Top 01 - Solidarity, ViS, MindWar, Firestorm, BaTTaL (& Kaldor, Tirnoch) [Unity] vs W4R_MaChINE, Hummer & BigBoy [RIO] (TD~1172.5bn)

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    • Top 01 - Solidarity, ViS, MindWar, Firestorm, BaTTaL (& Kaldor, Tirnoch) [Unity] vs W4R_MaChINE, Hummer & BigBoy [RIO] (TD~1172.5bn)

      Greetings Quantum

      I always wanted my first CR in this uni, after this merge, to be a special one

      And i cant think of anything more special than this hit, for the following reasons:

      1) We made nearly 100bn profit :D
      2) We took out the #1 account worldwide!
      3) We flew the largest fleet ever flown
      and of course
      4) We made the biggest hit in Ogame History, EVER

      And so to the story
      (incoming wall of text)

      Target: W4R_MaChINE

      Pay strict attention to what i say, because i choose my words carefully, and i never repeat myself.
      Ive told you the target, thats the Who
      The Where can most readily described as a post merge uni, moved into Quantum from the haven of our safe little uni Electra
      The What is easy, recently Solidarity and myself planned and put in motion the events to execute ultimate fleet crash, thats also the When
      As for the Why, beyond the obvious profit motivations, its exceedingly simple...because WE CAN
      Which leaves us only with the How, and therein, as the bard would tell us, lies the rub

      In our many years of playing this game, on and off, we have come across many different types of player. It doesnt matter Who you are, everyone has a weakness, and WM certainly had his. The biggest of which was his arrogance that simply having the monster fleet and the puppets to "protect" him would give him security to flaunt the basic rules of fleeting in a speed uni


      You can get away with it to a certain degree in regular speed unis, the gargantuan flight times, the lethargic pace of the game suits some players and often hours of idleness will go unpunished, but speed unis are a different animal, and WM failed to respect that
      Previously this uni belonged to only one person...Solidarity, and with an abundance of arrogance, ignorance and ego, RIO thought they could walk into this uni and take over. A few turtle hits, assisted by their puppet-push accounts to IPM, and a rather conveniently post-merge timed dirty fs crash gave them some easy hits and in their eyes, bragging rights.
      RIO's Universe...yeah right

      The decision to crash WM was made the second the merge was announced, with activity, tons of money and an overwhelming fleet majority, RIO did have the best chances to become the dominant force in this uni, but alas they overestimated their ability, and underestimated their opponents. Brief forays outside of uni35 showed that often "great players" cannot make transitions to new universes, with different play styles, attitudes and abilities. From previous history and our own experience, we knew this would present us with a golden opportunity to show everyone how real fleeters make real hits

      We came up with a few potent plans, all of which i am convinced would work 100% (and will still succeed, our business here is not finished), but as Occam's Razor would suggest, the simplest option is usually the best. WM Never fleetsaved, never VM'd, flaunted the most basic rules of keeping yourself safe. Half way through our discussions, Solidarity, remembering our hit on prvi in electra suggested what if we simply mobile in and fly on him while he idles.
      I dont think even WM would have considered that, with such a huge fleet, and RIO patsies acs defending him with rips for their fleet save (Hummer, how much res did you lose???) surely no one would have the BALLS to fly on him.

      Well we did

      At the initial time it was suggested, he was sat with 20k rips defending in g6 with his res and an open system. 5 of us mobile in, moon up and fly, simple right? Exactly
      however, by the time we had finally got sims to work (there is no sim currently in existance that would crunch the numbers involved, so we had to adapt), we realised that we probably didnt have time to pull off the manouvre. A shame, we knew the following day he would move to the "safety" of his blocked out ally system. A disaster for a plan such as ours, an extra 50% flight time, considerable extra deut costs, and worst of all, rec timings and costs were insane. Sometimes life sends you lemons, but we like lemons :)

      We knew our plan would work, but we only had to find a time that worked. He always logged in at reset, but curiously enough, in the hour prior, he wasnt active at all. Dont get me wrong, he ALWAYS had activity of some description, i will let you guys consider what made this possible, i dont care to speculate. We had found our window so then we just needed to wait for other pieces to fall into place. nironoob has a big fleet and lots of recs, we had to wait until he was locked in vm and couldnt assist
      We also had to make sure all of us were not locked in vm.

