Top 01 - Solidarity, ViS, MindWar, Firestorm, BaTTaL (& Kaldor, Tirnoch) [Unity] vs W4R_MaChINE, Hummer & BigBoy [RIO] (TD~1172.5bn)

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    • [align=start]"Flops of the Century:"?[/align]
      someone got in the flops of the millennium :fatgreengrin:

      gotta love it bros, enjoy the glory on the new number 1
      you all deserve it.

      i guess its time to stick to mines now defender :p

      congratz on the biggest hit ever in ogame history :D
      like poetry to my eyes

      think you can keep up with me?
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      My team: arMakedon, Handicapparking, Blondu, Marshmello, Mavericks, Hatu

    • Pure pleasure reading the story.
      Whatever follows will be even more fun to watch. The Titans of Ogame facing each other. Best of luck to each and everyone.

      You know nothing of passion. When your rage can sunder mountains, you can speak to me of passion.
    • simply amazing work guys and great team effort and whata hit i think it broke the server and the boards trying to post this hit LOL.

      the profits are just jaw dropping sexy . i would hate to be on the working end of those attacking fleets

      to the defender gl and fr im sure you will rebuild as you jumped 205 ranks in fleet while the debrie was being sucked up buy every one around.

      again great job and great fight this is for sure one for the record books and i doubt will be beaten for some time to come maybe in ten years when you fleets have doubled and tripled in size.

      I'm not pretty I'm not graceful I am the inevitable fact of truth.there is no unwinnable situation.
    • This was incredible to watch. I just happened to be online when it happened, i jumped up 5 ranks. I knew somethig big went down, and im glad it went down like this. Being a Quantum original, im glad to see that the DR. is still in. This is just what a lot of us were hoping for, at least Mindwar and Solidarity teaming up to take out the biggest fleet. Now everyone at the top is a lot closer.

      Fantastic team work to all the attackers, maybe next time the defenders will try and defend themselves instead of the biggest fleet in ogame.

      Enjoy those huge huge profits and your new found alliance guys.

      Defender.. i mean defenders... good luck rebuilding
    • This is what makes the game rewarding.

      I doubt any time soon, something so remarkable will ever happen in the ogame story.
      All the past that hunted LOS over died there! :missilelauncher: The entire family stayed together in the good and harsh times, and we always support each other no matter what :beer: .

      There is much more in this then looking for targets and spend deut in it. And I'm really proud to be one of the people that stood together with them and manage to be by their side to witness their epic achievment in this game.

      You guy's deserve all the glory in it, and what a better way to congratulate this union ( UNITED) then with this hit?
      You ( Solidarity & ViS) we're a very important part of quantum, you ARE and you always WILL BE! Thank you for joining LOS and for bringing this community the entertainment they expected for long!

      It's a pitty to see WM abaddon RIO but things didn't played well for a reason and this hit was the proof of it. Perhaps they would deserve a little more respect from you. But then again, WM's a very experienced player and the fact that he left their allies may just be another tactic to protect himself ( not their allies for sure). Perhaps not to be bashed with a declared war like he often did in ( No trades? Well lets bash them out with another war declared..)

      Lets hope we'll see more amazing hits and more chapters to come with RIO.

      Remember, your contribution will make the difference, contact us if you're looking to Trade your Deut.

      V E N O M
    • Simply amazing, the amount of planning and risk involved is insane, putting years of work on the line and billions of res in launch costs all on a risky flight with to many unknown variables, attackers you truly earned what you accomplished here.

      Being from quantum and from Electra years ago, I am naturally team Soli, and a select few Electra and 35 players. I knew something big would go down involving some RIO accounts, but had predicted it would involve getting too greedy and cocky flying on Arma turtle and end in blind ninja or timebacks, etc. Never in my life thought it would go down like this. Heard on skype that WM was down and couldn't believe it, check pillory and no ban, checked his system saw DF and my mouth dropped, looked one sys over and just started smiling :biggrin:

      As for defenders, I don't know what you expected, many people do not like RIO, some of them have rather large fleets and many of them would sacrifice their entire fleet just for the chance at taking some of you down. I know a RIP based attack was rather out of the question, and that something like this was extremely slim, but even a fool can run a sim and see that even with another 20k rips, you are crackable if you idle. Yet you got greedy and cocky and decide to stay out of vmode and not FS, your years of terror are over and you had it coming, now that the playing field is a little more balanced, I wish you all a FR and best of luck in the future. No one likes a one sided battle so this will keep the uni alive and kicking for a lot longer than it was on track to with RIO in sole control.

      Great hit, amazing profits, Congrats to the attackers and FR to the defenders. Things just got a lot more interesting :fatgreengrin:

    • Not really sure what to say but other than wow! Never did I think that when I started to play Ogame in around 2005/2006, would I ever even think of a hit this big. I have seen soooooo many players come and go (myself included). I got to know Kaldor, Mindwar and many others back when SLW would fight RIO head on in U35. Even managed to Top 10 niro, and he has had his fleet in my bins many times. I still remember War Machine asking and then threatening me to join him against Felon (something SLW was never in the position, nor the need to do). Many of us in SLW came from U5, and we joined U35 as a team and we grew that ally to #4 ally overall. Many of us started to grow, get better jobs and start families. I took stock one day, took one last look around, stepped into the TARDIS and said good bye to U35. I would check back from time to time, WM and niro would mobile around me and the TARDIS would pull me away again.

