-:RaW:- "Cry Havoc & Let Slip the Dogs of War"

    • Alliance Introduction

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    • -:RaW:- "Cry Havoc & Let Slip the Dogs of War"

      -: RaW Alliance :-

      Born in the fires of Universe 1 RaW is one of the oldest alliances to have graced
      OGame over the years. Originally founded 8 years ago the brand is back
      bigger and badder than ever to once again breed hate and chaos throughout Quantum.

      If your looking to fight alongside people who really want to have fun
      and cause some havoc please send an application in. We operate
      a dictatorship leadership structure with promotion being based on activity and
      skill levels, the growth of the alliance and discretion of
      the reigning Overlord (currently Lawless - contact in-game or on the forums)

      RaW is WaR...

    • And here at RaW we have plenty of it!

      With years of playing experience over a whole host of universes we
      really can help you grow to your full potential and learn all the tricks of the trade.
      This along with the alliance policy of random acts of kindness RaW really
      is the place to be for all you budding OGamers who want to stand out
      from the crowd and make a name for your self!

      So don't hesitate another second, go straight to
      your alliance page and fill in the short application form to
      become apart of one of the future driving forces of this magnificent universe.

      = Current Open Posts =

      Head of Recruitment
      Tasked with the expansion of the empire your main focus will
      be the recruitment and initiation of new members. You will also
      be acting Head of HR, relaying all major alliance member problems to
      the Overlords attention and personally dealing with minor issues.

      *All alliance positions are appointed at the command of our Supreme Leader and Overlord*

    • Have/having a good New Years?

      Having as much fun as these guys...?


      If not then maybe its time to look for a place where you can
      have all this and more. Make your New Years resolution to
      join RaW and start 2013 as you mean to go on.

      Wishing all of Quantum a Happy New Year and all the best!

    • New to the universe?
      Need a helping hand to get your account to raiding level?
      Fed up of waiting for resources to build up so you can get your first small cargo?

      Well wait no more, here at RaW we are offering all new members who are
      new to the universe a leg up with our Small Cargo welcome pack. In it you'll receive
      everything you need to get from A (nothing) to B (5 Small Cargos & a target to hit with them)
      along with a guide to direct you there in the shortest amount of time.

      No more hanging around for a day while your resources build up..
      Get raiding & get raiding today!

      RaW Alliance - Now with 3 Members
    • Thanks for your support!

      Hopefully you won't have to wait too long
      for something to come from us, currently up to 4 members
      now and searching for lots more people to join the fun!

      We have no member limit, no mandatory forum sign ups and
      no complicated leadership system to bog things down.

      There really is no reason to not join!

    • Good luck with Raw. Was my first alliance in Uni 1. Was a good group, with great leadership. Except merdog,, I hated that guy. Good luck with the alliance and no one in a raw tag will get hit by me
    • Awesome to hear from a truly original RaW member and thanks for the kudos!

      I remember when it was just me all alone, didn't even know how to input a skin...
      but everything turned out well in the end, had the best OGaming times leading RaW
      so am really chuffed to be getting off to its next chapter so to speak.

      Same as before though its slow beginnings!
      Though there will be more to come soon from RaW...


      Trivia Time!
      Answer the following question to win a free shipment
      of resources to a planet of your choosing, even if your not in RaW
      (only applies to those ranked below 'Lawless' in-game)
      **First to message 'Lawless' in-game with the answer wins the prize**

      Which planet in our solar system has a year that is shorter than its day?

    • +1 to R.a.w. Although I disagree with the Merdog comment! I loved that man Tony :P.

      Anyone in R.a.w. needs help, just shoot "Grady O Active" a message ingame and I'll be happy to assist!

    • Application accepted, resources sent and first targets being located!
      Look forward to seeing a circ with your first small cargo raid in!

      Also first with the correct answer to the space trivia question.
      Which was...


      Which has a day that is as long as 243 days here on Earth...
      I wonder when the server reset would be there?

      Enjoy your extra deut!

      Trivia #2
      If I weighed 100 Pounds on Earth, how much would I weigh on Jupiter?
      **First to message 'Lawless' in-game with the answer wins the prize**


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    • Trivia #2
      Congratulations "VoXwasHerE" for correctly answering the question.

      For all those who are 100 pounds and are wondering how much they would weigh on Jupiter you would be 236.4 pounds and serious need of new ankles, knees and any other joint that supports your weight thanks to the gravity increase!

      To see how much you are on other heavenly bodies check out

      In other news

      RaW are now up to 5 members and
      hell yeah we want more!