      In the end we turned up night after night to see if the pieces fell into place, we watched them make their glorified defense bashes, stack up more resources for us to take, and then finally everything was set

      We all mobiled in 1 ss apart, within 1 second of each other, 7 players suddenly appeared 1 system from him, within 2minutes we all had moons and we were flying with our fleet at 100%

      Unfortunately, GF has this "lame" rule of only 5 men in an acs, so no room for Kaldor or Tirnoch in the main hit (available for follows), we flew with everything we had. The entire time both WM and unclesam had activity on their moons, for about 45mins before we hit up until reset when WM finally came on.

      But the beauty of this hit lies in the details. If WM Was off, we get a clean sweep, perfect, if WM is online then we STILL Get to spank 21k rips for a nn1 and there is nothing he can do about it. We knew with his larger fleet and better techs he could return any of myself, palestine or firestorm but no guts no glory right? (We were ready for this anyway)

      The guys we flew with played it out perfectly, no mistakes, we planned the hit to the second right down to the fire order, and i am personally proud to have discussed, planned and flown with each and every one of you. Bringing us all together, 3 unis worth of fleet, experience and testicles shows that people can work together and form new friendships :)

      That being said, WM could easily have been online the entire time, we had plenty of issues to deal with. Returning us was a possiblity, but then in doing so, we would simply return him and with the guarantee he would lose considerably more, we knew it was a no brainer. Not just that but with kaldor flying his full fleet for follows after if we missed and there was some lag, he would suicide his fleet into WM and present them with a really tasty home delivery
      He had plenty of resources on his moon, we had to make sure we could grab as much as we could to prevent him from insta building recs to grab the df. We knew he would get some, and in all honesty we were disappointed he got so much. No plan ever goes perfectly, and WM deployed 1.3bn deut from his main stash to a moon near solidarity (the next target?) so bring that back enabled him to insta build alot of recs
      finishing with 560k recs and 2.5k rips (to try ninja our attempts to crash his recs) the post-hit shenanigans were just as fun as the hit, and unfortunately he grabbed about 45bn more res than we anticipated. Plenty of res to start his rebuild right? :)

      But the flight, so much fun, spending all that deut on a player 1ss apart with a huge fleet and constant activity, without probing beforehand, the only way we would know the result would be the CR, no refresh until after. Initially we thought we missed, activity everywhere, even on hummers homeworld, but then came the lag, so much lag, and we knew we had hit

      The size of it, well, it broke the servers right? People got booted, there was not even a CR generated because ?? well, who knows, GF are very quiet on this matter.

      So..dedications. How do you dedicate a hit like this? Simple. This hit is dedicated to everyone who has ever played ogame, the good, the bad, the idiotic, irrelevant who you are, you all contribute in some way to create this community and this competition. Without it hits like this wouldnt be possible, rivalries wouldnt push us further, and clever play wouldnt help us push the boundaries of what is possible to do in this game. This hit is for you, the people

      So what next you might ask? Well, i have no doubt that WM will rebuild quickly, he is still a dangerous player, and i am sure he will want his revenge. Thats good, nirO, you can throw the "noob" accusation around as much as you like, doing nothing more than showing your ignorance, you are next :)

      As you might imagine, Solidarity also has a little to say
      Display Spoiler
      War Machine, a few days ago you wrote on this forum 'WELCOME TO OUR QUANTUM'.

      Well, no.

      Quantum will never be yours.

      I have been here from day 1, from the first SC raid of the uni to top 10s, new number 1s, and now this.

      Thinking you could walk in and take over, playing how you have done in u35…well it didn’t take long to capitalise on that - just over a month and here we are.

      Flying fast is what I have done best here, you knew that. Finding your gaps was easy, trusting my gut and clicking the launch button… well like I said, that’s what I do.

      Deds to Vis, RLeague, my new friends, my old friends, and all of you that have played Q with me for so long now. Love to my better half.

      Whatever you choose War Machine (and co), good luck. You aren’t the only sharks in these oceans.

