Out of Body Experience (OBE or OOBE)

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    • Out of Body Experience (OBE or OOBE)

      In last 2 years i had OBE 2 times and both times was VERY scary and both times i clearly remember that i was lucid dreaming before it occurred

      Basically definition of OBE is experience involving sense of floating out of body and in some cases perceiving physical body from outside.

      It is very weird that when it happens you actually can see your face,its common knowledge that you can't see your face in dreams even tho you never dream in first person

      Im interested how many of you experienced it and how was it?
    • I've never experienced this myself, but I think it would be interesting and Scary as you put it. I've also heard of this happening to other people and supposedly they were able to travel to other places. Interesting subject, would like to hear from others too.
    • Well in my case i was seeing myself from outside of my body, standing near bed and looking at my body at bed and i was able to see my face very unusual, then i "entered" my body again and saw trough my eyes again i was looking at lights at my router and was 100% sure i was awake i mean all felt normal till i tried to move or scream where i experienced complete paralysis for 5-10 seconds cant be accurate that was the scariest part, i looked away at my radio clock it was 5:29 am and for few secs i wanted to scream and call for help and i could't i closed my eyes and was praying like nuts xD eventually i regain control over my body and boy i was scared after that i turned on my laptop and goggled for 3-4 hours and found out that it was been experienced before i also was able to talk with some other people that had same experience or similar
    • I've had a few, though the most distinct one I had I was/wasn't floating.

      Woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. I sat up in my bed, pressed my hands to the edge and stood up. I stood up just fine, but when I went to take a step I fell flat; I literally just collapsed like I was paralyzed for a few seconds. I reached out for the chair near my bed and pulled myself up onto my feet, and when I tried to take another step I fell down again. I did this one more time before giving up on walking and just dragged myself to the bathroom. I remember leaning on the window to relieve myself, but I had to drag myself to the sink and back to my bed. When I got to the edge of my bed, I pulled myself up and froze up as I saw myself sleeping. I felt my heart slamming and I couldn't breathe or do anything, then I just collapsed on the floor and passed out. I woke up in my bed completely unrested.

      I tried explaining the whole ting to a couple mates, but they dismissed it as a fact that I was tired, my legs were numbed/asleep, and if it wasn't those two things I was definitely dreaming.

      The other experiences were not as mortifying because of the day light, but another one was when I was in college. I spent all night working on a paper, and it was about 8:30, and I just leaned against the wall and closed my eyes. I quickly found myself in my kitchen getting some water, and then just slammed the blue glass of water, intent on going to bed. I set the glass down on the counter for later and went back to my room, only to see myself leaning against the wall. I was perturbed, so I went outside thinking I was up far too long and needed fresh air. I went back inside and walked back to my room, but I wasn't leaning against the wall, but rather I was in bed. I remember waking up next, and feeling like crap, I went to the kitchen to make some food and saw the same blue glass resting on the counter top where I distinctly recalled setting it down.

      Honestly, as interesting as these are in retrospect, I don't like feeling intense fear from seeing myself where I shouldn't.

      Trouble wrote:

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      Doc Brown wrote:

      I have read several of your posts elsewhere over a number of years. I find your mental state to be disturbing and you probably need professional help.
      What you write in the spam section doesn't have much impact on the game as a whole ... But I don't like to see you attempting to influence normal players in universe 1.