Top 10 - Ninja -Solidarity [RLeague] & Rocky [ESF] - Vs - Solidarity [RLeague] & herr gonzo [545] - TD - 49.5G

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  • RecHit wrote:

    . I would expect this kind of hit neither from destroyerx and his old friends nor xing xong and chimera in electra.

    Hi Rec, long time since we last spoke, before I can comment on this hit, I want to point out a little bit of history that would make both my point and my reply on this hit make more sense. RecHit not sure if you saw but I did take out Miralay with a dirty hit at the end of my ogame career and as griever329 pointed out sometimes generally speaking *not directing this toward rocky* when your opponent is using every single cheat in the game to play against you, like Miralay whom had 30 multy accounts that were making him an average of 1m+ points a day, make the lines between whats moral and whats not fade away. Although I would hope that every single dirty hit out there is due to this circumstance the reality of it is that alot of these hits happen to people that dont deserve them. In the specific case of Miralay we had taken him out many times as Rechit has witnessed it first hand in Electra.

    Here are some of the major ones for history re-freshness sake.

    [TD:] TIGRIS & Kenyard & Ikaros & Uruk [FFO] & DestroyerX [.DbD.] -vs- MIRALAY [TSK]

    [TD: 29.153.849.000] Ikaros & ROCKY & Kenyard & TIGRIS & crazyphd[FFO] -vs- MIRALAY[TSK] -(TP~5B)

    Tig[FFO] & ROCKY[iM. ] & DestroyerX[Mirage] -vs- MIRALAY[T S K ] ~(TD: 12,24 G)

    So taking into consideration that we had taken out Miralay many many times + the fact that what he was doing was a grey area in the rules + the weak game punishments served as an incentive for Miralay to keep on doing what he was doing. I believe its these extreme cases that warrant something as drastic as a double cross to be done. Ultimately though anyone can do such a hit but the reality is if you apply this dirty double cross to the wrong target you risk loosing years worth of reputation/respect/trust w/e you call it. Of course some people might not give a crap about that but that's beside the point.

    In the case of Miralay hit 99% of the comments apart from the only "Man" left in Quantum aka Superman aka Chibo were positive even though everyone understood how the hit was done, and I believe that's because Miralay fell into that specific category I am talking about... Have we taken him out in the past? Surely, was he a Major cheater? Sure, Could we have taken him out with out dirty double cross in the future? Most Likely, but why should I devote on taking out the same target over and over because GameForge fails to enforce harsher punishments toward cheaters... that + the direction this game has been taking has been the main motives behind my retirement, I just did it suicide bomber style... took out Miralay with me.

    Ultimately anyone can pull off a dirty hit and the people in the universe will be the judges and juries

    now commenting on this specific hit, personally I think this was a bad strategical move in my opinion

    1) Solidarity did chibos bidding for him... As by Tours reactions I am sure they are all happy that rocky is gone
    2) A potential acs attacker/defender with 50m+ Military points is gone
    3) Karma might be a :censored: in the future
    4) People now might be less willing to help out Solidarity, potentiall of loosing suppliers/acs partners

    of course I also get the motives behind doing this hit, after rocky took over the account he left the blocked Rleague solar system, at best you might call it rocky being paranoid and at worst you might call it an act of war? Then from my understanding he removed Limecat from buddy list and started probing him frequently... The question remains did Solidarity have a valid reason to do this hit in such a way specially since rocky is always v mode, which took away the more traditional approaches.

    These are all the facts, I am not taking any sides on this as I still dont know at this time if Rocky really warranted and deserved what he got served.

    shame about the fleet though, the pilots will be missed.

    Ben well no one can deny the TD is epic on this one, and keith think of it as an early mandatory retirement plan which will save you both tremendous amount of money and time not being wasted on an epic game that has been ruined by GF.

    Avoiding censure - Florence

    .ORG 30+ New Top Ten Hits
  • that just confirms my opinion that speed unis are populated mostly by kids ;) but damn do i miss such a banter :O
    epic TD
    glirl rocky
    your grandpa
    doc polish student
  • DestroyerX wrote:

    In the case of Miralay hit 99% of the comments apart from the only "Man" left in Quantum aka Superman aka Chibo

    Thanks, but you forget aka God :flexmuscles:

    I know that you,Rudeboy, Solidarity, Thee, Limecat... and more.... were doing traps for me long time a go... and many of them with some "dirty" details. Till now i survive to all them, but i know i'm not GOD, and some day i can fail and lose my fleet. But anyway i can be pride to tell that in all this years of ogame i never did a dirty hit and have no plans to do it in future :wink3:

    Iam 39 years old, i'm not expecting to be the "king of universe" like most of the "kids" :buckteeth: I just play for fun and because my friends but never losing my real life principles. i prefer to play with 3/4 players that can i trust, like Tour at this moment.

    Of course i laugh when i see the "pm" that rocky send to me after he lose fleet.... he buy accounts, scrap fleets to grow is fleet, he probes from the planets (i just love is noob way of play loooooooool) at the end this hit is so dirty as Miralay.