      Ben / Solidarity

      So, before we go on to the hit, there is one more thing i would like you to consider, We (Solidarity, ViS, MindWar, FireStorm & BaTTaL) are buying deut
      if you want to contribute to the next chapter of the uni, and see the other half of RIO fall, take pity, sell it to us :D

      The Hit, for your viewing pleasure (thanks to the GO's for helping us get it)

      On 11-04-2016 01:38:11, the following fleets met in battle:

      Attacker BaTTaL

      Battleship 500.000374.999 (−125.001)
      Destroyer 500.000397.434 (−102.566)
      Cruiser 1.001.440678.041 (−323.399)
      Battlecruiser 360.504283.131 (−77.373)
      Small Cargo 449.429227.267 (−222.162)
      Light Fighter 3.158.2871.595.515 (−1.562.772)

      Attacker Solidarity

      Battleship 875.000661.060 (−213.940)
      Destroyer 1.250.000995.948 (−254.052)
      Cruiser 1.500.0001.031.255 (−468.745)
      Battlecruiser 850.000671.419 (−178.581)
      Small Cargo 1.500.000760.527 (−739.473)
      Light Fighter 10.000.0005.070.985 (−4.929.015)

      Attacker ViS

      Battleship 284.986214.389 (−70.597)
      Bomber 533417 (−116)
      Destroyer 280.329222.555 (−57.774)
      Cruiser 503.494343.109 (−160.385)
      Battlecruiser 154.776121.634 (−33.142)
      Small Cargo 508.869257.543 (−251.326)
      Light Fighter 2.066.5091.044.352 (−1.022.157)
      Heavy Fighter 11874 (−44)

      Attacker MindWar

      Battleship 1.240.538968.791 (−271.747)
      Bomber 1.093870 (−223)
      Destroyer 1.201.556957.108 (−244.448)
      Cruiser 1.299.622898.507 (−401.115)
      Battlecruiser 501.604396.607 (−104.997)
      Small Cargo 1.098.530559.604 (−538.926)
      Light Fighter 10.000.9565.097.725 (−4.903.231)
      Heavy Fighter 1.002.609573.367 (−429.242)

      Attacker Firestorm

      Battleship 92.60069.712 (−22.888)
      Destroyer 433.269344.706 (−88.563)
      Cruiser 300.435205.656 (−94.779)
      Battlecruiser 100.49078.982 (−21.508)
      Small Cargo 197.32799.436 (−97.891)
      Light Fighter 1.579.840799.396 (−780.444)

      Defender W4R_MaChINE

      Small Cargo 994.4400
      Large Cargo 249.9050
      Light Fighter 9.316.7690
      Heavy Fighter 90
      Cruiser 1.700.0000
      Battleship 1.000.0000
      Colony Ship 3230
      Recycler 1.100.0000
      Espionage Probe 141.8620
      Bomber 22.8610
      Destroyer 1.700.0000
      Deathstar 21.2150
      Battlecruiser 1.000.0000
      Rocket Launcher 864.7410
      Light Laser 60.0000
      Gauss Cannon 1.5000
      Ion Cannon 6.0000
      Plasma Turret 3.5690
      Small Shield Dome 10
      Large Shield Dome 10

      Defender BigBoy

      Deathstar 7.5030

      Defender Hummer

      Large Cargo 50.0000
      Colony Ship 60
      Espionage Probe 7970
      Deathstar 13.1700

      The attacker has won the battle!
      The attacker captured:
      10.235.333.740 Metal, 7.973.784.255 Crystal and Deuterium
      3.275.887.042 Metal, 1.328.964.042 Crystal and 834.860.984 Deuterium
      313.427.916 Metal, 313.427.917 Crystal and 313.427.917 Deuterium
      1.388.211.869 Metal, 0 Crystal and 0 Deuterium
      624.950.563 Metal, 63 Crystal and 91.460.534 Deuterium
      651.691.900 Metal, 0 Crystal and 0 Deuterium

      The attacker lost a total of 277.519.065.000 units.
      Total damage attacker including follow-ups: 279.428.640.000 units.

      The defender lost a total of 894.954.167.000 units.
      Total damage defender including follow-ups: 905.423.646.000 units.

      At these space coordinates now float 251.271.418.000 metal and 173.278.567.600 crystal.
      Extra debris caused by the follow-up(s): 422.091.600 metal and 321.792.400 crystal.
      The attacker captured a total of 32.354.594.647 units.

