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  • Themes:

    1. Music - S.o.t.w. #4
    2. Typography
    3. Sports - S.o.t.w. #6
    4. Animals
    5. Anime - S.o.t.w. #2
    6. Movies
    7. Complementary Colours
    8. Black and White
    9. Dragons - S.o.t.w. 5
    10. League of Legends
    11. Render Restrictions
    12. Smudge
    13. Abstract
    14. Seasons
    15. Video Games
    16. Elements
    17. Game Forge games - S.o.t.w. #1
    18. Violence
    19. Horror - S.o.t.w. #7
    20. Technology
    21. Space
    22. Vertical (Only vertical tags aloud, no horizontal ---- ones that everyone does)
    23. Nature (Includes more than seasons does. Could be weather, landscapes, trees etc)
    24. Food
    25. Phobias
    26. Superheros & Villains
    27. Role Models
    28. War
    29. Vector
    30. Brands (Pepsi, Coke, Nike, Dell, etc)
    31. Supernatural/Mythical
    32. TV Shows

    If you have more themes for SOTW's , feel free to post it.

  • Blackmass wrote:

    33. music

    It was already in SOTW #4 (1.Music).

    Frantoz wrote:

    will the competition be listed on monday with the backgrounds to use?

    I have some amazing ideas all ready

    or is it a free use what background you like week?

    new to all this,


    Next SOTW will be after Christmas logo competition is finished.
    That means, S.O.T.W. #8 will be on 21/12/2015 - theme for that Sotw will be ... hmm... you will see. :tongue3:

    Best regards,


    I am really really super excite, you can not believe. I will practise practise practise ready for this.

    I tried to find the discussion thread but link only takes me to the image so posting here. Hope this is okay :)

    I would also like to see a '70s themed week. I have a wonderful old carpet to use as the background image.

  • I think it is unfair if the judges set the concept for a competition based on the preference of a competitor.

    I will go with any theme you guys set - I have the imagination, skills and determination to win this week after week without asking for a pre set theme


    Not Allowed. Now what did you want to ask?
  • shole (I'm sure he's not one, he's a nice guy who invented anti-game) asked for suggestions for theme, I just want a chance to show off some nice patterns in my work.

    If you have any good suggestions please feel free to suggest and you may be so lucky for it to be chosen. I see it as the perfect medium to display artistic talent on a weekly basis; with the added enjoyment of friendly competition. It will bring us closer as a community and develop us into, I believe, better people

  • Frantoz wrote:

    I think it is unfair if the judges set the concept for a competition based on the preference of a competitor.
    Frantoz & Diggle, please read voting rules. >>click<<

    Just for clarification:

    Your work which you done for sotw you send to me on private message and i post it in voting thread.
    On that way nobody except me knows who made that work...sure i don't vote, i just count votes and announce a winner nothing more.

  • Then I will make some suggestions

    A specific sports category, so name the sport each week. Like this weeks sport sotw is 'golf' etc

    collectors corner, sotw for people that collect stuff, like stamps

    campanologists sotw for all those who love bell ringing,

    wow week would i think be a huge success, the art forms available especially the fire kitty model are amazing

    now its free, SWTOR would be a good SOTW theme, open to all

    rather than the quite wide category of 'music' it could be a decade related theme along Diggle's 70s request, only for say 70s disco, 80s electronica, 90s acid based Manchester stuff




    Gin Rummy or a wider selection of card games

    all Waddingtons board games, as long as there are no copyright issues, Cluedo would be my favourite

    sea creatures



    I have many more , i am full of ideas me

    so cant wait for the next competition to start :)

    <3 Love

    Not Allowed. Now what did you want to ask?
  • I would also like to see the option for a taxidermy theme, I have many ideas how this would make an excellent option.

    Some more of my favourite topics:

    1. Fire Engines
    2. Mr Blobby
    3. The Bill (the best tv show known to man)
    4. Tapestry
    5. Birds of Britain (I have en excellent photo of a Dartford Warbler I'd like to use)

  • yay guis

    i with Diggles hear, where is the new comp?

    I r try me bestest to comply with rules an help out peeps, need comps to get the creation started

    really hyped, maybe i drink too much coffee...


    cant wait :D

    Much love

    Not Allowed. Now what did you want to ask?
  • love a good competition, cant wait to see the applicants entries

    hope the concept will be a good one, always like MR blobby personally lol

    tho i did think this was due to start on the 21st yet i see no announcement? :(

    mr pepe looking forward to battling sigs with ya