Good times

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  • All the trolls will be happy :P

    It has been pretty obvious lately that I hardly have any time left for the boards. The reason is now 65 cm long, weighs around 6 kilo and keeps me occupied all day (luckily not at night). My daughter is the best reason to leave, an exhausting but cute and great reason indeed. I had always wanted children, and she is the light of my life now.

    This year has been quite strange, from the deepest low of my father's death to the birth of my daughter - the most extreme year ever.

    I would stay if it was possible, but my baby needs my whole attention, and the little time I have for myself I don't really want to spend with the board admin stuff, although I like doing it still.

    No hidden reason or anything here, only a wonderful little girl I have to take care for the rest of my life :D

    Enjoy your stay here guys and gals, I will be forgotten one day, but I left a lot here :) See ya ^^
    Gone as BA.

    Thank you ruby_kirby, you are a true artist. :)
    Be head to serve, not to reign(Bernard von Clairvaux)
  • I knew this was coming, but still hard to see.
    you've played an integral part of the .orgy over the past 10 years, it won't be the same without you about hun, But it will be a long time before .org can forget you and everything you've done.

    I look forward to seeing, and hearing how your little one grows up :)
    All the best my dear

    The sky is not the limit it is only the genesis of dreams.
  • Thank you very much for everything you have done.
    A little one takes a lot of time indeed and i wish you many happy rl times.

    Well, she has a mother who can teach her play ogame real soon. :biggrin:
    So i say goodbye just for now and hope to see you both here one day!

    Al the best!
    All for one , and one for all!
  • You were the for the past 10 years. It'll be hard let you go but family is the most important thing in our lives. Cass, thanks for all the chats on IRC, have good luck in real life. Hopefully you'll come over every now and then with some cute pictures!! :D

    I'm afraid of everyone.

    Ex- Board Administrator, not anymore though, so don't bother me :crazy:
  • Thanks all :)

    Yep IMNVS - First my Dad, then pregnancy, and now she is 3 months - I didn't even get around making a goodbye thread. I have been here a lot, but more internally. That is not though how I define BAing ;)
    Gone as BA.

    Thank you ruby_kirby, you are a true artist. :)
    Be head to serve, not to reign(Bernard von Clairvaux)
  • Good luck in all that you do, Mama Cass.
    You're definitely the Heart of and I've always appreciated how level-headed, professional yet warmly human you've been to all the players here, including myself (even when getting told off, haha).

    You'll be missed greatly by everyone here.
    RL > Ocrack (as they say), though.

  • well i kinda thought this would happen
    im really happy cuz of the reason youre leaving
    thanks for all the help during the past 5 years
    you made this board a better place

    wish you and the small one all the best ^^

    'Stalno u kafani..ja sam nesto poput sanka'

    'Zaboravljamo heroje i junake,pamtimo samo loše likove'

  • Congratulations Cassandra :)

    Enjoy RL and thank you for your efforts towards the game :)
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  • I have no words to say , is a sweet bitter sentiment: I'm happy for your daughter and i really wish the best for you and your family , in the same time I feel sad for losing you as BA, the best i have ever encountered and the admin model I had all the time I have been in this team.

    You have the only reason for leaving that I can't argue against.

    You left a permanent mark on this community and I really think that it was you that made .org the really worldwide OGame community by setting fair standards for players and efficient team managing model. You may not bee here but your work will stay and the people you helped become better will always remember you, me included.
  • I know we didn't talk in a while, but still I somehow had a feeling your
    Goodbye from this game and the staff was soon to come now that
    your daughter has been born. :)
    Probably the best thing I read about in a long while on this board. :p
    It is a real shame for the ogame community to see you leaving,
    you've always been one of the most friendly, helping and funniest persons
    on here. ;)
    I wish you all the best for your life and family.

    Hoping to talk to you at some point again,

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  • Ever since I've joined the forum you were a true heart and a pillar of the community, I have always enjoyed hearing from you, read your posts or when you whipped me on general chat of our OGN IRC Network....

    I was looking forward to work with you, but I think I had somewhat looked up to you as a role model, and that you had personally, by your posts and your presence and attitude and your personality affected my change to a postive way..

    I am sad to hear you leave just as I had joined the team, but Real Life (That mythical place that nobody believes in these days) comes first, and now with you being a mother it's the GREATEST ROLE a women can ever be in....

    I wish good luck for you and your little family, and that you drop by here and there to atleast say hi in the Spam Planet, IRC or in PM to keep us update with your life and ofc, with the adorable piccies of your baby gurl :gamer:

    Stay strong Cass.. I'm gonna miss you a lot :love:

    Take care and "break a leg" xoxo

  • Well, never thought I'd see you leave Cass.
    Sorry to here about your father.
    But congratz on the daughter!
    Best of wishes for you and the family :)
    And remember, ogame's heart will never be forgotten ;)
    May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face... And may the wings of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars... Boston George