Pinned Support system guide

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  • 1. How to register an account?

    First you need to open support system:

    If you already have an account, you can skip this post. If you don't have, follow these instructions:

    This is main support system page. Please click on register.

    Choose nickname, email and password for your new support account. You don't have to use your ingame nick/email/password because support account is valid for every gameforge game. By submiting ticket, you will manually type your nick and choose right email (and add the ones you use for gameforge games).

    After you validated registration sent to your email, you are going to log in.

  • 2. How to add email?

    You are logged in to your support account now.

    You are using different email for your games/servers/universes? There is easy solution.

    Click on Manage email addresses.

    You have list of added email addresses. By clicking on -, you can remove each from your account.
    When you click Add email address, you will need to fill next spots:

    After typing your email and clicking on Submit, you will receive email for validation.

    You can submit your ticket now.
  • 3. How to submit a ticket?

    You have 3 options now to choose.

    Game - for game support
    Board - for board support
    Payment - for billing support (DM issues). You will be reddirected to billing support at:

    Whether you choose game or board support, you will have to submit your report. It should be similar depends of the subject.
    For this guide, you will choose game support.

    Choose server (Use Unknown if you have general question or your universe for specific question and help with your account. In that case you will receive faster answer on your question)
    • Use nickname of your ingame account
    • Choose email of your ingame account (email must match ingame account before you can get any support)
    • Choose proper subject
    • Fill out the form (you can see ticket example later on)
    • Add screenshot if needed (if you are reporting bug or problem ingame, please include screenshot)
    • Submit

    One example of Miscellaneous ticket looks like this.

    Your ticket now looks like this:

    When ticket is replied by staff, you will receive email with Key and Checksum which you can use to see your ticket without logging in.
  • 4. How to see old tickets?

    You can click on Ticket history if you want to see all tickets submited by your account.

    You can view this ticket any time in the Ticket history and reply to it if necessary. In order to do so, you either need an account in our support system or the data below:
    • Key
    • Checksum

    After that, ticket looks like this.

  • 5. Rating and Complaint

    To provide you the best support, support system allow you to rate answer you received and to get a higher ranked team member to handle your ticket.
    Please be fair by rating - do not rate bad if answer was good but you didn't like decision.

    You can rate reply you received.

    If you are not happy with reply or if you wait for extended period without reply, you can ask for next level to take over or you can press Complaint button.

    You can submit a complaint in following situations:
    1.) After receiving a reply
    2.) If you haven't received a reply for 2 days

    If you can't submit a complaint, please ask in next ticket reply for a next level to handle your request.
  • 6. Ticket examples

    Please note that we can not provide support if your support account doesn't have validated email you are using ingame.
    Please remember when submiting reports that we need relevant details to handle ticket.
    When submiting a ticket, fill out form on english, with simple explanation with all relevant details (include combat/harvest report).
    Also, don't worry about being in trouble for reporting - We don't share any data with other players.
    We can not give information about progress of scripting reports - Every account data is protected and can't be shared.
    Please do not send multiple tickets opened about same issue in one universe.

    NOTE: Always read rules first. Not knowing rules is not excuse. -> new-game-rules-valid-from-17-9-2012

    Account exchange
    • Account: Exchange
    • Accounts involved:
    • Emails of accounts:
    • When:

    Account exchange
    Icegirl, is exchanging accounts with Valent,
    Universe: Antares

    Account exchange: Account give away
    • Account: Give away
    • Account in question:
    • To:
    • Email of new owner:
    • When:
    Account give away
    I'm (Icegirl) giving away account to Valent in universe Antares
    My email is:, and her email is:

    Account sitting
    • Sitted account:
    • Sitter (universe):
    • When:
    • How long:
    • Why:
    Nickname of the account to be sitted: Icegirl, Antares
    Nickname of the person doing the sitting and the Server that he or she plays on: Zohar88, Antares
    Start time of sitting: 12.10., around 1pm server time
    Duration of the sitting: 1h
    Additional information: Placing account into V mode

    • Basher:
    • Number of attacks:
    • Time period (from first till last attack):
    • Coordinate attacked:
    • Planet/moon:
    Nickname of the account doing the bashing/obstructing: Icegirl

    List of the attack times:

    Additional information (if necessary):
    Player Icegirl attacked 7 times on my coordinate 3:333:3 moon

    Bug report
    • Affected account:
    • When does the bug appear:
    • Error message:
    • OS:
    • Browser:
    • Addons:
    • printscreen (if possible)
    Affected accounts/characters: Icegirl

    When does the bug appear?: When trying to recall my attack, i dont have button for recall

    It says: A previously unknown error has occured. Unfortunately your last action couldn't be executed.

    Detailed description of the problem:
    I'm using Windows 7
    browser: mozilla
    addons: no add ons

    Email activation problem
    • Affected account:
    • Email used:
    • Problem:
    Affected account: Icegirl
    Email used:
    Problem description: I didn't receive my activation email. Could you help me?

    IP Sharing
    • Accounts involved:
    • Reason for IP sharing:
    • How long:
    Nicknames of the people that are sharing this IP: Icegirl, Valent
    Reason for IP sharing: Valent is visiting me for a few days (approximately from 14.10.-18.10.)

    • Nicknames (pusher, pushed):
    • Detailed description of what happened:
    Nicknames (pusher, pushed): Icegirl, Valent

    Detailed description of what happened: Icegirl sent me 500.000M and 400.000C from 1:11:11 to 3:33:3 without reason.

    I returned resources to Icegirl. Can you please make a note?

    Report hackers/bots/scripts
    • Account in question
    • Reason for suspecting hacker/bot/script:

    MS Attempt - Miscellaneous
    • MS: exchange/give/receive
    • Attacker:
    • Defender:
    • Fleet:
    • Wave/s:
    • MS coordinate/s:
    • Who harvest:
    • Who keeps DF:
    Player Valent and I (Icegirl) will be exchanging moonshots.
    coordinates: Valent (1:13:3), Icegirl (3:33:3)
    5 waves of 1667 LF
    Picking up own DF

    I will update you when we are done

    Recycling help - Miscellaneous
    • Helper:
    • Why:
    • DF coordinate:
    • Resources:
    • Does helper receiving a payment:
      *Please include combat report and harvest report
    Player Valent recycling DF from coordinate 3:60:2, after my hit vs Zohar88
    DF: 7.000.000M, 5.000.000C
    Combat report
    Recyclers harvest:

    I allowed Valent to keep 1.000.000M of harvested resources

    ACS split
    • Attackers involved:
    • Coordinate of hit:
    • Date and time of hit:
    • Who harvested, how much:
    • Profit share:
      *Please include combat report and harvest report

    For more information about ACS split tickets, check below:
    How to make ACS split tickets?