      The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.
      Rec pickups
      Display Spoiler
      Debris harvested by the attacker(s): Metal and Crystal
      12.713.100.000 Metal and 12.713.100.000 Crystal
      6.330.400.000 Metal and 6.330.400.000 Crystal Metal and Crystal
      2.500.000.000 Metal and 2.500.000.000 Crystal
      1.092.470.000 Metal and 1.092.470.000 Crystal
      2.500.080.000 Metal and 2.500.080.000 Crystal
      4.999.500.000 Metal and 4.999.500.000 Crystal
      4.999.500.000 Metal and 4.999.500.000 Crystal Metal and Crystal
      12.713.100.000 Metal and 12.713.100.000 Crystal
      6.330.420.000 Metal and 6.330.420.000 Crystal
      8.000.000 Metal and 8.000.000 Crystal
      1.099.890.000 Metal and 1.099.890.000 Crystal Metal and Crystal
      2.474.790.000 Metal and 2.474.790.000 Crystal
      3.610.000 Metal and 3.610.000 Crystal
      1.599.840.000 Metal and 1.599.840.000 Crystal
      1.092.470.000 Metal and 1.092.470.000 Crystal
      5.000.000 Metal and 5.000.000 Crystal
      2.525.290.000 Metal and 2.525.290.000 Crystal
      4.999.500.000 Metal and 4.999.500.000 Crystal
      12.713.100.000 Metal and 12.713.100.000 Crystal Metal and Crystal
      1.099.890.000 Metal and 1.099.890.000 Crystal
      6.330.420.000 Metal and 6.330.420.000 Crystal Metal and Crystal
      2.474.790.000 Metal and 2.474.790.000 Crystal
      1.599.840.000 Metal and 1.599.840.000 Crystal
      1.092.470.000 Metal and 1.092.470.000 Crystal
      2.525.290.000 Metal and 2.525.290.000 Crystal
      4.999.500.000 Metal and 4.999.500.000 Crystal
      23.257.450.956 Metal and 2.168.749.044 Crystal Metal and 0 Crystal
      2.199.780.000 Metal and 0 Crystal
      0 Metal and 400 Crystal Metal and Crystal
      3.000.000 Metal and 3.000.000 Crystal Metal and Crystal
      227.850.000 Metal and 227.850.000 Crystal
      3.000.000 Metal and 3.000.000 Crystal Metal and Crystal
      500.000 Metal and 500.000 Crystal
      3.000.000 Metal and 3.000.000 Crystal
      11.000.000 Metal and 11.000.000 Crystal
      3.610.000 Metal and 3.610.000 Crystal
      550.000 Metal and 550.000 Crystal
      13.770.000 Metal and 13.770.000 Crystal
      5.000.000 Metal and 5.000.000 Crystal
      0 Metal and 0 Crystal
      0 Metal and 86.000 Crystal

      Total debris harvested by the attacker(s):
      194.550.800.956 Metal and 151.262.405.444 Crystal

      Debris harvested by the defender(s):
      1.692.560.000 Metal and 1.692.560.000 Crystal
      1.692.560.000 Metal and 1.692.560.000 Crystal
      1.692.560.000 Metal and 1.692.560.000 Crystal
      1.692.560.000 Metal and 1.692.560.000 Crystal
      2.892.440.000 Metal and 2.892.440.000 Crystal
      2.859.332.156 Metal and 2.859.332.156 Crystal Metal and Crystal
      5.592.170.000 Metal and 5.592.170.000 Crystal Metal and Crystal
      11.184.336.000 Metal and 4.000 Crystal
      11.184.340.000 Metal and 0 Crystal
      10.502.461.288 Metal and 13.200 Crystal Metal and Crystal Metal and Crystal Metal and 0 Crystal

      Total debris harvested by the defender(s):
      62.297.619.444 Metal and 27.426.499.356 Crystal

      Summary of profit/losses:

      Summary attackers(s)
      Metal: 46.131.540.986
      Crystal: 66.773.166.721
      Deuterium: -14.165.546.660
      The attacker(s) made a profit of 98.739.161.047 units.
      The attacker(s) won a total of 55.138.065 honour points.

      Summary defender(s)
      Metal: -429.294.203.086
      Crystal: -323.647.057.421
      Deuterium: -95.112.861.340
      The defender(s) lost a total of 848.054.121.847 units.
      The defender(s) won a total of 19.574.633 honour points.

