goodbye jupiter ... and ogame .

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    • goodbye jupiter ... and ogame .

      hi there , Nohope from jupiter here logging off and saying goodbye to ogame forever .... sad to see a game i've been involved with for 10 years crumble like it has but seriously in the last month this shambles has taken my heart from the game . how can anyone on the board feel they are doing a reliable job when blatant pushes and just general fowl play are destroying a game we all helped to make and payed to play ? our new number 1 player doubles his points in less than a month after 2 or 3 top accounts go down ... hmmm thats odd , no hof's no bragging ? everyone goes back to normal and nothing is said ! you children who sit in the background banning players for using the wrong font in their name or sending a message in the wrong language are the real culprits . stop with the greed and council the game like you are supposed to do , your here to stop this bull so do it ! even better make me a mod and i'll show you how it should be done . it is pathetic that a browser game has become such a means to an end for you all ... that or you really don't know or care about the community that has become ogame . i'll sleep well tonight knowing i have friends that have grown with me in this game . guys and girls that have been through hell and back with me on sleepless nights waiting for hits , the thrill of the chase and all that goes with it . ignorance is a downward path and i hope you all see this before it bites you on the ass . leaders , lead . moderators , moderate . administrators , administer ... do your :censored: job and stop the cheaters , cheating ....

      all players that play fair , all my love and wish you the best . Nohope XX


      Cursing isn't allowed so i have to do my job and warn you
      Also, wrong section so moved to the right one - Florence
    • You are more than welcome to apply. But being a mod won't help you - you need to apply as a GO. GOs generally do not come to the board to read these posts. That is why it is important for you to use the ticket system.

      I am sorry that you are so upset about what is happening in your uni. Have you logged tickets so that the GOs can look into this? I am your new mod for Jupiter but there is nothing I can do. I merely mod the posts you make on the board. I will bring your post to their attention though.

      Do you have proof that your top fleeter is cheating? If so - please include your proof when you log the ticket. And check regularly if there are any replies though the ticketing system.
      Still around.....
    • OMG, no, Nohope, do not quit my friend, forget about all those cheats, and just ply with friends, thats what i am doing also lately, just have fun, and forget about rest, ogame is gone to pieces sadly, but we still have lots of friends :)

      Wish you all the best, and i guess we talk now and then on skype, mate.

      Again a great player become victim of greed, injustice of a once great game, that now became Pay4Win and big cheats untouched :(

      Have fun in real life again, and at least no worries about fs anymore.
    • You are 100% right. Within a few years this game will probably dissolve. Money is the only motive. The GO'S are not doing there job, end of subject.
      I have also left Jupiter.
    • nohope dont make i sad, you are one of players hu made me to still play here, please cool of fyu days and come back budd.
      i also know about chiting in jupiter and sell/buying acc there for money and then that acc get scraped that players is only little bugs hu dont deserve to be there with us, but go,s dont du nothing even if you open ticket, Trouble dis is sad true and if you play dis game long enaugh you also know this :(

      nohope buddy i anderstand your frustration, but lisen to me damnet....stick araund with us and play for fun. we olredy lost fyu good guys like Four was...dont quit you tu ;(
    • The thread isn't closed as of yet. I only moved it to the right section and warned for the language. Cheating accusations and ban discussion aren't allowed on board so if you want to keep the thread open, stop doing the things you're doing now. If you want to discuss such things, you all can go to IRC and together talk with the GOs of your uni to say what is going on.

      I'm afraid of everyone.

      Ex- Board Administrator, not anymore though, so don't bother me :crazy:
    • open a ticket guys please, stop trolling and accusing



      Gonzo that's because he got his fleet back because of ogame glitch.

      ahh kk, my bad, sry

      how much money did you get from hub GONZO.

      wtf? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

      maybe you cranky cause of this(link) :hi:

      edit: I said my bad jeez why are you all so cranky lmao

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    • herr gonzo wrote:

      burke how do you understand frustration, you recently jumped 4 mil points in military in one single day

      coz rattle scrap his fleet into doot and i took oll, ask hubsch he know dis
      coz i buy S1lux acc and scrap his fleet and again took oll ress, ask BOZKURT he know this
      and also i took ower acc from End, soon i will scrap his fleet and i will took oll ress and push myself.

      thats way i jumped 4mil points in fleet ;)

      Apple wrote:

      Ban us all then please and be over with it, this whole board looks like a scam anyway, only nice things are allowed to be told, but as soon as something negative pops up, we get warnings, or discussion is closed soo piss of today, dis was supose to be my free day and i want to make fun in game and be with my friends here...and unfortunatly when i log on this morning i sow fyu bad things im rilly sick of this game.

      im done with jupiter....
    • I understand why your leaving NH, it is just ashame how it has come to this! Im going away for a while then when im back i'm also going to consider whether i stay or leave for good.
      Dark Matter is part of the OG now and to be honest i don't have a problem with that. There are a few players out there that don't use but a lot that do (me included). The real problem is Buying accounts so you can scrap fleets and profit yourself. It is just not the way to go, it is a GAME so play fair and correctly or don't play at all. There are many people with proof so forward it to the GO's and get something done!

      NH you will be missed buddy, its a real shame :(

      Maybe ill be back in a week/maybe i won't either...

    • Seriously you need to remove jealousy out of your system a little bit . You guys in Armada were enjoying honeymoon and bullying everyone in Jupiter while BOA were on holidays . When i decided to come back i didnt know what was going on in jupiter anymore , u cannot imagine how many players asked me for help and begged me to crash Armada , they traded deuterium with me and were ready to do anything so i can crash u guys . Whats my mistake is that i dont like to post my hits ? you can ask ur best fleeter in the alliance what kind of hits i make everyday and how much profits .

      Rattlesnake decided to leave universe and he is very good friend of mine and wanted to help me to reach number 1 rank so he scrapped his fleet and traded deuterium with me i made around 6kkk deuterium from that which was fairly legal , i even traded 500kk deut with Danmark as a nice gesture and told him what was happening . That was the only break i had and was not cheating at all!

      What do you want me to do ? post all my hits and show of my hand ? you will all get depressed and will leave anyway .

      Its very funny how when u guys were dominating few weeks ago everything was rosy but when i came back and the power started to change in my favour now u start whining . Move on , or play the game or go play something else!

      thats one of my hits and now i will spam the board with every hit i make , i hope you enjoy .....

    • lol nothing has changed since you came back from holdays lua. boa still needs to cheat to get their account points and armada is still a legit and #1 ally. Good news is boa will NEVER buy one armada fleet to crash. i hate to see you go orange. you should just stay and help armada. we need the legit players to stay and help force out the bad players. we dont need bad players forcing out the legit and good players
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