Nearly 10 years.

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    • Nearly 10 years.

      Well, I was gonna retire in a few days, but life had other plans. Family is in the hospital and I wouldn't be able to keep up with my accounts after I leave to go visit them tomorrow... So, today it is, I suppose.

      I think only a few of you even vaguely know or remember me, but It's been nearly ten years since I started this addiction many servers ago. I'll probably have some anxiety over not checking on my fleet, but I guess I have bigger issues than that currently.

      Anyway, it's been quite a ride.

      I've wrecked and been wrecked - Gamestats flop of the day a couple times, built and rebuilt, lead a few alliances - more often than not, and enjoyed the company of my alliance mates.

      So, all I can really say is thanks for a good 10 years and all of you keep your fleets safe.

    • keep safe and pop in from time to time to say hello . take good care of the family we only get one that grows with us. so make the most of your free time. and take lots of pic.s to have the memories.

      I'm not pretty I'm not graceful I am the inevitable fact of truth.there is no unwinnable situation.
    • GLIRL ,i think i crashed you once in electra but every time i look at your turtle now ,it seems bigger :( but you play the game and dont get profitable enough to go for so good play on your part .Hope everything goes ok with the family.

      and :bday: on your tenth