      Powered by OGotcha CR Converter 4.1.3
    • Because of the character limits, and to keep our contributions separate. Here is what the rest of us want to say:


      I want to say first of all congratulations to the whole team, immense hard work went into this, not just as a culmination of our time in uni 35 but for the hit itself from every player involved. Though it is a shame I couldn't be involved in the final showdown I'm happy to have contributed in the support, followups, moonshots and recycling. The job was far bigger than waiting, clicking send and praying.

      This hit has reverberated around the ogame world and we have had multiple requests from other servers to see the numbers. I for one am sure that this will remain the biggest ever for a long time to come. 1 Trillion TD was nothing more than a fantasy from ogame knock offs till today.

      This could not have happened without the great team we had in LOS throughout the years in uni 35. We've haven't always been winning but we've always had fun playing the game. It is a shame none of the plans we had came to fruition but I'm in a way glad that this happened this way. For all the clever tricks you can have sometimes its your day to day play, the momentary lapses that get you in the end.

      Now as LOS ends and we begin a new chapter as Unity I am very satisfied. It goes without saying this is revenge for almost all of us who came from uni 35, all of us who have fought RIO and put up with their incessant bragging and arrogance. Needless to say this hit could not have happened without the new friends we have made here in Andy and Ben. You two made this hit with your fresh insight on our old problems and I am greatly looking forward to going forward together as a team.

      The League of Shadows is an organisation which creates death so that life may begin again. We now bring you new life and a fresh chance here in quantum.

      And lastly, to RIO, Karma's a Bizzle ain't it? ;)


      I don't always say much, and my English isn't perfect, but finally I have a chance to tell my side of this war. War Machine has made some big posts and some big claims in the past but I ask you to read this with a fresh pair of eyes as the other side of this conflict. For years LOS fought against RIO in uni 35. Most people only saw the huge smashes and thought of me as some kind of noob. What they didn't see was that I was out every day watching players, making hits and farming to grow as big as I could. My hits were almost all from watching, I didn't MD much, this is how I like to play the game. RIO on the other hand would watch and wait from blue mode (hence the name ofc), plotting and scheming for ways to stop my growth without having to put the day to day work in to keep up with me. The first time they got me was the MD pop ninja, something that had not been seen before and they should have some credit for that. I learned from that and I improved my game, I rebuilt, I replaced my fleet and I grew even bigger by playing under the same philosophy of working hard every day. The second time was hard for me. I was away for a few weeks and passed my account to a RL friend, someone I trusted closely to keep my account safe. I needed to keep my growth up and without my fleet available the alliance would be vulnerable. Although my friend is trusted, he is an idiot. We spoke on the phone the day of losing the RIPs and I told him not to go for the Worldeater turtle because it was a trap but he didn't listen. Of course people can say what they will about this whether or not it is true but nobody puts in all this hard work each day just to lose the fleet to the same method twice in a row. I will say little on my ban, those discussions can happen in tickets, except to say that I am glad I finally have justice, even my haters knew those allegations were entirely political.

      For the hit today I guess this is typical of my style, and shows that watching and rigorous play can pay off just as much as clever little traps ;) War Machine was good when he was the underdog but being at the top is harder than you think, where arrogance and laziness are just as much your enemy as the players beneath you. Ultimately War Machine failed the test here, the test of being the top dog, and what a price to pay. I hope you come back soon War MAchine, this hit was good but there is more to do. I will be waiting ;)

      Finally a big thanks to the others involved. To my three other Horsemen Kaldor, Dragianx and Firestorm, We have come a long way together, it has been an incredible journey. To Ben and Andy your contributions were priceless, both in terms of fleet and the new stance and creativity brought to planning this. It didn't always go well but we made it and I am now looking forward to a new chapter uner Unity.



      I wanna say first a big thanks to all involved. For me this is particularly special as I have been playing with both LOS in uni 35 and with Mirage (Reality) in electra for a long time now so seeing those two forces come together was something beautiful. In uni 35 we fought long and hard against RIO but we always came up short in some way. Electra will remain close to my heart as one of my favourite universes. I joined to play the moonshot account in Mirage. This has to have been one of the best decisions I have made in ogame and began a beautiful, unbearable friendship with ViS. I had never met a player who is actually as good a player as he is an ass but ViS takes this one, his skill is only matched by his unbearable personality. I also want to make a particular mention to Solidarity, he didn't need to get involved in this mess but we couldn't have done it without him. I am glad we have Mindwar back too, I wrote many tickets for him trying to overturn his ban and get him justice, it has taken long but we finally have it. Finally a little mention to my Ususpect boys and Masaru, I’m glad I actually managed to avenge your loss.