      I would still talk to Wraith02 from time to time and he would always try to nudge me back. Wraith and only a very small few actually had a phone number to call me in the TARDIS. So one day I get a call in the TARDIS as I was taking out a few Dalek ships, which is very odd (because of what I just noted), and it was a dear and old friend Kaldor. He and I got to talking, and he warned me that my old colony needed help. Universes were converging, and there was risk many, many colonist would perish if I could not come back to help them. After much back and forth with my Goddess companion, I was going to let time and history takes its course and let the merger be the fate of the colony. But, the TARDIS had other plans (as she always does) and brought me back. I stepped out from the TARDIS and wondered, "What in the hell was I doing back here?" WM was already focused on me, mobilizing up within days of the TARDIS appearing. But, he moved on. I was left pondering again, what in the hell was I doing back. Maybe I was back to help LOS. Maybe I was here to help bring some balance to an arrogant and evil tyranny. And, I was wrong. She brought me back to see history unfold. My TARDIS brought me back to witness something I, Dark Angel, Ace, Redbull, Jalle, Jeweltone, Wraith, Tuncay and all the other warriors of SLW could never do....take out WM. It is a true honor to actually WITNESS a fixed point in time. Sure, you read about those specific moments in history that change everything, but wow....To actually witness it, what a thrill!!

      It is a true honor to know the gang at LOS. They always had their eyes on the prize and I am glad that all the hard work, resolve and the will to never give up has finally paid off. You are great bunch of players, have a great attitude towards the game and in life in general. I have a deep respect for Kaldor and everyone at LOS and now they have my eternal respect and gratitude for pulling off something that my mates and I only dreamed about. Solidarity, ViS, and BaTTal....thank you. From the bottom of my two hearts....Thank you. I am proud to stand next to you all in Quantum and now I get to share the halls of UNITY with you as well. What a true honor and what a genuine pleasure to see you guys work and work so well as one, as a UNIT. :hail: You three have given myself and countless other players that evil can be rubbed out, and Ogame can actually be fun again. You have shown us that living in fear isn't a way of life in Ogame. Thank you again

      As for the defenders....You know where I stand, and how I really feel. :nono But, I do wish you the best if you decide to hang it up. Hopefully you guys can all learn from this. Years of insults, tyranny, bullying, shenanigans, and down right treating people like dirt has come back to finally haunt you. I hope you find solace while in RIO and maybe some change will come your way. At the very least, I hope you have become humbled by this. I do wish you a VFR if you come back.

      Enjoy the profits everyone and enjoy your moment of glory...You all deserved it!! :beer:

      "Don't blink. Blink and you're dead. They are fast. Faster than you can
      believe. Don't turn your back. Don't look away. And don't blink.
      Good Luck"

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    • We all saw the WM pride... ti was only a matter of time til the fall...

      Way to go guys. Just goes to show who actually runs Quantum ;) Great to see teamwork, and thought going into a hit instead of a mindless pop. NO SPY but all fly ... again way to go... i'm sure this hit will stand for quite some time.

      Edit: WHERE ARE THE BONES???

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    • Well i dont comment much,but ive been around since the day of a young uni 2, an be far this is one of the biggest and nicests hits ive seen in a very long time.

      Congratz to all involved this isent an easy thing to pull off.

      To the Defender we've spoken once when we all merged seems like an ok guy GLOTRB.


      The Outlaw
      Regards: The Outlaw
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      Title - Leader
      Seat - 1st Pillar

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    • Man, I played on uni 35 way back when our boy Reggie was the king, played Electra with some great players and then Quantum, even though just for a couple of weeks.

      Massive hit guys, well played. Not much to say, everything's in the CR. Congratz

      Happy for you ViS, you've always managed to put on the show, congratz really. This hit really is a masterpiece. :beer:

      Def FR

      Retired - maybe
    • The amount of damage is incredible, gamerforge needs to make a server that wont crash when the biggest fleet is taken out by truly skilled players.
      This just goes to show size doesn't matter, 5 fleets that are smaller and know how to use it can beat a bigger, cockier one.When united the people become stronger than ever. This day will for ever be remembered as the day the "beast" was slain.
      What is it you use to say W4R_Machine? No Fleet save no fleet? enjoy not having a fleet buddy. Have fun rebuilding almost 700m points.
      :sniper: W4R_Machine :missilelauncher:
      Buying Deut in Vega
    • Congratulations to all involved in the making of this hit, it has been proven that even the biggest of players can still be brought down given the right circumstances.

      W4R_MaChINE, Hummer and BigBoy, GLOTR if you choose to do so (WM especially).

      It is really nice to see the playing field somewhat levelled out, hopefully it makes things more exciting in the future!
    • As an old member of LOS in uni35 and now Unity here, congrats to all involved. Although I was not personally involved in that hit, respect to all. WM is a good player and :censored: happens, just sometimes it's bigger pile than other times. I've had my moons popped many times by RIO, fleet crashes, planet bashing, threatened for deut trades, IPM'd etc., but i'll say this more than makes up for it. I've even had WM's fake accounts tell me how evil LOS is after niro and wm popped a few moons lol. I look forward to see what will happen next. Proud to know these good dudes in Unity. Man it really feels good to be typing up a reply in this thread...
    • Huge numbers of ships in 1 acs attack i have even seen since ive been played ogame (2006)
      Congratz for the attackers , this kind of hits would take like very very long time for plans , backup and excution as well ... And it did got u what uve worked for , so congratz again .
      Defenders , uve grabes lots of resources from debris so u better show us a sequel of revenges coming back ....
      Im just excited for what will happens next ~

      Good hit everyone ~
      HOF's , Advanced Hits , New Top 10 and New Number one ... Never count .. lots and lots of Fun

      Old skoOL rocKs !

      Ingame : hady