Hyperion is Dead

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    • Hyperion is Dead

      After few months, Hyperion is now dead.

      Less than 1000 players! 50% are inactives and 20-30% are vacation modes.

      And now what?? Is there a merger? Are you going to let it die? What are the solutions?

      We know that Night_Assassin dominated this universe and maybe responsible for many of those v-mode players, but is this what ogame has become? Few months and it's over?

      Many players are now wondering what will happen and we need a reply.

      PS: there was a 15% cashback event that you still didn't send us back!! Last time you said it was fixed and that our names enteres the list and we shall receive them soon. But it's been more than 10 days I think.
      Dear Ogame,

      I am an old player with over 9 years of experience. I came back after a 5 year retirement from the game to start once again with real life friends. We started in Hyperion 2 months after it started. Today there is less than 1 k players in it, 30 to 40 % are in V mode and another 10-20% are inactives being deleted (holidays doesnt make 30-40% inactive). DM was new to me in this universe and i've climbed straight in to the top 5. Why would i or my friends even consider playing a new universe if you cant even maintain this one? I understand not every1 spends $ on DM, but we did to enjoy the game a little more and to be able to compete for the top ranks against other DM users. If this uni isnt revived or merged with another uni , be sure this will sadly be my last ogame experience. I believe that doesnt go for me only, it goes for many others who feel the same way. This was a 2x speed uni only, it wasnt 3 x or 5 x speed.. I believe it was fairly excellent, not too slow nor too fast just right. Is there any way for us to find a solution?

      P.S : me and my friends submitted tickets over a month ago about a 15% DM cash back. The reply i got was, you will receive it shortly over a month ago due to a bug. You made other DM cash back events and still we have not gotten back what is rightfully ours... I hope serious actions will be taken in a quickly fashionable manner. If not there are other ways to have it solved ;)
    • well i agree with you my friend, and all what he said , is true, we are all old UNI's players , and we came back to have fun together as real life friends, and after investing some $ in this UNI , seems it is dead, we wish to have a solution for this UNI , due to the fact rare people are online, and mainly top 100 only , else either V mode or in actives, kindly note that we need a reply if there will be a merge with other UNI , and be sure we can handle them even if they are bigger than us ,
    • Yaa i know what you mean. I came back to ogame after nearly 5 years and decided to join Hyperion as it was only 2 months old and had 60% df + x2 speed, which in the old days would make it a very popular server....needless to say i was very disappointed when I joined and say the player count.

      In my opinion its got to do with this terrible version of ogame we have been given to play with, gameforge have been taking backwards steps for years now.... Between all these new DM features , the redesign , this new message system , the introduction of planet relocations and insta building it has pushed so so many players away. Hell even navigating between pages is so slow these days, seconds used to matter alot in this game but with each version it seems gameforge has slowed down the flow.
      As a UX/UI designer I cant wrap my head around there design choices, why on earth would you take a design that worked and then come along and make it so you have to click maybe 2 or 3 extra buttons to achieve the same thing...its madness and unbearably frustrating .

      The main reason Im still playing in Hyperion is because I joined it with 4 rl friends that never played ogame before and i am trying to train them how to play smart so that when we move to the special uni they wont get arsed raped.

      Found my old sig, credit go's to Delta ( not sure if he is even around still xD )
    • i agree to with Night_assassin , no more fun and excitement , i think i will stop using DM for now till they find a solution.

      i hope they will find a solution to that matter , really its bad to quiet this uni and ogame if every uni will end like this
    • I second this request as the maker of the topic has set up.

      I came back to Ogame after 2 years and from Andromeda realm where it is even more bigger then here, yet it was with friends there that has left as the amount of players is high there, but for me Deens writing was a obstacle to stay there as I am dutch and speak and write 99% English in life.
      So I went to Hyperion UK Realm and found a nice bunch of people and became a team with them and we have loads of writting out of game for the OGame play.

