Farewell From Saladin

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    • Farewell From Saladin

      Hi lovely people of Ganimed,

      It is time for me to say GoodBye to you all. Some hates me, some loves me, but I would like to present my apologies to all I was agressive and rude, normally I am very sweet guy :p

      I am really really sad to leave my alliance MASTERS and its very nice and good players but I know they all will be ok in their battles without this miner noob :D

      I wish you every one of you best in both game and real life,


    • Gotta say its been a hell of a ride mate, one day enemies,next day friends,next day enemies...still like you though :D
      Thanks for all the help you gave me when i needed it , never forgot about that
      I wish you all the best in your new job,one has to focus on his priorities and this is just a game after all
      See you around on skype, or in Istanbul when i come for that nargile

      Uni 4.org
      Uni 32.org
      Uni 35.org
      Total Hofs In OGame.org :+300

      ~Over n Out~

    • Sorry to see you go Sal, I hope you give a nudge when time and RL permits it on Skype.

      We had our ups and downs for sure, made a few fun moves in the early days and had a few less fun exchanges later. When all is said and done, the game is a game, and the life beyond it is so much more important.

      Good luck with everything, maybe one day you will be able to return. :)

      "There isn't much that I feel I'd need/ A solid soul and the blood I bleed"