War !! ??

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  • I don't care much for these accusations but I am concerned at the fact people are mentioning 'Flaflock'.

    Funny enough Flaflock started IPM me in G9 around the time all of this is going on, there was no profit involved and resulted in no end attack because I came online and it would have taken him ages to flatten my defense.

    I have never encountered this player before, but I have some history with you Boogey, maybe a coincidence but seems a bit odd to me that one player that particularly never liked me in game is being accused of playing another account that started IPM me. Very very interesting. :search:
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  • Hey you GOOOOSE Guys or whatever you lot are called....maybe change your Ally name to BRUS( Babies are Us) bcos clearly you are all obviously under the age of 4 years.

    I have for sale the following items if interested as you clearly have lost your dummies so these can replace all the ones you have thrown out of your baby prams.

    So suck on em hard................... and enjoy.

    This is a freaking virtual game...a virtual numbers game no more..its NOT REAL...its spose to be fun to play games.

    There's more heartache and pain in the world that we live in that needs addressing than hearing you lot make threats all because someone has scanned you or taking YOUR so called inactives or you think someone is cheating.

    Enjoy the game guys and quit with the BIG I AM threats they may work in the countries you live but in most countries they dont.

    Peace Out
  • This seems as though it has gotten out of hand. Gonna let this cool off for a couple day, and possibly hand out some warnings when I have more time to go through each post more carefully. Until then, I am watching.


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