    After Stalker, Lord Beast, Rocky is the 3rd big joke of quantum. He talks like a king but i have pity of him because he have no fault that dont realise how noob he is :youcrazy: any good player realises that gonzo never do df fleetsave.... i bet that who said the time to him was solidarity because he's a noob that only knows to sply and fly... and spent $$$

    i'm consistent on my opinions, and any of you see me congratz defenders/attackers of this kind of hits. just because i dont approve them :sick:

    i prefer delete my acc

    Rocky noob, about piggy big fleeters... i will never tell anyone yours pm's to me :biggrin:

  • After reading 4 pages of cursing, accusations, spamming i came into a conclusion that closing this thread now is for the best. I'll leave it that way till the mods of this section decide what to do with some of you.

    I'm afraid of everyone.

    Ex- Board Administrator, not anymore though, so don't bother me :crazy:
  • Ok everybody. I'm reopening the thread after few warnings. It could have been much more...So from now on any accusation about cheating = warning. Anymore cursing/avoiding censure = warning. For some of you this hit might be dirty, some of you don't care. Please, find a way to keep the discussion clean and keep the rough talk for skype.

    Defenders, if you want to move the thread to top10 section, please contact any mod of Quantum of a global moderator.

    I'm afraid of everyone.

    Ex- Board Administrator, not anymore though, so don't bother me :crazy:
  • Florence wrote:

    Ok everybody. I'm reopening the thread after few warnings. It could have been much more...So from now on any accusation about cheating = warning. Anymore cursing/avoiding censure = warning. For some of you this hit might be dirty, some of you don't care. Please, find a way to keep the discussion clean and keep the rough talk for skype.

    Defenders, if you want to move the thread to top10 section, please contact any mod of Quantum of a global moderator.


    ofc..everyone have to say that this :censored: is cool..the best HoF is what players think about this noobs..deffenders..and I didn t see yet here anything that deserve warning or ban. about top 10..put this thread in spam box..or delete a shame for Q anyway :complaingrumble:

    You keep using inappropriate language right after my post and right after you've already got banned for the very same reason - warned again - Florence

    Electra saw ON RIP killed-too many too count :rocketlauncher:
    Quantum OFF mines are the life :chainsaw:
    Wasat OFF still newbie
  • very nice hit ben and gonzo and congratulations


    your still weak solid. GO ahead and accuse me of buying
    accounts when Ive been here since day one and didn't vmode til Dessie
    gave me his account. Weak sauce is all your cooking. It stinks man...
    Did you hit me during all that time? nope...... im done with this
    thread. YOu can have your low down dirty top 10.

    ps solid your :censored: and a liar. enjoy it

    i have never seen a bigger lie u see i have been esf from day 1 when it was started by gen lee pink and me even nighthawk came after 20 hours u were no where there

    the first account u got was from pink a miner top 100 account which u somehow managed to get deleted
    then u got hold of a rank 400 account for sometime and u stayed mostly in v mode infact that was the time when only me and laex and laz were active in esf rest all v mode

    then u ill behaved with me and made me quit esf though there would be no esf if i had not held it together

    then u bought/got the swarm account from r league
    then the vrapache account when u tried to pretend u were someone else but u could not disguise ur style
    and finally the dessie x account

    the kind of bad behaviour u have done with some of us old hands of esf i will not elaborate here

    ur mysterious skills fictional efficieNcy and imaginary fleeting dont impress me at all ,i see ur account buying and handed down accounts

    please dont lie it makes u look pathetic

    i am so sorry that u lie for a stupid browser game

    i have no doubt u deserved what u got


    (ps:for all i know u will buy solidaritys account next)

    Inappropriate language and insulting - warned - Florence
  • ^^

    and if you wanna know why i was interested in this ninja, well rocky was probing me all the time, few month ago he exited vm probed me and like 10 min later our mutual friend asked me if i wanted to 'give' account for some..... :cookie2: , i put a lot of effort into building my acc, i play quantum from day 1, i spend only dm for commander and i did one relocation(cause of useless expensive deploy) so giving acc is stupid to me, i would rather delete it

    but maybe i would want to do it anyway idk :buckteeth:

    most likely not, i am having hard time rebuilding light fighters and recs :headbanging:
  • well garbonzo your full of ______ fill in the blank or your "friend"________________ is full of it to. your just making excuse cause the hit stinks. Low classs... YOu both still haven't done anything. But to prove that you can't beat me straight up. You had to get personal.

