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    • Food for Thought

      to the mods i wasn sure where this should go so i put it in here to cause no harm. if it belongs in General or somewhere else feel free to move it :)

      In the grand scale of the Ogame universe im a nobody. i have been on and off Ogame since just before the re-design but have never bought much DM and never got very high in the game. so in terms of how the game works i could be classed as a novice. i have always had one question on my mind though. something i would like a Game Op to answer of even GF itself.

      my question is a simple one. in all the time i have played i have seen a number of features put in and the re-design but never what the users want. like why havnt yee put in a new ship or defences to balance out the game(more so then it already is) i know there are plenty of things that they have added over time that has probably spawned from user input but for as long as i have remembered not new buildings/research/ship/defence has been added. you havnt even done much in terms of altering how the current buildings/research/ship/defence works.

      so why not?

    • Thank you for bringing that up it made me do a bit more in terms of research ill admit. one thing I have found (and too the best of my knowledge ) most, if not all ,of these examples where added before or with the re-design??? the re-design happened just before Andromeda with Uni 42 I believe? that was uni 42 was released 2009-04-02.

      my second with ogame account was on Andromeda (Banned because i was in an internet café with friends and one of them spyed on me didnt declare we where in the, broke my heart :D) and all of this stuff was in there to the best of my knowldge. the release date for Andromeda was 2009-08-04 meaning if you take this as the base line the game hasnt had a new building/research/ship/defence in just over 5 years and 9 months.

      dont get me wrong i understand that they are working on the mechanics of the game(and the app) and getting that right. since the last time i played the game they have added circular universes which i like aswell but the user has been screaming out for something different and they havnt been listening???
    • History of OGame?
      ^A good thread to take a look upon.
      But yes you are right. As time has moved on, GF's attitude has moved away from hearing what the players want to what the players think about what GF want (and then ignore that and do it anyway). RD was the ultimate game changer and proof of this.
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    • bibob wrote:

      Guess you haven't been around long enough to see such stuff being added.

      In the beginning the game had no:

      • deathsstars
      • bombers
      • battlecruisers
      • moons (+ moonbuildings) i think
      • intergalactic research network
      • ACS
      and probably more stuff i can't recall right now.

      I remember it without all of them apart from moons. Not sure about about the bombers mind you
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