Let us keep uni1 alive

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    • This post for GAME MANAGERS if they are hear or care about to keep people playing ;
      If you wont change the rules for miners or low people noone can stand againist this pro(!) peoples. In 2017 i wont stand againist bullies expecially in the game. If i wont sell my deut to them always loose right? Look what he says "i hope u are out of VM and i will BURN YOUR ACC". NOONE I REPEAT NOONE CAN PLAY THIS GAME IF THIS PEOPLE IN AROUND. YOU WILL BE KEEP LOOSING PLAYERS AND FINALLY NOONE ELSE WILL PLAY OGAME.
      A noobie miner still learning alot of things :shrug: :smug:
    • I dont have any defenses since 2006 on my account, if you are not profitable and dont leave stuff around you can survive easly.
      Also, you need to be organized and puntual in each way of you play. Stay there when you fleets land and when you pick up all your res to build some thing. Is not big deal manage that.
      I am not have any idea of who are this guys called assessins dudes, how ever will be nice give you a warm welcome when you comes to Uni1. To bad you didnt come in the first merge with that dudes of rfails.
    • @Farfetch

      There's a difference between a n00b and an beginner. That's all I have to say on that matter.


      Just as I said, all of this discussion to YoS is a waste of bites and bytes. The guy is loud, inexperienced and ultimately toothless, you can repeat all of the words you'd like but I think players would have more of a fulfilling experience if they spent more time trying to interact with real intellectuals and add to the discussion on "How To Keep Uni 1 Alive".

      Two pages of nonsense just because people can't stop talking about YoS. Pointless to bash him.

      Pointless to help him, either - I think everyone in the bloody board save Assassin has tried to explain to him how to defend his resources and play under pressure. There comes a point where you just have to look past it all.
    • lol i was drunk last night as usual. Then i came here to see somebody talks about.pls dont be give me warning again i wanna talk. You people check my signature i am noob i know it,but its not about that. If i came back to rigel assassins keep attacking to me not for profit,for sat bash and try to destory me. He is very brave and told this on this forum "i will burn your acc" even dont get warned begin thread people. I think i wont come back to rigel until merge. But you all people dont get what i really told.. its not about me its about regular game system.. players cant stand againist the assassin players...all leave becoz of this...
      A noobie miner still learning alot of things :shrug: :smug:
    • FarfetchD wrote:

      Are you really implying that he's still a beginner, despite him being playing for at least 2 years?

      I love that silly logic you guys have :rofl:

      I guess I'm the best beginner ever :whistling:
      You're pretty good, sure. The best? Not yet :P

      Has YoS ever had a HoF hit? If not, he's a beginner.

      I don't judge the skill and experience of people based off of time playing the game, I can understand why people can rely on that, but I also like to factor in feats and such.

      And regardless, the whole point of laying off YoS is that it's pointless to argue with someone who can be drunk and just drunk-post on the forums. Who in their right mind tries to argue with me when I'm on my 10th round?

      I suppose that's a no to the crystal :(
    • since he's a miner that probably has no combat ships, I seriously doubt he'll ever do one - or even if he intends to do it

      So with that silly logic.. he'll be a beginner forever?

      Anonymous Potato wrote:

      I'm sorry, we don't offer support for ogame anymore as the DPA prevents us
    • FarfetchD wrote:

      since he's a miner that probably has no combat ships, I seriously doubt he'll ever do one - or even if he intends to do it

      So with that silly logic.. he'll be a beginner forever?

      Just because you've used the internet for two years does not mean you are experienced in the internet.

      Just like how you can play a sport for 2 years and still be beginner-level.

      It's not silly logic, it's just different logic than the simple "time = skill-level" logic.
    • lol you are missing the point,its not just about fs or learn the game, i am playing dota2 if someone wants to see some skills i can send my acc number. Fs is way too hard for my lifestyle.also i dont wanna fs. Spend deut for the keep resources has no meaning for me even if this great idea. With 1x speed way too hard.and if your enemy attacks for 200k deut with his millions of points? There is no meaning to play. If i was the fleeter i chase bigger fishes not small miners lol.
      A noobie miner still learning alot of things :shrug: :smug:
    • Going back to the "Keeping Uni1 alive" topic which is the one on this thread:

      I think Uni1 will be having a steady player income through merges. Only problem might be the bunch of inactives taking the spots, but that can be solved the way it was solved before, by making an empty merging universe.

      I think OGame is as alive as it will ever be. We have to face the fact that this kind of game is not for everybody and that there will never be a bigger player base than there is now.

      Without Contraries is no progression