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    • Live Laugh and Love Life

      This is a hard thread to make as I have really loved being part of this community and that makes it hard to walk away. However, I've been barely active recently and I need to step away and give someone else the yellow hammer. I'll soon be stepping down as Board Moderator.

      I joined the team a year before my Daughter was born, she's now 5. My older son was a baby when I first started playing this game in uni32, he's now 9. My kids take up more of my time, and the new dog, and I'm also an Assistant Beaver Scout Leader... so I fill my time. In those early Mod days I had Atheist as my SMod and was put into Uni35. I used to read every single post made in uni35 and I got to know the uni35 characters quite well... some of them even became good Moderators as time passed. I got H&Q too at one point and happily helped answer all the questions going in there. I've seen many fun characters come and go from the board, even a few losses due to deaths in RL which is an awful thing. The board used to be more busy, but that is inevitable with an online game... eventually people move on to something else.

      I'm not going to shout out to everyone I know from this board, that would take too long. However, I do have special memories from my time in Uni32. One system across from me was a strong player called IssacAsimov... he tried to steal from my stores a couple of times and monitored my fleet under his lanx. Fortunately when he did get me, I was a bit cheeky with my pm but in a "it's a fair cop, well done" kind of fashion and so began the start of a little friendship, an attempt to ACS trap one of Ike's arch rivals and eventually led to me joining the infamous "Knuck". I enjoyed those crazy people in Knuck who really didn't take things too seriously and enjoyed a bit of banter, along with an occasional "manpile". The game eventually took too much of my time and so I went into Vmode and just continued as a Moderator. I realise that friendship with Ike was a pivotal moment in my time here... if I had not made a few jokes with him then I may have simply been bashed out of the game years ago.

      If you ever see the name "Lynbo" in another game, wonder if it's me.. it may well be (I'm playing clash of clans, War Thunder, still occasionally play Joint Operations....and strangley addicted to my daughter's Lego Minifigure online under the guise of BuzzBoomBunny)

      It's only a game
      Retired Board Admin
      Massive hugs to Noble Six for my new pink Avy
    • i remember when i first joined this board and uni 35
      you were the one to warn me due to my long language haha
      you were also one of few who kept the board active
      with all those records updates across the unis and stuff like that
      thank you for that!

      i guess this is the same when Cass left..a part of the board just died

      nonetheless..i wish you all the best in RL
      take care of the family and swing the mod hammer if needed :D
      tho i still hope to see you here from time to time
      enjoy :beer:

      'Stalno u kafani..ja sam nesto poput sanka'

      'Zaboravljamo heroje i junake,pamtimo samo loše likove'

    • I know you've been busy with RL for quite a while, still sad to see another big part of .orgs history stepping down.
      Thanks for everything you've done for the community, we won't forget you!

      Don't be a stranger, you know where to reach me if you want to catch up any time!


      The sky is not the limit it is only the genesis of dreams.
    • Tis a sad say never talked to ya but iv seen your name in plenty of places and you have been around forever in terms of ogame.

      I wish you the best and enjoy life ocrack free.

      Whats a beaver scout?

      Thank you KAG

      advanced: 16
      top 10 hits: 2
    • sad to see you go
      never talked with ya personally, but seemd like a fine person and moderator
      some oldies still around luckily haha
      have fun in RL
      Uni 24
      324 HoFs (78 Advanceds & 10 Top Tens)

      Stoped counting too long ago :beer:
    • Thanks..

      Cass was the Heart of OGame, bibob is the Soul.... I was kinda like hair, I grew on you after a while and then as time went by you noticed me less and less until I was gone completely... lol

      I'm sure someone else will take over behind the scenes cleaning accounts, purging warning bugs and poking profiles to free gremlins.

      It's only a game
      Retired Board Admin
      Massive hugs to Noble Six for my new pink Avy
    • *pops in from the realms of real life*

      I guess I am the one least surprised - I have been expecting this for a while...

      Lynn, thanks for everything, we shared a lot of unique stuff and we were team mates for a long time. Enjoy your family, enjoy your real life and when you are older, look back with a smile having fond memories.

      I remember when you announced your pregnancy a few years ago, and I remember making you climb the ranks until you were Board Admin. I hope you enjoyed the task I bestowed upon you :P


      Poke me every now and then at other means of communication dear :)
      Gone as BA.

      Thank you ruby_kirby, you are a true artist. :)
      Be head to serve, not to reign(Bernard von Clairvaux)