Nearly 10 years.

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    • Nearly 10 years.

      Well, I was gonna retire in a few days, but life had other plans. Family is in the hospital and I wouldn't be able to keep up with my accounts after I leave to go visit them tomorrow... So, today it is, I suppose.

      I think only a few of you even vaguely know or remember me, but It's been nearly ten years since I started this addiction many servers ago. I'll probably have some anxiety over not checking on my fleet, but I guess I have bigger issues than that currently.

      Anyway, it's been quite a ride.

      I've wrecked and been wrecked - Gamestats flop of the day a couple times, built and rebuilt, lead a few alliances - more often than not, and enjoyed the company of my alliance mates.

      So, all I can really say is thanks for a good 10 years and all of you keep your fleets safe.

    • GLIRL ,i think i crashed you once in electra but every time i look at your turtle now ,it seems bigger :( but you play the game and dont get profitable enough to go for so good play on your part .Hope everything goes ok with the family.

      and :bday: on your tenth