Kameleon DQ vs Chaosdreamer - back to stone age...

    • Kameleon DQ vs Chaosdreamer - back to stone age...

      my alliance DQ, special ded to
      matori ( great help from u my man)
      05ja (u r unbelievable)

      so here how it woes: i find a farm, at lest i tot so....
      spy... nothing, phalanx.... nothing, but there is defense, and i send missile attacks, the guy shows up and start to send rockets on me...quite a few times, smash my defense on one planet totally, i send him few messages between missile attacks , but he did not respond.... and it really make me

      and i decided to smash hem down, so i did....more than one week preparation, and

      seven planets, seven attacks, missile attacks, all down to ground, with help of matori, we got return of transport that he was trying to save ,
      but on top of that he send attack
      on me at the same time as my attack flew

      and....he ran into a surprise

      btw...font and color chosen by ME and matori

      Battle of the day Tuesday, October 02, 2012
      The battle lasted 6 rounds

      Attackers (1):
      Chaosdreamer [X:X:X]
      Weapons: XXX% Shields: XXX% Armour: XXX%
      Light Fighter 25 Lost 25
      Heavy Fighter 44 Lost 44
      Cruiser 5 Lost 5
      Battleship 62 Lost 62
      Destroyer 29 Lost 15
      Battlecruiser 50 Lost 45
      Loses 10.105.000 units
      (5.479.000 Metal, 3.716.000 Crystal, 910.000 Deuterium)

      Defenders (1):
      Kameleon [X:X:X]
      Weapons: XXX% Shields: XXX% Armour: XXX%
      Small Cargo 1.090 Lost 382
      Large Cargo 987 Lost 301
      Light Fighter 247 Lost 99
      Heavy Fighter 11 Lost 6
      Cruiser 262 Lost 44
      Battleship 9 Lost 0
      Colony Ship 1 Lost 0
      Recycler 27 Lost 9
      Espionage Probe 42 Lost 15
      Battlecruiser 1 Lost 0
      Loses 7.049.000 units
      (3.873.000 Metal, 3.070.000 Crystal, 106.000 Deuterium)

      The battle ended in a draw, both remaining fleets return back to their home planets.

      Attacking fleet: 10.105.000 units
      Defending fleet: 7.049.000 units
      Total: 17.154.000 units

      Debris (243 Recycler)
      Metal: 2.805.600 units
      Crystal: 2.035.800 units

      Profitability (243 Recycler)
      Attackers (recycling): [-53%] -5.263.600 units
      (-2.673.400 Metal, -1.680.200 Crystal, -910.000 Deuterium)

      Attackers (no recycle): [-100%] -10.105.000 units
      (-5.479.000 Metal, -3.716.000 Crystal, -910.000 Deuterium)

      Defenders (recycling): [-32%] -2.207.600 units
      (-1.067.400 Metal, -1.034.200 Crystal, -106.000 Deuterium)

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