May 21st Event: Xbox - The Next Generation

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    • Yeh their too late in my case, I'll be going over to Playtation, sucks, I wish they just hadn't done this bs in the first place then i'd still be getting an xbox.
    • I'm confused...

      I see everyone stating all over the internet that its "too late"... E3 was what? Less than 2 weeks ago? And you still have half a year before its release..

      How is it too late?!

      I mean, I have no problems with people not wanting the system, as fanboyism isn't my style...but saying its "too late" seems silly to me lol..
    • Granted, cancelling a pre-order is hardly a big deal but in my case my friends are all set on going to PS4, there was a lot of debating and were just not going back now. But if Microsoft had not done all this DRM stuff in the first place we'd be getting the Xbox One for sure which annoys me, damn u Microsoft.
    • I feel that if MS had done away with the 24 hour check and somehow changed their DRM to accommodate for that, then the system would have been far more successful. I mean outside the 24 hour check, the limited reselling and lending of games it's pretty much steam in console version. Which would be pretty neat.
      Making it so that the kinect wasn't needed constantly would have stopped a nail in the coffin too I think.

      Mostly though, the Xbone was a massive PR poop storm.
    • I've checked this thread from time to time as it was on my favourites and yet to post.

      • I don't live in a country with patchy internet

      • I don't resell/trade my games

      • I don't play much singleplayer anyway

      Still getting the Xbone, Still would have regardless of this PR reversal, people just wanted a reason to flame DRM like every other system/game its come with, Even in the case of Simcity people stopped raving about it within a week of launch, about a week later it was forgotten.