    If anything I said I was going to crash you... your fleet looked tasty. At best your confused and are way to sure of yourself. SOme of you non english people speaks are retarded. You guys should really learn context or develop an understanding that you command the english language well enough to assume anything. My two cents....

    and venom your at best senile.... esf was started in electra about a year before quantum was even a universe!!! in case you didn't read that right. THat would be a :thumbdown: YEAR!!! So keep spewing your junk to. IF you ask around your ally that your in they will tell you I was founding member of it. That ally started as terran in electra as well. We merged several times becoming DWFD now. At some point we started a quantum branch when it came out. WOuld you like me to get pete aka swarm to come here and tell you himself I didn't pay for anything. He also gave me his electra to cause we were friends. THe miner I got from pink never hit vmode either not one day. i built that to top 40 military before it was passed on. YOu really don't know what your talking about. you want to talk of another free account was safira the go when she left electra she gave me her account to. THen I built it by myself. If i was really about merching buying etc.... then why in the crap would I give so much military points away. I don't have to stoop to these levels to beat anyone. All i need is 20k bc.... and vrapche lol.. jolee friend ill let you explain that. Venom here thinks im you. ha Boy do we have them fooled. TO make the plan on miralay work we had to make the uni believe I was playing a totally different account then I was playing. Hence why we didn't change names. DUH!! YOur getting old venom. I have no qualms with you. But your sound senile now. ALso while the getting is good. Bullwinkle a former account of mine was passed on a top 10ed and also mr jesus that I passed on is still where I left it. NOt merch abused or whatever you want to say. Proof is there. Spew what you want but truth is truth. With those two accounts there is or was 15kkk plus resource. I sure didn't take it with me. actions speak louder than words...

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  • herr gonzo wrote:

    mah yeah i was making lame excuses wasn't I?

    fr in brain :dead:
    yes gonzo it would appear to.... YOur fleet was 5 ss from planet of mine. * or no * 5 ss is worth a gamble with duet sometimes for me. YOu are mistaken at best or like i said don't command the english language past a 5th grade level. YOu just trying to rationalize low game play. Keep coming hard with insults and accusations. THats the MO of a liar. But im sure you already know that.

    I Paid for every heart that I ever stole
    I paid my cause and I didn't fold
    Well it ain't that hard when you got soul (this is my world)
    Somewhere I heard that life is a test
    I been though the worst but still I give my best
    God made my mold different from the rest
    Then he broke that mold so I know I'm blessed (this is my world)
    Stand up now and face the sun
    Won't hide my tail or turn and run
    It's time to do what must be done
    Be a king when kingdom comes

  • rocky, i will prove you are lying atm

    but first you will need to login into your banned acc (you can do it now) so that ogniter updates, i can find your 8,9 mil jump that way :D

    or maybe this will help?

    New Top 10 Rocky[ESF] vs Digitalbullets TD : 9 G TP : 8G

    that was death angel's fleet, he gave his account away, prolly to you?

    looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    like I said, i am 14 years old boy, my english needs improvement :dead:

    edit: that lyrics is from what? Aloe black's song?

    No wonder i wanted to do a df save, your music's taste is junk :D

    Another edit: I actually don't care anymore lol, every your reply has much better arguments, i can't compete :headbanging:


    oh wait, but there's more, another edit :doofylook:

    I've been offerred about 20kkk worth of free res for my rebuild. So far ive turned it down. I

    yeah right, i doubt anyone offered you anything

    king rocky :airborn:

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  • use quotes dumb bass.... was I really on dessieX account during then hmmmm??? YOu think you have it all figured out. good luck you should really realize that in quantum. My name has been used by other players on purpose to through off who I was or what I was playing. At best your sounding really foolish and or our plain me and dessieX had tricked everyone. Ill admit i wasn't mastermind. I can't think that evil. I had already taken out miralay before. This was no different except i didn't have all the particulars or the mirlay plan. I did my part. Ask Jesus there was a point where I wasn't even playing in esf but i had a account there with my name. hehehehehehhe Only a few knew of our plan. WE had to keep underwraps cause of two faced people. Surely this isn't the first time you have heard other people posting for other people. How prophetic...

    you can tell everybody... you can't beat me. Your a waste. I have more integrity than your lows. I wouldn't sacrifice it with hits like that. I dont' have anything to prove. Anyone that cares knows an the people that don't look like fools to the rest of us in the uni. I treat men like men and kids like kids. The people that belong in my life come to me and stay. I dont' have to fight for them or impress them with back stabbing hits. Ive been offerred about 20kkk worth of free res for my rebuild. So far ive turned it down. I might have to prove a point. MY non chalant vmode style might take awhile.

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  • Quantum is filled with old hags like Garbonzo, Kurt, carobnjak and others.... all they do is spread rumors like, look at that guy he has a push account, omg look at that guy he is multing, oh and look at that guy he's buying accounts. You all are idiots for even entertaining such pathetic clowns.

    Venom, i've never doubted your judgment until today... Seriously? You disappointed me today with your comment. If you had half of Rocky's skills you would've been a top 10 player and no he never merged account nor did he get any pushes.

    Nobody bought any account... are you guys serious? lol, if you've got a printscreen showing that yes Rocky is paying for an account then i'll allow you to castrate me.

    This hit will be a memory for all us that pathetic clowns like solid and immature beings like garbonzo still exist. Welcome to the Hall of Shame.

    Don't let the game play you, instead of that Vmode fleetsave and play the game whenever you want.

    Arhangelo/Saw: u are too dangerous.. even while moon shoting

    Flops of the Century:

    RinTinuNinu Poor 20.543.567 -75.388.042
    Karma Closed 15.952.274 -61.024.373
    Venku Ordo Closed 36.238.268 -17.684.415

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