Top 01 - Solidarity, ViS, MindWar, Firestorm, BaTTaL (& Kaldor, Tirnoch) [Unity] vs W4R_MaChINE, Hummer & BigBoy [RIO] (TD~1172.5bn)

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      Addicted Miner wrote:

      Fitifu wrote:

      I can not read it anymore. I have been in Rio for a long time, here nobody is pushed. everything you write is just rubbish !!! Solidarity, ViS, MindWar, Firestorm, BaTTaL (& Kaldor, Tirnoch) have had just luck in the game not more.
      No mate, it;s mathematically impossible to rebuild that fast all these billions of losses just by yourself, and there are some effective ways to legally "push" an account that is higher than you.If 10-20 people want to sacrifise their own production, it is piece of cake to launch another account to the top.
      I mean, come on. Not many of us are left in this game, no need to pretend. We all know how things work.
      Exactly... Why pretend at all with all those cheesy and hypocritical words when it's so obvious to anyone who's smart enough or has been in this game for years and has actually witnessed such things happening?

      About the hit... Monstrous hit. I don't think we'll ever see numbers like these ever again in ogame unless some international merges are made(or massive amounts of pushing-scrapping happen to other players that want to RIO down). 40k RIPs down and a battle involving what!? 5-6 million destroyers??? Insane.