      The stats that Night Assassin of how the present status is on this realm is also known and seen by me as a sad fact.
      An merger with another realm would bring more fresh blood in and new life to both realms and game play that also is in the interest of Ogame itself. And I ain't speaking of DM buying. I ain't a DM buyer and never will.

      So, I say merge this realm with another young realm and give it a go and bring life back to a cold Galaxy far away in space.
    • This is nothing new, this situation is with all servers unfortunately. Many of us thought that maybe the new epic blue no dm server would be the upswing ogame needed, a server that could actually fill up with a decent amount of players but the servers release has been delayed until who knows when. If you search oboard you will find countless threads like this one, the complaining has allready been done over and over again and nothing has changed. One can only hope that something is done to bring Ogame back to its glory days. And about merging, it will bring back some excitment for a time, but the numbers will decline then as well like they've done before. GF did say that after the release of v6 a merger would come, so all we can do now is wait :)
    • I have stated what i think the problem is in the thread that SC opened so i wont re-post that .
      It seems the biggest solution to this problem is to get rid of all the different domains and make one international domain. What about the language barrier you may ask? Well i doubt it would be much of an issue as country orientated alliances would be set up as they already have been in .org.

      For a game that does not have ping problems it makes no scene to make the community so divided especially as each domain is screwed now.

      Found my old sig, credit go's to Delta ( not sure if he is even around still xD )

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    • I agree with bunnybasher. Language is simply not an issue in games, and fragmenting the player base like this for such a silly reason seems daft. I would support any merger that would bring some critical mass to our universe. Currently it is really just 100 of us there with any regularity. Not enough to keep this game interesting for long.
    • As there was two identical threads i merged them so there will only be the one thread please keep it civil and be respectful of each other and im sure the section mod will leave this thread open.

      I'm not pretty I'm not graceful I am the inevitable fact of truth.there is no unwinnable situation.
    • So OP used and abused DM at start of the universe and now made a wall of text telling the universe is empty?

      What did you expected really? I mean you guys on "top" realize that 70% playerbase of the universe give up if they don't even have a chance to compete right? Abusing of DM when a new universe starts just make a lot of potential players leave the game in the first days/hours (in my case minuts), I want to play this game for fun and strategy, there isn't any fun fighting a wallet trust me.

      Apart from the DM abuse the fact GF releases new universes every 2 months or so doesn't help and that cripples the playerbase.

      If you want a new universe full of life just wait for the special unique one without DM... because even Izar 2 months after his birth only had 3k players (counting 0 points/inactives and V-modes) and Izar is x5 universe.

      The only way to save ogame now is to make all servers international.
    • you got what you deserve buddy. people like you destroyed ogame long time ago. DM has nothing to do with ogame. redesign also.
      crying about it in this way brings me so much joy.(i'm sorry but it does) i hope you remain just 2 players in that uni. :closed:
    • you guys cry about DM users//

      if it bothers anyone,, and you are aware purchasing DM has become a nessecity to be in the top ranks... why are u playing ? only to cry more?

      we are trying to find a way to revive this universe not find reasons why its dead? One player is the cause of Hyperion dying?

      I started this uni 2 months late from 0 and im going all the way! why because im that good.. DM just quickened the process! if turtles who think they are safe behind huge defenses and have a moon and still dont fs... dont deserve a fleet? so cry more all of you.. i feeel proud knowing im killing even after being crashed or nuked!


      I want my DM from the Cash back event !
      You have been Assassinated ! :rocketlauncher:
    • While I agree DM users do dishearten players to keep going in a universe you can not blame the likes of N_A, SC, Teemo or so on for being the cause of hyperion dying cause thats just not the case. If people looked after there fleets and res those guys would not be able to grow as fast even with the DM.

