Few questions about planet relocation

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  • Few questions about planet relocation


    First, I'd like to know if I move a planet with a moon does the moon come along for the relocation?

    Second, if I move a planet with 325 fields in slot 4 and say I choose slot 16, will I keep all my fields AND get the bonuses of slot 16 (duet bonus)

    Third, if I have 9 planets but allowed max of 7 planets due to Astro tech and go to relocate, will it allow me too? Or will it register my Astro and notice this and waste one of my three relocations and delete that planet from my possession??

    Thanks in advance, really need to know this before I go for a reloc.

    I'm in universe quantum


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  • no your planet wont be deleted. and yes to all your other questions the moon moves and all fleet on that planet. but as Senpai pointed out 4 thru 12 is the only psoitions you can relocate to from a 4 slot.

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