Admiral Gabe Potter

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    • Admiral Gabe Potter

      Gabe woke up to the sound of klaxons hooting all around, he groaned but knew he had to get up. He jumped out of bed threw on his cap, and his boots and started sprinting to his ship.

      Gabe knew this was only a drill but ran full sprint either way, he'd be damned if he'd let his copilot beat him to his ship. When he reached the flight deck there were people sprinting all around going to and fro. People climbing into ships, ships being fueled, guns being tested, ammo being checked, and all sorts of other tasks. Gabe spotted his copilot across the flight deck and took off into a dead sprint once again. He reached his ship just seconds ahead of his copilot.

      Gabe and his copilot Max stood there gasping for air when Max said, "You know, one day I will beat you."

      Gabe laughed and said, "Yeah, we'll see. Now get in, we've got work to do." Max climbed the ladder into the second seat of the fighter, and Gabe followed close behind getting into the first seat. He looked back and said, "Close the lid and start her up."

      "Aye aye, sir." Max retorted. He did as he was told closing the hatch sealing them both into the cockpit with a hiss. The screen in front of Max lit up and it showed the face of the fleet admiral.

      He said, "Cadets, I regret to inform you that this IS NOT a drill, I repeat, this IS NOT a drill. Do you understand? We are currently being attacked and are mustering all of our defenses. We need every able bodied man in the sky double time. Get on it cadets, and good luck. Out"

      Gabe slowly turned around and faced Max and said, "Di...did he just say this ISN'T a drill? He did didn't he, holy Christ! This is the real deal! Get strapped in, were going to be one of the first one's out there!"

      "First ones out there? Are you crazy, were not even out of flight school yet! I can't believe they're sending into the skies!" Max said worriedly.

      "You heard him, he said we need every able bodied man in the sky, you don't look crippled, so what if we're in flight school? This is actual combat! There's no better training than this!" With that, Gabe stabbed the thruster's button. Before long the ship was starting to hover. "Max, disconnect the fuel tubes."

      Max flipped the switch and the tube fell to the ground with a muffled clank! Max said into his microphone, "Sir, do we have permission to lift off?...Alright Gabe we have permission to take off."

      Almost before Max told him, Gabe had the thruster's going full blast. They gained enough altitude to leave the inside of the building and saw hell in the sky. The enemy fleet was attacking with everything they had. He saw two bombers go by, side by side dropping plasma on the nearest town. Gabe picked them as his first targets and rushed towards them. His computer locked onto the bomber and hit the fire button. 8 missiles rushed towards the target and spread out and hit 8 separate different sections of the ship. But it's shields held. Gabe cursed and fired again, 8 more missiles spread from his Heavy Fighter and collided with the enemy ship, but still the shields held.

      Gabe cursed again but not as violently this time, he could tell the shields were down. "Max use the laser cannon! His shields are down and he knows it, hit him good and hit him fast!"

      Max clutched his firing stick and aimed at the center of the bomber and pulled the trigger, a large red beam shot from the front of his ship and straight into the center of the bomber, directly where the engine was. The ship stopped gaining altitude and began falling towards the ground. Gabe and Max cheered like madmen but quickly quieted down knowing there job was not yet complete.

      Gabe found the other bomber and quickly gained on it, he fired his volley of 8 missiles at it and while concentrating he didn't spot the other fighter come from behind and put missiles straight into his ship. "We've been hit Gabe! We're losing altitude, we need to bailout!"

      Gabe knew they had to bailout but he hated the fact. He pulled the lever under his seat and the roof popped open and both his seat and Max's shot from the fighter as it plummeted to the ground. He watched as his fighter plow into the ground and explode into a beautiful fireball. His seat's chute slowly brought him to ground outside of the city. He looked around quickly for Max and saw him coming towards him from the bottom of the hill.

      He sat on the hill and looked towards the sky as his planet was being attacked. After awhile he could tell his side was winning, Max and him began cheering when they saw an enemy ship go down, and would cringe when they saw an ally ship fall. Eventually the raiders where repelled with heavy losses. Gabe waved as a pair of light fighters zoomed overhead. He knew he would be in the fleet his whole life after this point. Nothing could match the adrenaline, the excitement, the fear, and the power he felt in his ship. He knew one day he would fly a cruiser. And he was right, he would command the empire's first Destroyer, Admiral Gabe Potter was our finest fleeter and will always be remembered for the things he did...