PS3 to Monitor Problems

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    • PS3 to Monitor Problems

      I cannot get my PS3 to connect to my LG Flatron E2250V display. I am trying to use a HDMI to DVI cable which I bought new specifically for this, but I get the error 'check cable connection' then it goes into power saving mode. I also used a HDMI to HDMI cable - but that may not work as it did not work when I tried it with my TV.

      The monitor only has DVI-D, HDMI and d-sub input.

      edit: The monitor does work because I have been using it as a second display for my computer. Also, here is a youtube video showing that the monitor can work:

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    • I'm trying to make sense of your first three sentences. :p Is this what you're saying?

      PS3 to TV (HDMI - HDMI) did not work.
      PS3 to Monitor (HDMI - HDMI) did not work.
      PS3 to Monitor (HDMI - DVI) did not work.

      Could be the Playstation. Have you specified the display output in the PS3 settings? Maybe there was a recent software update that changed your preferences.
    • Yes that is what I am saying :p

      I have tried changing the display settings, both manually while the PS3 is connected to the TV and by resetting them while it's connected to the monitor.

      I will get a new HDMI cable and HDMI to DVI cable and see what happens.
    • I had some faulty HDMI cables. Apparently they get damaged easily - mine was damaged before it arrived. So I bought one for £8 in HMV and it worked. Yes, a bit more expensive than the cheap stuff online but for the sake of the cost of the screen + PS3 it was worth getting everything working.
    • HDMI cables are actually one of the thing where it is worth considering the more expensive models. Mine costs 300 Kr. and 500 Kr. (about £35 and £58). Mind you, that's Danish prices, so my models should cost about half in Britain.
      But that's for the solution.
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    • wow OK, HMV also had a £20 HDMI cable made by Sony. Are you suggesting that this is potentially better value for money than mine (last longer/better image quality)? It looks like I may be getting more of these.
    • You should definitely consider them. I could actually see a visible difference between the cheaper models and the more expensive ones I bought. Also had significantly better sound quality (I got PS3 -> Audio System -> TV, with both the linking cords being HDMI).
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      61G TD, Top 1 ACS
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      In order to insult me, I must first value your opinion...Nice try though.
    • Anyone know how i can fix the problem im having with my ps3?
      It just suddenly stopped reading disc and i tried pretty much all i can find on the net.

      Tried restoring file system and rebuilding the database from the safe mode feature and it didn't do anything. I also found a video on youtube about tipping the ps3 upwards but its still not reading the disc. Any suggestions? Anyone have this problem and what was your solution?