[TD: 75.023.000] Nezamjetna [P_I_S] vs. Jessie J [Blood] (A: 9.418.000, D: 65.605.000)

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    • [TD: 75.023.000] Nezamjetna [P_I_S] vs. Jessie J [Blood] (A: 9.418.000, D: 65.605.000)

      Hello Rigel!

      its me again... not so good, but im satisfied... will cower lost fleet... time to move in lower galaxies

      Defender took large part of DF, had 50 recys on planet i didnt c (my bad). he will post it (or not)... i promised not to chase him, sporty young fellow. He said its his first time... i remember my first time...

      he has his reasons as we all do, why o why we didnt came online in time...

      VFR Jessie J, i rly do wish u... u rly are decent and honest guy

      almost made me cry, but, numbers prevailed... u deserve to be coloured!

      P_I_S on Fire!

      Attacker Nezamjetna [P_I_S]

      Small Cargo 240
      Light Fighter 5.283
      Cruiser 1.100
      Battleship 700
      Battlecruiser 712

      Defender Jessie J [Blood]

      Small Cargo 500
      Large Cargo 58
      Light Fighter 2.223
      Heavy Fighter 12
      Cruiser 186
      Battleship 436
      Recycler 400
      Espionage Probe 188
      Bomber 50
      Battlecruiser 123

      After dancing under moonlight...

      Attacker Nezamjetna [P_I_S]

      Small Cargo 173(-67)
      Light Fighter 3.620 (-1663)
      Cruiser 1.018(-82)
      Battleship 698(-2)
      Battlecruiser 712

      Defender Jessie J [Blood]


      He captured 1.376.067metal, 610.110crystal and 1.121.536deuterium.

      The attacker lost a total of 9.418.000units.
      The defender lost a total of 65.605.000units.
      At these space coordinates now float 14.541.600metal and 6.786.000crystal.

      At the target 14.041.600 Metal and 6.286.300 Crystal are floating in space.
      You have harvested 10.593.700 Metal and 6.286.300 Crystal.

      Attacker: 5.116.767 metal, 4.495.410 crystal and 957.536 deuterium.
      Defender: -42.995.067 metal, -20.829.110 crystal and -4.888.536 deuterium.

      -= Tum's Luna Converter =-
    • Well, it was thunderstrom in my town , my internet went off for like 9 hours. I fleetsaved but fleet was coming in ussual time . Nezamjetna came in my solar long time ago and tried 3-5 times but was i on ...

      Anyway ... I had some detroid in inventroy so i put 50 recyclers(that's why u didnt saw them on planet) ...

      Fr to me gj to attacker ... He/She probably would not catch me but 9 hours without internet is to much
    • Noobmjetna GZ on making super profitable hit in just solid hit.. pfff..

      If I know you will go this way would do it myself :p

      Defender FR, things like storms you cant control but you can always call somebody to sit for you.. keep that in mind..
      FR once more..

      P_I_S On Fire..