      Below you will find a screen shot of my accounts military points destroyed rank, id like to point out my account at present has 75 k points. The top player has over 1 million. The placement of my account in that ranking speaks volumes of how little players are bothering to even farm in this uni so how do they expect to keep up with DM users. PS, I dont like having to play chase with a wallet either. Its one of the reasons i stopped playing years ago.


      Found my old sig, credit go's to Delta ( not sure if he is even around still xD )
    • All this self righteous nonsense is not really helping to address the issue that it is hard to enjoy playing ogame in small fragmented universes.
      That problem has nothing to do with who uses DM, or other favorite trolling topics. DM or not, the game would be better if instead of hosting 50 dying universes, we'd have 5 vibrant ones.
    • Actually the problem is mostly to do with DM, and we have seen it going on since DM was introduced.

      DM brought a small tiny pay to grow aspect with officers, but then GF took it to the extreme and allowed DM to buy resources, cut building time, buy items, insta-build huge fleets, ALL of which means that instead of Ogame being what it used to be which was awesome tactical game, in to a "how big is your wallet" game where only those with money actually manage to get far in an active uni. Active for a month until they bring out a new one, and more people DM abuse to try and be number 1. And then they create a thread on the board moaning that people are quitting those unis and leaving them empty.

      DM has killed Ogame for the most part, the game is on the operating table bleeding out and the old design might just save it, but mass spamming new unis that die in a month is not helping. The great part of the early game was it took time to make a good account and if you did make one you took pride in it. You will never get that sense of pride in a DM abused uni again. And its the fault of GF for doing it, and for the players who DM abuse, both have to take responsibility for killing the game, and the overall enjoyment in making accounts.
    • Hello All,

      I have been out of ogame for quite a while now. I started way back in uni 20 and had my biggest account in uni 24 the uni started with 15k users and 3 years later it still had 3k plus. Later I played twice with the new design DM and all.
      I completely agree with Myst. DM ruined it ALL. It is not balanced it KILLS healthy competition it diminishes skill factor over money. Nowadays its not about what you know how skillful you are or how much time you play, its about how much you spend. Hence comes the problem with dying unis. Before players as Myst said took PRIDE in their accounts as those accounts were build from scratch and they knew the price of res through work (raids, fleet crashes, mines,time). Nowadays its up to how much u can spend on DM. And here is the problem since new players get discouraged quickly if they do not pay or pay a lot less than other players. Planet relocation insta complete bla bla. Before u had to go to nano 6 and SY 12 to go for grav now its few clicks away. Skill... planing....res safe......yeah right NONE less than 0. I wonder when will they start shortening flight time for DM - hell they can call it engine boosters...

      So no matter how much we miss the old ogame that did not have extensive player protection tons of DM to boost you, the * to indicate activity all the time, planet/moon relocation I can go on and on NOTHING will change.It's all about MONEY these days. I'd rather have a uni that requires monthly subscription than play in a non healthy competitive environment were money rules.

      Last but not least as I come from the old school I can say this I thought some of the "Big Boys" no skill more money few lessons but they will never learn. So OGAME OWNERS, if you wanna keep this game alive read and listen to what your users say. Take some action and come up with a balanced game environment where players compete with their skills rather than money. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :complaingrumble:

      Happy Hunting All
    • New players will never know the stress of saving up for grav tech, having it all build with a nanite that you went above and beyound to upgrade, in the hope you can finish building grav before some fleeter comes along, having a mate plan to hit you 10 seconds after it finises so you can get the DF and no one else can. All so you can build that 1 RiP to save a few kk duet in FSing (back when rips took a LONG time to fly at someone so you used them wisely, not as a new kind of BS).

      Now THAT!!! Was awesome, and with the new uni :D we can get it again. And its just one of the many emotions new players have missed out on, the pride of doing it yourself and not paying for it. very few games, with their fancy graphics, could even come close to being on TS chatting as it finally finished, or you hit that guys moon not knowing if he is on or not and actually being worried about being ninja-ed. Ogame ruled back then.

      And then DM happened....