      We worked through many ideas making this but ultimately the biggest killer here is arrogance, no one is above being hunted in ogame and if it sits it’s gonna get hit. Maybe there are OGods but they certainly do not walk amongst us. RIO have pulled some genius moves but in the end Ogame comes down to day to day watching for weaknesses and hard work. Thats what made this hit happen for us.

      As far as concerns War Machine himself there is certainly a lot of nostalgia in this hit for me. We worked together once and despite him being an enemy for many years now I still have an immense amount of respect, almost admiration for him. War Machine has irrefutably changed the book on game play with his creativity and the extent to which he built that fleet up from only a couple thousand RIPs against developed enemies is testimony to his rigour and his resilience. It would be easy for this to be the end and to see him disappear but I don’t think that will be the case, perhaps a small part of me even hopes it isn’t.

      I still have too many dessies, sigh


      Ego is a very bad thing. W4R_MaChINE paid the price for his


      Congratulations to everyone involved making this massive hit. Even though I wasn’t part of the strike force it was still an honor to be involved in the support and making it happen in some small way. It seemed like we missed, especially with certain players showing activity but then the huge lag gave us hope :D I only fully realised what we had done when I managed to log back in and see the debris field for myself.

      This happened for one reason: RIO’s arrogance. Two years without enemies who could hit them hard made them proud, and pride always comes before a fall. I was a peaceful miner in uni 35 before War Machine and nirO began to bash me, trying to bully me out the universe even though I was so insignificant to them. I didn’t give up, even farmed them and that only made them more and more mad. Hopefully now we will see the end of the era of indiscriminately bashing and destroying small players to make them quit just for the sake of it.

      I am very proud to move forward as party of the new force in this universe: Unity.

      If you would be so good as to add those destroyed RIPs to your signature and update your "Flops of the Century" list War Machine that would be great. Thanks.

      Here are 3 more screenshots to show you guys !!

      Group Photo

      DF after the first round of collections


      This needs updating!

      ~ Top 10s: 14 (18) + Assist on WorldWide Number 1 + Worldwide Number 2 (suicide) ~ RiPs: 80.962 ~

      ~ Experience is something you gain after you need it ~

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    • as a mutual bystander who has not played in Uni 35, Quantum or Electra all I can do is admire the HUGE damage and INSANE profits. Well done attackers, FR defender if you choose. Dem recs you insta'd should help, happy birthday GameForge.


      Grab your tinfoil hats and tighten the straps on your leather helmets, Diggle knows who the spy was.

      nirO was unhappy always being "number 2" to WM, they became friends and ruled uni 35. all nirO needed was to stay close, wait and pray for a big merger.

      once merge had happened nirO just had to wait a little whilst everyone got comfortable, making a few turtle soups with WM whilst he aimed for his real goal, to be number one.

      nirO had some chats with the big boys from Q & E and had the fleets available. With the big fleets now allied to take out WM he just needed a scape goat: Rocky. With Rocky now in RIO he can easily point the spy finger at him afterward. The perfect crime.

      nirO: "hai guize we should all acs def WM with our RIPs, no one gonna hit dat!"
      RIO: "Grate idea mister nirO, meanz we can all smash things without waiting 24 hours to come back outta the blue castle"
      nirO: "brb gotta vmode"

      Now all he has to do is wait for WM to go offline, wait for the defends to land and boom, new number 1 to last a loooooong time and new top player.

      nirO can now fleet from the safety of the blue castle and retain his number 1 spot, all hail the new king of post merge Quantum. It's been a long time planning, very sneaky.

      @nirO - you sneaky dawg, enjoy top spot
      @WM - sorry to see you hit from the work of a long time "friend"
      @Rocky - sucks to be the scape goat for nirO
      @Attackers - enjoy dat profit and the glory

    • Jeez! lovely hit there :O

      It is certainly an amazing hit for the #1 in ogame history and especially on such a target which people have worried about for such a long time, Just goes to show you that you are never safe!

