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  • Look if you cant spell my name right and you insist on useing none English you will be warned

    and ban from the boards both of you this is your warning Diggle Frantoz

    EDIT Please use proper english shakespearian english is fine but the gibberish type of english that isa mash up of none english words is not ok you two

    i dont want to see you warned or ban from the boards.
  • Blackmass wrote:

    Look if you cant spell my name right and you insist on useing none English you will be warned

    and ban from the boards both of you this is your warning Diggle Frantoz

    mR blAcKmAsS pLeAsE exPLaiN wHiCh PaRt oF My MeSsAgE wAs nOt uSiNg EngLiSh?
    Is iT sHAkSpEarE wItH wHIcH yUo nOW hAvE aN iSsUe oR jUsT Me?

    aNYhOw, eXcItEd aT ThE PrOsPeCt oF nEXt WeEkS aRT ComPeTiTiOn. HoPeFul THaT tHe mOdErAtOrS wIlL nOt CeNsOr mY EnTrY tHiS wEEk sImPlY bEcAuSe tHeY dO nOt sEe tHe rEfErEnCe iN tHe aRT wOrk. i WiLL tRy tO MaKe mY eNtRy siMpLe aNd eAsY tO fOlloW

    nO lOvE lEfT
  • Hey Mr Shole,

    I have comes across a rules issue wish i need to ask you about an mebee change

    it is voter rule 5

    • Do not vote for yourself.

    efery week I will enter as i love yur compertishun butt when like this week just gone there is only 2 entrances it will be obvious to them what are interested and follow such art competitiony that as i cant vote for me i have to vote for other person and then all the haters will no who is my entrance and not vote on me

    i no you make rule to vote on urself no longer comulsionary but mebee look to removal the not vote yourselves?

    ofc its you're compytishun and you decides whuts bestest

    love you
  • I am sure whatever I suggest it would be declined.

    lets just stay with the situation where I play every week along with Blackmash and we don't vote for each other.

    maybe mix it up a bit and sometimes do not make me the same #number every week.............
  • Dude, the rule is fine. If you make something yourself and vote for it, everyone who made something would then also vote for themselves, which would just cause a pointless +1 upvote for each post. There's no point in that. Besides, you don't have to vote at all, even if you took part in the competition, so I'm not exactly sure what's your argument here. Now please, stop thinking everyone is against you.

    You did *not* just call me chubby!
  • I dont think it I know it.

    I am making a suggestion is all. Changing the rule does not meen that I will always vote for myself, I have enough integrity to vote for what I think is the bestest entryance.

    Changing the rule just meens that when as usual it is only me and Mr Blackmash I can vote and it is not as obv who is who.

    Mr Shole already put no, but thanks for your follow up

  • Well, very excited , it is Tuesday and so i can only think the SOTW this week will be very very special when it gets posted :O

    Three entryances into #SOTW Black n whites, so the comytision is finally picking up speed, hopes for more entryances this weeks.

    Cant wait to see who the winner of Black and White was :O

    woot woot love the art section <3


    Peas n Lurve

  • Well, the #SOTW 12 winners finally announced. I am rather shocked that I was not awarded outright winnings, as 2 out of the 3 votes cast were posted illegally in the wrong thread and then moved by a board admin, the votes were not posted by the voters in the correct thread.

    Maybe new SOTW will be more fairly done.

    This is the right place for this post?