i got captured by cancer.

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    • i got captured by cancer.

      i dont know how to begin saying that i might die soon. but its what happened
      scans says i have a tumor in my brain and its hardly recoverable .. 0.1% of cases like mine recovered so there might be hope :)

      i spent great times with you all and i loved ESF alliance which have a great players and brothers , sisters to me
      i loved NBT , Chimera , ARMED , G.Empire and Dramis and more more loner friends
      i had great days of my life with those great lads who really proven to me that i do have friends who care for me

      i will never forget u lads and i love you all , even those who i might had troubles with ,
      i would love to tell you all .. PEACE , peace mates -
      im moving to germany soon for radiation therapy and who knows , maybe it end there , maybe i survive
      wish me luck mates and keep the ogame flag high :) :)

      i will try to check skype whenever i can focus on screen , i have blurred vision most of times and continous dizzines

      Love you all and thanks for the great company and friendship i had here from yall

      Your Egyptian friend
    • This is really sad news to see this, I really hope your ok mate and i wish you the best of luck with your treatment and things and i really hope you'll be ok, you've been a good friend to me over the years and at times we've had our differences but nothing we couldnt sort out.

      All the best of luck to you buddy from the bottom of my heart. :)

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    • Night so sorry to hear the news mate, but as you know I have been going through breast cancer with my wife and the diagnosis was not great but we always figured we could beat it. Its been a long road but she is now cancer free thanks heaven. So I know what kind of fighter you are mate never give up and does not matter what happens or how bad things get you can still beat this.

      Will be thinking of you buddy and praying for you.


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    • My moving this thread wasn't a comment on anything. It wasn't a twisted joke. If you read his post, it is phrased as a farewell. Putting it in the goodbye forum doesn't mean he's done within any particular time limit or that he's being pushed out the door. It doesn't mean he's being forgotten about.

      And his thread sure doesn't belong in General. He's not having a discussion about the game. The only other place it could possibly go is the Spamboard, and I know I'd be insulted if I wrote a thread like this and it was moved there.

      I'm not going to let this derail this thread, though. I'm not kidding. This dude is in a bad place and I will not let any dislike for me have any impact on him. On this thread, drop it now or get a warning.
    • i wont say goodbye my Boss man instead i will say see you soon!!

      Everything will go well just stay positive!!

      We still have lots of battles to fight side by side Boss...will miss you but i will see you soon!!!

      Please keep us updated.

      You will be in my thoughts Boss!!
    • Oh my god, I'm so sorry to hear this mate. :(
      When I sms'd you few days ago I thought you'd just be fighting a fever or something.. but this is on a whole different level... I'm so sorry also for your wife and your two little hawklings..
      I wish you all the best for a good recovery mate, it is possible and you'll make it. I know you can do it..

      I'm always here if you need anyone to talk to mate, pls feel free to ask me anything at any time.

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    • I'm really shocked right now! After I got a message from Mr. Jesus... I thought it was a joke and then I was just speechless and I'm feeling cold! Bro, i'm really really sorry to hear this! I'm really out of words right now, i'll call you in a short while bro.

      Just keep on fighting, where there is will there is a way!

      Don't let the game play you, instead of that Vmode fleetsave and play the game whenever you want.

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    • Wow this is really shocking to hear this mate... but i know you can do anything cause your one of the best player and you run the best ally in the WORLD OF OGAME and if you can do all this and still be suck a great friend you can come over anything i will pray for you every night man i know you will get better man don't ever think different
      Your Friend.