      Attackers, well deserved hit and well deserved fame, words cannot say what a trollfest this is about to become so first - Well done and Congrats on the insane hit!
      Defender FR (i can see this is already being done)
      :missilelauncher: :missilelauncher:

    • 1. /me makes popcorn
      2. Gratz GentZ !!! I am certain this hit will stand for a while, enjoy the glory !!!
      3. To the :censored: 's that will wish to holler and scream here... BE QUIET !!!
      4. @ Defender(s) ... not sure what to say, other than GLOTR or GLIRL.

      Look for me on#Knuck in IRC.

      <+umakhelwane>Sarsa is the reason he talks like that anyway.blame's always Sarsa
      <@Florence>I like that reasoning
      <+Sarsaparilla>EVERYTHING is my fault
    • will the real new #1 plz step forward!?

      usgs seismic measurements pinpointed the epicenter as several kilometers ABOVE rio's shantytown, it was an 11.0 out of 10 and it was as if the sun turned black as sackcloth at midday for them and remained that way for four hours, er, wait, the sun DID turn black for them, but didn't stand still...

      to quote commander spock, "fascinating"

      the only spies here were spy & fly

      it appears being a glutton with turtle soup can kinda have a backfire effect to where u wish had become a turtle to avoid the very same fate? dirty fs, no pushitos here, no stabs, just catch with pantsies all near the ground and all; where to go from here? i say GL REBUILD YA NUB! Attackers, the keys to the city will be awarded to you in ceremony on live television from the white house! lol

      the whole cr something monstrous tbh, this is more #'s than in a maths textbook, but a bit more than a simple word-problem... the res capture and deut grab have more zeros than my screen can display! daaaaaaaaaaaaa-fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuq, enjoy 'dem profits, oh yeah, i almost forgot, MINE!

      Your recycler(s) (1377) have a total cargo capacity of 27.540.000. At the target [7:22:4], 80.320.858.244 Metal and 2.152.467.444 Crystal are floating in space. You have harvested 13.770.000 Metal and 13.770.000 Crystal.

      i had to scrap plasmas 2 get deut 2 send them, glad THAT was paid for...

      this has to be the greatest ogame fleet redezvous ever, i hear you caused significant damage to the actual server itself and gf took half a day and over 70 man-hours 2 rescue the cr, seems they actually got the slap so many wanted them 2 have 4 so long, an unexpected side-effect, pleasant for some.... word has it the .de players have been lost 4 words at this hit, more fleet in the air than has ever flown before, not to mention the un-toppable t.d., yes, WM now wears the honor of being the biggest flop in existence; the tumble from up there must've had u break the sound barrier b4 u pancaked!

      where will rio turn to now, they were alleging less than 24 hrs. ago "more to come"... did they actually mean this??? they knew the grim reaper was descending to lay low the proud and possibly wicked? time... will... tell...

      so that's right man, it does come to this, the end of the road, fella, u need take a different path now, you'll never, EVER travel the way u once did, it has been forbidden by the forces of rightfully pissed off and looking for a fight, seems u never had a chance...


      The fleet u are hoping for definitely was removed, had it's name erased, and is permanently unavailable.
      Please rub in the following:
      - if u typed your coords in the little boxes make sure u still have ships and the coords are correct,
      - open the ogame forum and look for links to past hits 'cause that's all u'll see of ur ships now,
      - click the back button like it's a time machine and you need not actual magic slippers to return,
      - click search to look for information on the forum about the new #1 worldwide of all time, EVER, and read all about it,

      error404 brought 2 u by UNITY Productions, maybe coming to an aZzh0l3 near u!
    • Welcome to the Real Progame RIO,

      Ben, Andy and CO, what a great post merge intro, this hit sends a powerful shockwave across the universe indicating that there will be a lot of blood before any one side can claim victory, and I think that’s where RIO underestimated things. Coming in to this universe with superior fleet counts and doing a few large NN1’s on turtles wasn’t something to warrant statements such as “Welcome to our Quantum” and “We are here to prove a point”. You gotta do a lot better than this to prove a point and I am not saying that you are incapable of doing so either.Without a doubt this takedown will change the dynamics of the game and reduce the insane firepower advantage RIO folks brought in to this universe.

      Well done guys and congratz! :bday:

      W4R_MaChINE I am sure people will support you in your rebuild or perhaps you will shortly take over a more established account. But one thing is for sure, this hit will probably serve as the biggest and most expensive wakeup call in the history of ogame.