      Keep your eyes peeled for more Trivia
      questions to come in the following hours to win more free resources

    • And your in and up and running already!

      Fantastic news RaW has our first HoF in Quantum
      not to out done by these fancy high flying ones...
      Check out the HoF thread and let us know what you think
      if you want more just ask, our now 8 strong team will be happy to oblige.

      Good news news for RaW members!!

      Fully funded Astro and a Colony Ship to the first person
      without a colony to pot a hit on an active player. It could be any
      number of our current members or it could be you!

      Remember you still be the start up pack to Small Cargo...
      join now and you could get a lot lot more...


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    • Hey man, can't remember what i won from the trivia thing :P

      Really liking this alliance man, glad to see you in quantum and good luck =]

      also congrats on the HoF man

    • Awesome to have your support, to be honest is great to be here!

      Your prize is incoming, just had to find someone first
      with more points than you to send it.

      In Other News

      RaW now has 11 members and the doors are still
      open to more both big and small are considered
      so don't be put off thinking we are elitist.

      That comes once we've built you up!

      Not being a fan of updates just telling you our member count
      here's Trivia #3 to keep reminding you there is a universe
      outside of OGame, as much as we might want to ignore it!


      Trivia #3
      What was the name of the first spacecraft to orbit Jupiter?

      **PM Lawless with your answers, previous winners can take
      part but will not be eligible for a prize to allow others to win**

    • Not a problem, and hopefully you'll get to keep the
      resources given the strange circumstance that occurred...


      Currently I will be contactable on the
      "Wolowizard" account, so please forward
      all messages to me there until further notice.

      Which leaves the question...what to do with my old account?


      Keep your eyes peeled for
      a competition to win it!!

    • Competition Time!

      Here at RaW we don't want our accounts to go to waste
      but who deserves to take over the old account of the Overlord?

      We say let the OGods decide...in the form of a friendly fleet ratio competition!

      Follow These Steps to Enter

      Step 1: PM 'Lawless' ON THE BOARDS with an introduction of
      yourself, your current Quantum account (if you have one) and your experience
      in OGame, linking to HoFs if you have them.

      Step 2: Create your fleet using the following guidelines.

      1. Every user will have metal units to invest in his/her
      "virtual" fleet (exchange ratio 2:1.5:1, metal:crystal:deuterium)
      2. Only a 30% as max is possible for a given ship type
      3. RIP's aren't allowed in the contest

      Step 3: Submit your fleet to 'Lawless' ON THE BOARDS


      1. The official contest simulator will be the downloaded version of SpeedSim
      2. If a battle ends in a draw, the player with less losses will be the round's winner.
      (losses are recalculated into metal to determine who had greater loss)
      3. Depending on the amount of players, the contest will be organized as a "football championship"
      (that means: initial round + quarters + semis + final)
      4. The contest will be played in two divisions, each with a differing prize*


      Once all entries have been submitted and the deadline reached a knock-out
      period will ensue, climaxing in two epic battles between four of the finest
      fleet designers ever to have...read this thread...

      Deadline for ENTRY: 00:00 (Server TIme), 10th January 2012


      Division One: Seasoned OGamers/Fleeters with Proven Experience
      "Win This Account"

      Division Two: Non-Seasoned Players/New Players/Less Experienced In Fleeting
      - Resources,
      help and advice to get you to 2 planets
      - Basic mine set up assistance on both planets
      - Production of a small raiding fleet
      - Immunity from attacks for life from RaW members
      - 50% of the profits from the next 2 HoFs that Lawless makes
      (the next 4 HoFs if you are a RaW member)


      I hope people enjoy this, I know I will!
      The clock is ticking, get the simulators out and get number crunching!

      Kind Regards,
      (Wolowizard in-game)
      The Friendly Dictator of RaW

      *The account is currently at 21k points, 4 planets (fields all good), even mines of around 18/18/13
      G1 & G2 placement, 10k worth of fleet, 3 HoFs under its belt, no solar sats and very small/no defence
      perfect for a fleeter - The account is bound to and must stay in RaW*

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    • Thanks to all the support for this account competition
      really chuffed over some of the messages we've had from
      random players, both here in Quantum and across the other universes.

      We are still looking for more players to enter this comp!

      Feel you have what it takes?
      Then PM your fleet composition according to the above rules
      with a brief history about yourself as a player and we'll get
      you signed up straight away.

      Oh and remember
      RaW is WaR
      ...to be continued...