Space Diarrhoea - Land of the fallen Empires. [Cryptic]

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    • Space Diarrhoea - Land of the fallen Empires. [Cryptic]

      'If the eyes are the windows of the soul and grief is the door, as long as it's closed it will remain the barrier between known and unknown. Walk away from it and it shall forever remain closed, but open it and walk through it and pain becomes truth.' - a fat kid on Twitter.

      Long-lasting bonds. That's what we're all seeking, through the thrill of life, death, drugs and sobriety. A deep, uncanny feeling of continuity, reason and utmost certain purpose for our lives, for ourselves. A surging light in a sea of shadows, burning bright much as our will, lack thereof we seek the spark to set fire, our inner fire. Hidden inside the innermost recesses of our soul resides darkness, hatred, anger, in this symphony of life we so adore, to the point of turning our stomachs inside out. Blindsided by rage, in an almost obsessive manner the human race basks in its own stupendous ignorance, continuing on its Xenophobic war against their own self-righteous values in a true hypocritical manner, uncharacteristic of other life forms.

      Ever since dictatorship has been cast upon the vast population of Mistanthropyca values and rights became obsolete, shattering the illusion of freedom and choice -that castle of glass we so desperately seek to defend and hide in- with one certain swing of its cobalt blade named fate. Obliterating the will of the population, a spark set ablaze the will of their leader to set new heights, beyond his reach, no longer shackled by ideologies, dogmas and reason a new age arose. An age of prosperity unlike any other.

      To his surprise he wasn't the only one touched by the enlightening idea of progress, many were like him. In his heart he always knew this day would come, where evolution meets hostility. After the first few nights in which he slept drenched in his own urine, in a pit digged just for him by his assailants he swore to conquer all in his reach and bring them all under his rightful demesne. And sure as the wheel turns, he got his chance to start over with the scraps of stollen intelligence his spies gathered for him.
    • Chapter 1: April rain.

      The first of April finds me once more in the same place, regardless where I look around I see nothing but tombstones and the grey sky, always a grey sky when I'm here... grief is withering my aching heart, waves of misfortune coordinate with the droplets of rain, it's pouring. All that is within me burning, anger I so wish to anguish, rage I so wish to vanquish mixes with my galvanized tears and burns my face as they roll off it. I don't wipe them anymore, I don't try to hide, for this is the only moment in my life I don't lie to myself... the first of April. I let them fall on the ground, as my own conceptions also do, for in my soul whenever they reach the granite structure -where my loved ones are buried underneath- they set afire all that I stand for. But today is different, for my tears are washing away the rain from the sanded surface, more abundant than the raging storm above me.
      'Who am I?' I wonder out-loud, as the storms booming thunder replies I stand there like a child, snot dripping from my nose. For today as nostalgia fills me to the brim with sadness and sorrow I remember... I watched him wither into a skeleton in front of me, my 6 foot tall 200 pound best friend, shitting and pissing himself, crying for mommy and drooling all over his bed sheets... his last breath was mercy.
      'Moussaieff, how are you holding out?' asked I, the person forsaken by both Deity and life.

      'The pain...' replied he, gasping for air, as if he was drowning.
      'How worse?'
      'Bad... unbearable, but that's not the worst thing, it's not about that or losing my life, my loved ones, my future and dreams... set to ashes, the worst part of it is losing my...' closes his eyes and salivates profusely on the pillow.
      '... dignity.' completed I, noticing that the medicine helped him finally pass out.
      A roar of rage, unexpected by both me and the unsettled animals and souls patrolling the cemetery, the hurricane in me shouting, screaming, thundering at the pale of wind that set afoot this holy place to calm down. Grinding my teeth the only thing I notice is a surreal ray of sunshine piercing through the grey heaven, as even nature shows pity for my wrath.
      'I'd tell you it gets easier, it doesn't, don't you know?' said a voice making me turn around. 'You're not watching it... digging the hole deeper.'
      'How pitiful you are.' replied I to the lonely soul behind me, wiping my face.
      'I'm sure it's just the rain.' said the graveyard digger, continuing his work, ignoring my lost gaze. I walk away, and upon exiting the cemetery I look at the sky once more. 'Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.' I repeat over and over as I glance at the horizon and go on my way, torn to pieces by this chimera of emotion I indulged upon as I started lying to myself once again.

      END OF PART 1.