      .ORG 30+ New Top Ten Hits
    • Well the not quite sure what to say except i think diggle is right :P

      Holy sweeet mother of Mary this ia huge hit like many of have been checking for it by the minute :censored: incredible.

      To all the team work is amazing.

      the story was fun to read to
    • i have to, what the hell?

      20mins this has been posted and only 12 responses, but 8330 views?

      are people scared to type? dont worry, our back is much worse than our bite

      oh wait, never mind

      ps some people have been asking what the deut cost was for this hit
      rec waves cost about 7bn deut all up, fleet launch was in the region of 1.5bn deut
      and i estimate about 3bn deut costs required to deploy all the res away from our moons so about 11.5bn additional costs

      The post was edited 1 time, last by Censored ().

    • The amount of dedication, planning and anticipation of any follow up issues were well executed.. i am glad i predicted correctly who will do the real big hit :) i bet my money on ben/solid.. well i am happy cause i win money.. now imma go collect..

      Well done attackers... fr def... you guys still pose a challenge and this is just only a minor setback.. i look forward to more skilled hits from this uni henceforth...

      Ben i knew doctor profession suits you.. the minute details, the hunch, the tenacity...
      Io uni only
    • I have literally been checking all day and refreshing all night to see this stuff. Was fun to watch as soon as I found out this had gone down and to see the mad scramble to collect the just disgusting debris field under war machines moon that almost accounts for all the accounts in Cygnus, pretty damn close.

      I only played universe 35 briefly, I still remember when it was progame and when reggie was dominating over there before he gave it to Mindwar. Always watched universe 35 with some interest and thoroughly enjoyed watching LOS dominate and then slowly RIO started to move in, was amazed when Mindwar lost his rips the first time and kind of thought it was over from there. Over the better part of the last couple years they certainly took over and made a name for themselves, but as mindwar has said up above. Learning patterns instead of blowing someones moon for every hit you do certainly pays off.

      Solidarity - Ben. I must apologize. I know what kind of player you are and how good you are at this game, but watching from the sidelines and seeing RIO do what they have done in Quantum and you staying relatively quiet, I was a little worried for this universe, figured it would just fall to RIO but you again have proven me wrong and done what was needed to take down the elephant. So hats off to you man, all the respect in the world goes to you.

      Only things I dislike about this is I would have liked to see Kaldor in there, just to add some more salt to the wound and that War Machine isntant almost 40m worth of fleet picking up that debris. Come on man, how many times have you complained about people stealing the debris.
      Guess it gives them something to go back for and...niro of course :)

      Enjoy that profit just disgusting numbers all around and as if this wasn't a draw. You actually just killed that whole fleet. Good job boys!'

    • the numbers i wanted to see after i knew about the merge, gratz on the attack guys you deserve it enjoy the top 1 in all ogame community, for the defenders well wm everyone will end like this at one point, for hummer you are the biggest noob i ever would remember in ogame how many accs you have wasted.

      MOD: Cygnus, Quantum, Rigel
    • oh my days when i heard about this earlier i literally had no words i was shocked :blink:
      don't get me wrong i knew big bangs were coming and i was not disappointed :thumbsup:
      i knew there would be enough ships out there to take WM on i didn't expect him to be lazy and not FS which is worse than a dirty FS which he always bashed other players for doing, :headbanging:
      i didn't expect it to happen this quick and i was not expecting it to happen first attempt :beer:
      As i know a few of you guys who were involved in this FIRESTORM n KALDOR i only have this to say "Big change from the noobie days in avalanchW massive congratz guys" :beer:
      As for everyone else involved i probably speak for many players past and present when i say a huge thank you for taking down WM and i will gladly help with duet for the next stage ill be dropping vmode asap and getting to work straight away :thumbsup:
      Awesome team work great plan freaking EXCELLENT EXECUTION what else to say im still in shock haha

      OOOH and 1 other thing lol you guys didn't probe hahahahaha LEGENDS i call for a player HALL OF FAME and all you guys should be the first inductees!!! :fatgreengrin:

      WM i cant believe you thought you were safe enough to not FS really dude its the number one rule :headbanging: THE NUMBER ONE RULE!!!!!!! :blackeye: