Diplomacy Rules

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  • Diplomacy Rules

    Diplomacy Rules

    This section is designed to help players communicate in a diplomatic environment. As such, moderators of this section are keen to being more stringent on enforcing the rules. The main aspects of this section are declaring war, ending war, diplomatic discussions between alliances, and alliance introductions. Universe discussions are typically taken to the Universe Discussion section now. Personal attacks on people and alliances of certain nationalities, races, religions, etc, will not be tolerated.

    Due to the fact that moderators are here as diplomatic liaisons, they have the right and power to judge each post and decide which deserves warnings and which do not. They have the right to close any thread under their discretion, given that they provide reason for it being closed. If you need further reason, feel free to PM the moderator that closed the thread. The moderators are here to help the users maintain a diplomatic environment and help to improve the user’s gaming experience.

    What is a war?

    - A war is when two or more alliances engage in hostile actions against each another to decide who is the strongest.
    - When a war is declared it begins immediately (unless a limited duration war - see below) and 12 hours later the bashing rule is lifted meaning players no longer need to limit their attacks to 6/planet/day.
    - Only when the "CRs only thread" is closed will the bashing rule be re-instated.
    - Closure of the CRs only thread officially ends the conflict.

    There are two war formats that can be followed. One is a regular war where the end is decided by parameters outlined below, and one is a war of limited duration, where the parameters are set by the two or more alliance leaders at war. This can include wars to a set number of points, for a set amount of time, to a certain amount of total damage losses, etc.

    How to declare a war:

    To properly declare a war the thread must have the title “[declaring player/alliance] vs. [alliance/alliances]”.

    War can be declared on multiple alliances, but not by multiple alliances.
    If allied alliances want to declare a war on an alliance they must create separate threads.

    Be advised An alliance is only allowed to declare war against ten other alliances (wings are considered an alliance). This can be done via ten different war declaration threads, one declaration thread against ten alliances, or any mix thereof that adds up to a total of ten wars. This only applies to alliances declaring war. This does not limit the number of wars an alliance can be involved in. For instance, you can have twenty alliances declare war on a single alliance (this does not effect the quota of the single alliance). Each war must have it's own "CRs Only" thread.

    A single player may declare war but only if they do not have an alliance. If they are in a single person alliance, it must be disbanded before the war starts.

    Neither an alliance nor a single player can declare on a single player
    (even if that player has an alliance of which he/she is the only member).

    There are two threads allowed for each war: the declaration thread and one combat report (CR) only thread. The CRs only thread is for combat reports only and any posts on this thread that do not have a CR will receive a spam warning.
    All CRs must follow the Combat Report Rules and should be converted using CR Converters or similar.

    • There are two war formats that can be followed:

    • One is tagged as a "Standard War" with no terms, conditions or limits

    This type of war will be valid even without the acknowledgment or agreement of the opponent(s)
    This war starts on declaration and the bashing rule is lifted 12 hours later.

    A standard war will end when either side disbands, changes name or the leaders agree to end it.
    It will also end if the "CRs only" thread goes inactive (no posts for 14 days).

    • The other type is a war is tagged as "Limited Duration" (Contest Wars follow the same rules)

    This type needs agreement with all alliances involved before it can officially begin and a "CRs only" thread opened.
    If you declare and no agreement can be reached you will need to re-declare using the "Standard War" format.
    This war starts at an agreed time with the bashing rule lifted 12 hours later.
    In this war the ending conditions are set by all of the alliance leaders involved.
    Terms can include a set number of points, a set amount of time, to a certain amount of total damage losses, etc.

    This type of war ends when the agreed time limit, damage limit or whatever agreed conditions are met.
    It can also end if either side disbands, changes name or the leaders agree to end it.
    This type of war will also end if the CRs only thread goes inactive (no posts for 14 days).

    Any war not following these guidelines will be invalid.

    • Further Guidelines

    • Only members of the warring alliances may post in a "CRs only" thread. Headhunts are the only exception.
    • Headhunts by non alliance members are valid war hits if posted in the headhunt section and follow the rules of that section (unless otherwise stated in "Limited War" terms)
    • Please note that wars can NOT consist of Headhunt hits only. It must include hits made from the declaring alliances as well, otherwise the war will be invalidated.
    • They may be posted in the "CRs only" thread if it's stated that the hit was a headhunt and it was made by a non alliance member.
    • Espionage attacks and attacks where there is no resource captured and neither attacker nor defender suffered any losses are not valid and will be warned as spam.
    • IPM (interplanetary missile) attacks are allowed in CRs only threads (unless ruled out in a "Limited Duration" war conditions).
    • Links to combat reports are allowed, but not encouraged.
    • Wars cannot be declared in new universes until the opening of their universe section.
    • For a war to be valid, it must be in this section. Archived war threads (Declaration and CRs only thread) are no longer valid.


    To summarize, what is posted in this section

    Diplomacy Section

    • War declarations between alliances
    • Ending wars
    • Problems between alliances

    Summary updated. The Atheist
    Edit. Section rules divided. The Atheist

    Name changes in "Limited War" standardised with "Standard War". The Atheist

    Minor change to thread closure ending a war; changed from War thread to CRs only thread - Lynbo 11th Feb 2011
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