Pushing same rank?

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  • Pushing same rank?

    If I remember there is/was some abstract calculation regarding the margin of rank that is based on the highest rank in the uni (Leo) that resulted in a rank margin that allowed swapping res without pushing concerns? I'm asking again because of recent rule changes.

    How do I determine this safe margin for res swapping?
  • but that doesn't answer the original question..."without pushing concerns".

    simple example: I wanna ship some deut to someone because we are hitting a 3rd party with MS shots to compensate for the cost of a long trip. In this case it is a one way res shuffle and we are within 5 rank positions of each other. I recall some abstract calculation that allows shuffling res between same ranked accounts with a (very) small margin of difference.
  • if he is doing moonshots he will lose far more in points than the cost of the flight of the moonshots...

    the technical max amount is equal to the difference in points between you x 1000

    so if he is 5000 points and you are 6000 points you can send him 1million res.

    usually in instances like this, he isnt allowed hoard say 2M res, get you to send the 1M, and then spend the 3M and go above you 2k points either.
    its just a general rule. if you are concerned just speak to a go on irc, or ask in support.
    sometimes they are helpful.
    basically if you think its someone gaining an unfair advantage generally its bannable because it is someone gaining an unfair advantage.

    afaik bans are fixed lenghts for pushing...or as a general rule they are. they are supposed to reflect the amount of gain from the push. e.g if your daily average gain is 20,000points, and someone sends you 200,000 points worth of resources in a push you should be banned 10 days but there would be a lot of work and argument in that.. e.g maybe your gain this week is very slow, so extra length is unjustified. usually i think they just do a 24hr ban first time, 72hr second time and 3rd time is perma. afaik pushing and pushed are seperate so you could do both twice.
    its noted on accounts, so if you trade an account it could have a history and already have 2 hits against it
    unwanted pushing is a perma ban. e.g if a low ranker keeps sending you res, forcing you to waste time and fleetslots returning res/sending to a go planet, then the low ranker will be banned straight off usually once its raised to sgo level
  • If you look at what you'd like to do, the plan if you will, and you think to yourself, "You know, some GO might think this is pushing," you should either not do it at all or open a ticket asking the GOs with all the relevant data (your score, the other person's score, the exact amount of resources you want to ship) and get a determination from them on what you are allowed in your specific instance. We can only speak generalities on the board, so can't say for certain.
  • well, I'll consider this question answered. because at the end of the day I could be exactly the same rank as any player I'm sending a bit of res and both our rank positions will change by the time a ticket is read. I'm not faulting anyone and appreciate the fairness this platform mandates.