S.o.t.w. (Signature of the week ) #8

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  • Really like number 3 but rulez don't allow me to vote that one, shame.

    #1gets my vote, rended and blended like a true try harder :p

    On a side note, hate to be a stickler for the r00lz but if I'm not mistaken number two doesn't meet the size guidelines and therefore should be void? :(

  • Eh, I wouldn't be that nitpicky. These are mainly just for display and not for actual use on the forum, where rules do indeed need to be followed more strictly. But here it's more of a guideline, to prevent people posting desktop sized stuff. A couple of mb/pixels extra isn't such a big deal. At least imo... but well, I suppose current mods will be the ones to decide.

    You did *not* just call me chubby!
  • - Your entry size must be in between: Minimum - 400x150 px to Maximum - 500x200 px

    not quite within, just outside tbh, unless its a surface area spec of 60,000 px min to 100,000 max. If this is the case I would of thought it would be written as such tho....

    I dont make the rules, i only try to comply.
    Diggle is the schtickler for these details.


    Not Allowed. Now what did you want to ask?
  • i am sorry to say this

    rules are there to make it fair for everyone?

    Your entry size must be in between: Minimum - 400x150 px to Maximum - 500x200 px --- is fairly simple to comply with this so i dont understand why the #2 post has it different

    just like to see every1 have a fair chance

    still voting for number1 as its obviously the best and complies with the rules

    thanks for the sig blackadder you nubber
  • Please this is thread for Voting not for discussion.
    Discussion thread is: Competition S.O.T.W. - Signature of the week

    So thread closed :closed:

    All signatures are checked if they fulfill the rules, and if they are not according to the rules i say to that competitor to fix it.
    As said before this is only for SOTW competition and not for board signature use.

    So according to SOTW rules:
    - Your entry size must be in between: Minimum - 400x150 px to Maximum - 500x200 px

    Little more, little less, we can look though fingers. ;)

    Winner of S.o.t.w. #8 is Frantoz(singature #1).

    Also thanks to other participants:

    Blackmass(signature #2), Diggle (signature #3)

    Diggle with signature #3 is disqualified.
    (in post number 6, you have said what is your signature and that is against the rules. Until competition ends, you can't tell to others which is your signature. )

    And thanks for all who have voted.

    Once again use Voting thread only for voting not for discussion.