      Using a bug for anyone`s profit intentionally or not reporting a bug intentionally is strictly forbidden.

      Using a program as interface between the player and the game is prohibited. Any other form of automatically generated information generated for a group of players advantage with malicious intentions is forbidden as well.

      Exceptions are listed on the forum of the game.

      7. Real-life threats
      Implying that you are going to locate and harm another player, team member, Gameforge representative, or any person that might be related in any way to any of the game services is forbidden.

      8. Insults and Spam
      Any kind of insult and spam are not allowed.

      9. Language

      The game publisher reserves the right to exclude players who are not able to speak the respective native language (e.g. in Game, Board and IRC official chat-rooms). Other possibly allowed languages will be listed on the official game forum.

      10. Breach of the rules
      Any kind of breach of the rules will be punished with warnings up to a permanent ban of the account.

      The corresponding GameOperators decide the type and duration of punishments and are contact persons for bans.

      11. Terms and Conditions

      The T&C`s are supplemented with these rules and must also be abided by at all times.

      12. Exceptions
      The game`s community management reserves the right to have exceptions to these rules. In special cases (e.g. during events) game rules can be changed or suspended. The user group concerned will be informed when and if this is the case.
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